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(57 People Likes) Has anyone tried to break the real Annabelle doll free from the Warren’s home?

cording to the paranormal investigators, this haunted doll was first gifted to a student nurse in 1968. But after some days, the doll started behaving in a strange way and was often found in a different place a Anime Sex Doll d not in the place where it was kept before. Soon, the priest declared that the doll was inhabited by an evil.
After this incident, Ed and Lorraine Warren took this doll to their museum and kept it in a glass, wooden box along with other demonic toys.
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(46 People Likes) What makes an Indian girl/woman sad?

Always being told to behave like a girl.
During teenage:
Painful menstruation and for many girls in rural areas-having to use old cloth instead of sanitary napkins during menstruation. Segregation during menstruation.
Going to beauty parlour for painful procedure of plucking eyebrows and waxing.
Not having boyfriend.
Fight with boyfriend.
Best friend stealing her boyfriend.
Boyfriend praising other girls.
Not getting good grades.
Not being allowed to go for late night parties/outings with friends.
Bad hair day.
Strict parents.
Unwanted male attention, eve teasing/groping/harassment by men.
Having to be constantly alert when outside the safe environs of home and family.
Her movie heartthrob getting married.
Sacrificing education to help family.
Being forced to get married.
After marriage:
Sacrificing career for marriage.
Managing career and house without help.
Abusive husband or in laws.
Husbands extra marital affairs.
Childrens insensitivity or rudeness.
Criticism of husband and children even after making all sacrifices for them.
Bad health of self,

(35 People Likes) Are her detractors receiving financial compensation for the time and effort that they put into maligning the Duchess of Sussex?

ould be used to attack Meghan, given the agenda of Murdoch and the prejudice of its audience[1]. The Mail group will too, although they are less blatant in their advertising of this[2].
(Of course, this raises a question: why have people on Quora peddling twaddle about Meghan failed to get the rags to print their nonsense about annulled marriages, fake pregnancies, silicone dolls, “yacht girls”, prison terms, drug use and the other tarradiddles they tout. Presumably because even the sewer press knows these are not only false but defamatory.)
But are the “detractors” on Quora being paid? I know that one owner of a Hate-Space has monetarised her followers as she receives spondoolies from Quora as part of its Space payment program[3], but that is not, I guess, the thrust of the question.
So to answer: I’m guessing not. Bullies do not need financial incentives to carry out their bullying. And, of course, hatred is its own reward. Because vitriol is an addictive drug.
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(39 People Likes) Is it strange to want to fix up a doll house/build a dollhouse as an adult? I dont have a dollhouse, but have always loved doll houses. As a kid my parents could not afford one. Now as an adult I want to build one/fix it up but feel it is strange.

u have the money to put into it? Do you have the time?
Possible solutions include working at a craft store where you could exhibit your work and get money. Exhibiting at the library is also a possibility. Are you interested in making a doll house for the children's department at the local library? It would need to be sturdy, and not as fancy as you might make it for just yourself.
There are ot

(26 People Likes) I read that somnophilia was a cousin of necrophilia, but what about those who obsess about their sex dolls to the point of developing relationships vs. using them strictly for sexual relief?

y popular in the office. He was loved by everybody. I am a fresh grad with her dream job, I had a boyfriend (6 years relationship) whom I loved and who loved me so much, life was a bliss.
Swear to God I thought no more of him than an admiration (and the age difference… well you know, he’s “old” and has a wife already. He’s “safe”). We’re both serious person and the job was very demanding. Romance was out of question… or so I thought.
And then one day we were working late and went out for dinner (…yes, we’re both hard-working). It was a casual business dinner with some interesting discussions about work and future career ahead. He also mentioned his wife and how much he admired her. We were joking about how lucky he is to get her. I told my boyfriend about the dinner conversa dream doll who do you love ion also…
But not about the hug afterwards.
After the dinner my boss hugged me in the car. He said that it was customary in his country, but he couldn’t do it here. I was very shocked at first, but my brain reminded me of the movies I watched, and hug is so ordinary, so I pulled myself together and laughed at him, even patted his back a bit. He was the kindest person I’ve ever met. A kind boss, a big brother, a safe person.
I was a fool. One day he kissed me, passionately and I fell down hard. I never felt it before, to be wanted that way by someone. I broke up with my boyfriend. We continued the affair for some months. I was a virgin and he respected that, we never crossed that line. Escaping from work and cuddling in the hotel in silence.
He had no intention to break his marriage. I had no intention to hurt his wife’s heart (the marriage was still very young, two years, oh my God). It was a destructive relationship and we’re both suffocated. After some months, he left to work in another place. It was the best and the most painful decision he made for us.
It’s been a year since we met, and we’re still limiting contact. He offered to continue the relationship in a less frequent way. However, that was my turn to be a bit smarter, so I said no. I knew that it was the right thing to do, but it HURTS. I was a bit practical before, and wasn’t a romantic person at all. Let me tell you something, hearts are much more of an idiot that the brains. They don’t process logic and ethic the right way. I got medically sick for months because of the heartache, and made some worst decision in my life in the broken heart period (another gloomy stories).
It changed our life. To you out there who’re experiencing similar thing, allow us to share with you something that we both held high to escape from that, to be strong enough to end a love that you think you will die for.
We don’t deserve to hurt a beloved (and rightful) partner. We d