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(27 People Likes) Why do girls love to sleep with big dolls?

them. As they mature the way they interact with those toys changes until eventually they lose interest in them. So,if you are still interacting with your dolls as you did when you were a child,that's weird. Not “hearing voices in your head” weird,not social pariah weird,but weird none-the-less.
Having said that,dads will buy train sets for their sons not because their kids like trains but because they want to play with them,themselves. One of the joys of parenthood is to experience the world through your ch

(98 People Likes) Truck drivers (and others who sit high up on the road),what's the craziest thing you've ever looked down on in the car next to you?

nsidering that definition and the history of marketing of the “modern multi-passenger motor vehicle” it seems hardly deranged to express random acts of a sexual nature in a car being driven down the highway. In my mind,this behavior is to be expected. Just look up the history of “sex and the automobile” or watch the top ten sleaziest car ads. Car makers are not shy in using sex to sell their full size realistic sex doll roducts.
In the late 1940s and 50s cars were deliberately designed with ornamental pieces that were phallic symbols. The idea was to make a man feel more masculine when driving a car. In fact,if you look up phallic symbols one of the example is,drum roll please. An automobile.
So as a truck driver who sits high up on the road,when I looked down into a car and saw something sexual going on,I looked away. I wasn't really interested because I wasn't invited. I had a job to do and long way between here and the destination of the load. I didn't need this kind of distraction unless there was a sign that said “join us”. Which there never is. So to avoid become Terrible Tom,the “peeping truck driver” I just went on about my business.
I do have story that qualifies as a crazy. But first I would like to share a slightly different perspective of what I saw as a truck driver who sits high up on the road. Being able to look over the tops of the car I could see that it was not what people were doing inside their cars that was crazy. It is what people are doing with their cars that is crazy. And not just aggressive driving. Which there is plenty of. Believe me. I have seen cars literally used as a weapon of destruc Sex Doll ion to bring harm to others.
Sitting up high in the drivers seat of a big truck I could see an ocean of cars in front and behind me. In the cold,I could see the vapors of poisonous gas coming out of their exhaust pipes. Cars in America release 3.6 million tons of pollution a day. If an 18 wheeler tanker hauls 25 tons of compressed gas,cars release more than 146,000 tanker loads of poisonous gas into the air we breath every single day. This may not seem like deranged behavior to you,but I have experienced poisoning from the exhaust of an internal combustion engine and live with the symptoms to this day. From what I know about human nature,this is definitely an experience the average person would want to avoid. Putting value in safe air quality before it's too late seems like the sane course of action.
I was pulling a tanker trailer delivering a load of liquid cocoa butter to California from New Jersey. I dropped south slightly out of route to see a friend and to avoid the brutal cold. The cocoa butter is kept warm by a manifold in the tank that allows the warm engine coolant to circulate which warm’s the bottom of the tank. But extreme cold can cause cocoa butter to solidify around the drain value. That creates a hassle so the company authorized the out of route miles.
I was going through Oklahoma City in an area with ample lighting. It was in the early morning hours. A car pulled up beside me in the left lane. I noticed a flesh tone in my peripheral vision. So I looked down and say something I didn't expect. I had to look down several times (which I never do) to be sure of what I was seeing.
It was the lingerie that caught my attention. It looked like some sort of some complex multi layer designed that would have taken a long time to put on. Especially on an inflatable doll. Which is what I was looking at sitting in the passenger seat with seat belt on.
The mystery was too much so I sped up a little to look at the driver who seemed to be having quite a conversation. And there was no one else in the car. Sometimes it was difficult to see with the glare but at one point there was more than just conversation going on. Finally a fuel stop was coming up and I needed some coffee and I was beginning to think that this guy was wanting me to see what was going on. Perhaps that was part of the thrill.
I always say; to each his own. But talking to an inflatable life-size sex doll seems a little bit out there.
Sometimes I think I am a little of

(81 People Likes) Marci: The Horny Milf

ybe it’s the way that all the men in the neighborhood gather around her during summer block parties. Whatever the case may be,Marci doesn't mind. Sh Love Doll ’s embraced the fact that she’s more sexual than the average woman in suburbia

(44 People Likes) What are some unusual or unorthodox ways intelligence agencies have gathered information?

ng for The Kremlin were passing information to CIA Officers stationed in Moscow,but because of surveillance they needed a way to make it look like there were two people in a car when there really was only one. Then they needed the other “person” to disappear while an actual Soviet Spy would get into the Officer’s car,then reappear when the Soviet Spy got out of the car.
This was happening back in the 1970s,so technology was not quite where we are today. Therefore some serious creativity was required to pull this off. My friend had a brilliant i full size realistic sex doll ea. He had his secretary go to one of the myriad porno shops in town and buy a variety of inflatable sex dolls. Then he worked out a way to inflate and then deflate the dolls very quickly.
So,for a number of years,CIA Officers in Moscow would be driving around with inflatable sex dolls in their passenger seats. The dolls would be inflated when they were alone and then deflated as soon as a Soviet,who was spying for the CIA,would get into the car to pass along information.
That has got to be the craziest method of using sex dolls and it was extremely ef

(88 People Likes) What was your favorite item in your bedroom as a teenager?

my bedroom was a twin mattress set that I kept on the floor and had converted into a day bed using a bunch of large throw pillows,an antique white wicker rocking chair from my great-grandmother’s house that was great for reading in,a dresser that was hidden in a closet (I had two walk-in closets with folding louvered doors that took up an entire wall of my bedroom),a very large hope chest I kept on one end of my bed,some boxes I painted and kept my Seventeen magazines in (I’d had subscriptions throughout high school),a mirror that seemed to be an antique and had probably been originally attached to a dressing table at one point,a three-tier hanging basket was suspended from my ceiling and held a bunch of stuffed animals and some purple and gold pom poms (high school colors),and a 1930s era Philco radio cabinet that no longer had a radio in it (also from my great-grandmother’s house).
On the radio cabinet,I kept my dual cassette tape player with radio (aka boombox),and my cassettes were held inside. I used to have a photo of it with a dozen red roses added to the things I kept on it but I can’t seem to find it to share. I had an old pink lace triangle scarf I kept there as a doily that my grandmother used to wear to church. On the hope chest,I kept a large black lace shawl with a bunch of things on top that I had collected as well as a set of tarot cards and a crystal ball; it was set up as a sort of altar. Somewhere in my room,I was using a cow pelvis I had found in one of the pastures near the house as a way to hold books or albums from back when I had a record player.
I think my favorite item in the room was probably the radio cabinet. It was just a really cool piece of furniture that no one else I knew had and I liked the juxtaposition of it with my boombox. I was a huge fan of The Waltons and they had a Silicone Sex Doll adio in the living room of their house that was such a big part of their lives it was incorporated in the opening credits of the full size realistic sex doll how. I wanted t

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