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(23 People Likes) What do you think about the misconduct allegations against Aziz Ansari?

sexual assaults.
One thing I have learnt in recovery is that I have the right to say no. For some reason I used to feel that what I wanted was less important than what the other person wanted. So if someone put pressure on me to have sex I would go along with it.
I trace this in part back to my mother who put a strong emphasis on not hurting peoples feelings and was big into guilt trips.
But how is a man to know that?
I’ve always had a big sense of fairness and when I have gone over the encounters I have worked through what belongs to me and what harm the other person has caused.
Unwanted sexual encounters
With all the unwanted sexual encounters I could have said a firm NO and walked off. I was pretty drunk but so was the guy. As far as they were concerned I was happy with what was going on.
Some of these guys were just nice people who I did not have the confidence to hurt their feelings.
Some were guilt trippers but I could still walk away.
So there is no way I would want to publicly shame them in good conscience
Sexual assault/rape
With the assaults things were outside of my control. In one incident when I was 16 the man who was 70 (more or less) mistook me for a prostitute. I suddenly ended up underneath him on a bed. I was wacked across the face.
In that case I talked my way out of things by claiming I was 15.
The other one I was on holiday and was 24. I was assaulted by an older man who had befriended me. We had both been drinking together and I had gone to bed alone. I woke up in the middle of the night with him on top of me. I did not have the ability to push him off and I was assaulted.
The two situations are quite different as I had absolutely no control over what was going on and I gave no mixed signals. Although neither man was prosecuted one was attempted rape and the other one was rape.
If I felt I could have won the case I would have no qualms about complaining to the police if these things had happened to me today.
Wanted sexual encounters
I read through Grace’s description of events and it certainly was crass behaviour. I’ve experienced similar. But then I got to thinking:
Some of my wanted sexual encounters have not been that flash either if you thought about them objectively. In fact if you objectively listed what happened they could seem to be pretty crass.
The only difference was that I was in the same circumstance and was attracted to the guy. It’s amazing how the chemistry makes a difference.
Wanted sexual encounters that someone tries to turn into sexual assault claims.
I went out once with an older guy in his 40’s. He made a pass at me at a party. My manager tried to get me to complain about him. I refused to because unbeknown to her I had been seeing him outside work. I resisted pressure to do so. I felt she was manipulating me for her own ends.
The same manager pressured a friend into complaining about another manager at the same party. She did not want to make a complaint but was scared of the woman manager who was a bully.
My conclusions
However I want to stress that Unwanted Sexual encounters and Wanted Sexual encounters are definitely not in the same league as assault. There is no acceptance of NO involved in assault. I only managed to stop the first assault going further due to he was frightened of being charged with sex with a minor.
Anyway. I feel sorry for both Grace and Aziz in this situation. I feel sorry for Grace as I always felt yuck after one of these encounters. I feel sorry for Aziz as he is probably quite bewildered as to how he ended up in this position.
This situation is the illustration of what is so wrong in our society. The problem lies a long time before either of them met each other.
If anything good comes out of this may it be that we learn that we need to be outspoken in what we want and not rely on cues.
I had no more unwanted sexual encounters after I stopped drinking as I became assertive and stopped getting to the point where these conversations became even necessary. I avoided being hit on and being vulnerable by being drunk. I worked out I did not want to be with someone and began avoiding going back to peoples places. Even my husband did not come to my house until we started going out.
That stops unwanted sexual encounters and maybe some sexual assaults simply because you are more aware of what is going on around you. It does not imply that a drunk person is a victim but a sober person is more capable of rescuing themselves if that is a possibility. Sometimes that just is not so.
The second rape I was done for regardless. I was in a foreign country and his word would have been accepted over mine.
Guys need to be more upfront and take NO as an immediate answer. Not as an invitation to try another way of getting

(73 People Likes) Which kind of clothes are suitable for sex dolls?

r may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.
Some Manufacturing company with delivery the clothing on or with the sex doll. If you don’t have clothes for the sex doll then try to dress the sex doll sexy or your style or dress it on how you feel the doll look like. Try to do clothes that come off easy so when you have sex with the doll again it is easy for you to take it off and do your pleasure with

(60 People Likes) How can we let a robot have emotions?

feel that the approach used by most is incorrect or inefficient (attempting to model the brain, neurons, synapses, etc...).
The approach that works more efficiently in my opinion is attempting to model human behavior. You don't need to know exactly how the brain works and all of that stuff.

I've invented my own models on human behavior by asking myself questions like "why do I personally feel that way?" or "how I understand this concept?" and so on.

I've concluded that all emotions are connected to past memories and linked to sensory perception and survival. Memories seem to contain all sensory perceptions in one. Understanding things is merely applying past memories to concepts.
Emotions are mere reactions to our survival needs, conditioned by our past experiences. You can see that every negative emotion can be traced back to not having a survival need.
This leads me to believe that happiness is natural state of humans.
Besides physical pain, anger, fear, and sorrow are the three main negative feelings, it seems that every non-physical negative feeling is a form or variation of anger, fear, or sorrow.
But it seems that anger, fear, and sorrow are also caused by memories of physical pains as well (traced back to very early negative childhood experiences).
So every negative feeling is caused by memories of physical pain or not having a survival need, that's my hypothesis.
An example of this can be seen with crying. As a baby humans cry when they're in pain, want food, or for some other survival need. As they grow up some humans still resort to breaking down and crying when they don't get they want, just as a baby. This sorrowful feeling is still traced back to early negative childhood experiences.
You can clearly see how there's no such thing as free-will and how you can easily manipulate/influence/control human behavior.

I can empirically test out my models with humanoid AIs that are programmed to influence human behavior in a certain way, appear human-like, etc...it would really work if my models are correct.

I'm sure others in the past

(84 People Likes) How did you feel when your child came out as transgender, especially if they had moved out for college? Did you accept them?

o move forward. She has come out to a couple of close friends and then to us. I consider myself very open and friendly with the LGBTQ community and I’m not transphobic. But going from not being transphobic to becoming a parent to a trans child is something quite different. I’m not gonna lie, the first moment it was a bit of a shock. It felt like I’m losing my son - the child that I raised and who I love from the bottom of my heart (I did not tell her that). Instead, I said that I love her and that I will be there for her and that I would help her any way possible. Then we hugged and cried together for a bit. It must have been so hard to come out and I think she was just so relieved that the secret was finally out. The first few days I had a very hard time referring to her as a ‘she’. The first day or two, I couldn’t even say ‘she’ or her chosen name without pausing for a moment before saying it. It just felt so wrong to call the same person something different all of a sudden. I’m still working on getting used to it.
As a parent I’m feeling sad that she will hav uk love doll forum to face challenges a Best Sex Dolls d difficulties because of her being transgender. Also, I feel guilty about every time I said ‘I’m so happy I have two boys’ or ‘I hate glitter, it makes such a mess - I’m so happy I never had to deal with that’. Just many little things, said without any thought, that must have made my little girl feel so sad. I also realized that I really didn’t have a good understanding what exactly transgender is and what it means to be transgender. I spent the first couple of days doing research about transgender issues such as the physical changing of the body through hormone therapy or surgery, how does dating work when transgender, the bathroom and lockerroom issues, etc. etc. All things that I hadn’t given too much thought to in the past. Thanks Quora for providing many of the answers.
Now we are in a new phase which I thoroughly enjoy. We go clothes shopping together. I teach her how to paint her nails and how to use make up. I learned how to braid her hair by watching YouTube videos. Currently she looks still like a boy with long hair. She is still a boy at school and also at home when her friends are here. I forget to call her by her new name sometimes and she always corrects me. Her plan is to start Highschool as a girl. I will help her navigate the transition. I will be her advocate whenever she needs one. I drive her to the LGBTQ center to meet with others who are on the same journey, I will make sure she will have a good LGBTQ friendly doctor. I’ll be with her all the way, but she is in the driver’s seat and makes all the decisions about her journey. Our relationship has become deeper in a way. We always had a good and loving relationship, but there was a bit of a distance since she hit puberty about a year ago. This distance is no longer there. It feels like I finally get to see the entire person again.
My son and my husband were also very cool about it. My son, who is older then her, immediately offered to be her protector if an

(43 People Likes) Pedophile: Would giving sex dolls reduce sexual related crimes?

adults as lovers is a mental preference that is not altered by maturity, risk awareness, or mutual affectiom in the mind of a select small percent of people globally.
Feeding this unchallenged perception with dolls or pornography is (in this kind of diagnosis) an excuse to reimforce permission. In fact, it is only by complete abstinance that this diagnosis can be treated.<

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