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(55 People Likes) Are you real or a doll?

“Carla Marie requested your answer Do you think you are a doll?”
Old Tag-Line “Windows is NOT a virus; a Virus DOES SOMETHING”
I am NOT a doll, a DOLL DOES Something
I think I’m a pretty poor excuse for what amounts to some contaminated limes

(96 People Likes) What anime character(s) has the most memorable look?

kes her unlike any character I’ve seen
Celica Arfonia (Rokudenashi)
Simple but memorable.
Vegeta (DBZ)
One of my favorites.
Madoka Magica characters
This anime has some “memorable looks” in general.
Allen Walker (D. Gray Man)
Right arm is human, left arm is of a “demon”. Same with his left eye as well, which is a contrast to his “normal” right eye.
And then there’s the exorcist outfit of “the black order”.
Underrated design unlike any other protagonist in the Shounen genre.
I’ll also mention:
Izuku Midoriya

(20 People Likes) Generally, girls love having teddy bear dolls. How did this attraction start at all?

Day, I gifted my girlfriend a large teddy and she fell in love with it. In fact, she loved it so much that every night she hugs it and sleeps with it. And as far as children go, it is quite clear why they are attracted towards it. When childre Real Doll are growing, they don’t have friends and the only friends they can call their own are either stuffed toys or teddy bears.
Children highly rely on teddy bears and consider them as living things. To the extent, they feel comfortable with teddies and share an intimate relationship with them.
Personally, I love teddy bears

(10 People Likes) Is it weird that I’d be content being in a relationship with a sex doll. Like I’m not a necrophile or a pedo or an incel or anything. But I’d like to spend time with something that feels like a human before looking into a real relationship?

values, planning a life together.
A sex doll is a tool - a lump of silicone in the shape of a person.
It's okay if you would rather not be in a relationship. It's okay if you would rather masturbate with a sex doll than have sex.
But a sex doll is not some kind of ‘preparation’ for a relationship - it's a masturbatory aid. It might feel a bit like a human in terms of physical contact, but at the end of the day, it's a fleshlight with extra parts. You don't have a 'relationship' with it any more than you have with any other tool.
You might anthropomorphise it because it looks a bit like a person and that's what humans like to do - hell we'll stick googly eyes on a rock and suddenly

(16 People Likes) If a marriage has a sex issue and the wife can't fix it, would it be ok for the husband to get a sex doll or toy of this type to prevent cheating?

should go for couple’s therapy and they should work with the therapist in order to improve their relationship.
A sex doll is not a solution. It is better talk to the wife and s how heavy are sex dolls y that you want to have an open marriage in other to be able to have sex with other women.
Last resource is to divorce and find another wife more in tune with your ne

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