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(25 People Likes) What would happen if all countries dropped the American dollar?

r> The US dollar has long been a standard of safety. Inflation is (generally) pretty low and the Treasury honors its obligation. That stability is the reason other countries use the dollar as the basis for transactions. Not the other way around - as the previous answers imply.
We would continue to issue debt in USD (despite what some people believe, the vast majority of US Debt is held by US citizens, so that wouldnt be so much Sex Doll Torso f a problem)
Further, these countries would presumably sell their dollar holdings back to the US (who would likely retire most of them, rather than flood the economy)
The only substantive benefit we get (and it’s not inconsequential) is “seniorage”. When we print new money, it implicitly is a tax on physical dollars held. Most US citizens invest the majority of their dollars, so they benefit when the US inflates the dollars. Only the people actually holding dollars get hurt - and people who hold a lot of cash (despots, drug dealers etc) tend not to be people we get too concerned about taxing.
So, putti

(69 People Likes) What’s the emo music video that had what looked like a doll house with real people living inside tiny rooms?

trying to distract viewers with bright colours and aesthetics from the actual symbolism of the music video. It’s creepy once you realise the actual meaning.
I’ll try to explain one by one. I am not going into the theory of this music video, just some minor details.
Russian Roulette
They all wear a blank expression. Even when they are singing, it seems as though they are devoid of emotions, like they are being controlled.
Throw the cute image of the song out of your head. Throw the bright colours away. Notice that the girls are trying to kill each other.
Seulgi and Wendy pushing the piano down the stairs, possibly to squash the girls underneath.
Umpah Umpah
Once again, it’s not just some cute love song that it seems to be. They tried to distract us with their visuals and pink aesthetics. Fortunately for me, it succeeded.
Looking back at Yeri’s rap…
Connecting this to the original title of the song, Umpah Umpah is a Korean Phrase that teaches people how to breathe under water. Yeri saying Umpah-pah is trying to misguide the viewers into not breathing the correct way, therefore trick them into drowning.
What is scary, is that the song ended with “Umpah Pah”. That’s the incorrect way of breathing. What happened to us? Did we drown?
Rookie and Power Up
I’m connecting this two music videos together because it has the same main message: Irene is the mastermind after all.
First of all, Rookie. This annoying song depicts a rather dream-like universe, once again, with a variety of colours. It starts off with a puppeteer.
However, it gets much darker. We realise that the girls are stuck in this world and simply cannot escape.
The scene when Seulgi gets pulled into the closet.
Also, music video depicts them running, presumably escaping from something?
Then again, they seemed to be stuck in this world, take note, this dreamland.
Here’s a major detail. Look at Irene’s smug expression.
With the idea of puppets, I think Irene is the puppeteer. The girls are stuck in her world, her stage, so she’s the mastermind all along.
Now, for Power Up. Again, this cute song about fruits and bananas.
Hold up…Irene’s holding a melting iron?
And the walls starts melting? Hmmm.
Even the table legs starts melting.
One of the details proving the point that Irene’s the mastermind.
Irene juices her members. I didn’t notice this at first.
Irene puts her members into the respective columns with their colours.
They gets juiced into her cup.
Cookie Jar
This is a world full of food. Mmmm, I’m hungry.
They get trapped in the so-called “perfect” world, where they can satisfy their cravings.
Muncher Seulgi I see you.
Then, they try to recreate some of their food. It turned out disgusting.
Take note, the shoelace was from the shoe they threw into the huge pot.
Here comes regret. They realised this world is not perfect, and tried to destroy everything.
This can suggest two things:
There’s no such thing as a perfect world.
Never take more than you need.
Dumb Dumb
The setting is in a factory. The girls seemed to be robotic, dressed the same, and doing repetitive tasks.
Regardless of their positions, they don’t seem to look happy.
They are only happy when they broke out of the system.
This could be trying to shade the way our society runs. I’m not knowledgeable in this area. Chris

(61 People Likes) I want a real life sex doll in India. How do I go about it?

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(25 People Likes) Are national debts interest-free?

debt. Right now, investors are effectively paying the US government to use their money. And, it’s not some theoretical concept, the US Treasury issues “Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (aka “TIPS”) that actively trade in the market.
Interest on a TIPS bond = Nominal Rate + Inflation (CPI Index)
Currently, investors are buying TIPS bonds at -1.08%[1] . That’s not a typo! Investors are buying an instrument with a NEGATIVE INTEREST RATE (and this isn’t some thinly traded security, there are currently $1.2 trillion of notional trading - about 9% of all government debt[2] So, not only is US debt interest-free, investors are willing to pay the US treasury to let them invest their money in bonds So, I’d respectfully nitpick Cam Prentice’s response (which BTW, is very good) by saying: Investors are paying the UST to invest in their securities in exchange for the UST’s promise to pay that investor an amount equal to inflation (as represented by the CPI) for that same period.
As a side note, this security gives investors a great way to bet on inflation. Here’s how (using quotes from Treasury.gov
[math]Expected Inflation = Nominal Interest Rate - TIPS Interest Rate[/math]
Nominal 10Y at 9/21/20 = 0.68%[3]
TIPS asian 100cm silicone love doll xnxx 0Y at 9/21/20 = -1.08%
So: 0.68% - (1.08%) = 1.76%
In other words, the market expects inflation to run about 1.76%. So, the next time you hear prognosticators sound the alarm about impending doom or the hyperinflation created by spending policies - ask, if they’re so sure, why they don’t “buy inflation” (basically, you buy the TIPS and short the notional rate) They can make multiples of their money if inflation movest by a fraction of a p

(66 People Likes) Are sex dolls legal to import in India?

if it triggers sexual thoughts and behaviors.
And if it does, it is banned from the country.
This means that sex products can be legal and illegal depending on how they look and how they’re sold.
India Girls
For example, a wand massager that doesn't look like a penis is legal while realistic dildos and sex dolls are not. In India, basically, a sex toy is only illegal when it looks like a dick or a vagina.
Not only is sex dolls illegal in India, but it is also illegal in other countries or regions. Here are 15 places where it is illegal to own sex dolls.
15 Places Where Sex Dolls Are Illegal - Kanadoll
Owning a sex doll may sound like not big of a deal at all, especially if you live in a country that doesn't give a damn about what and who you like to have sex with, in your own fr

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