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(27 People Likes) Can you list 25-50 things that you never thought you would have to say to your young child/toddler?

‘Honey, your little girl has learned something new!’. She was so proud of herself that she wouldn’t stop. Diaper off in the grocery store. Silicone Sex Doll iaper off full of poo. Diaper off in the middle of peeing. Put the diaper on

(48 People Likes) When scaling a drawing to the real world, can you scale with 2 different units? (e.g. 1:6, 1 ft in the drawing is equal to 6 inches in the real world) Assuming this is a doll house.

er question is if the room were a real room, how high would its ceilings be? Once you’ve decided those things I think it will be easy to decide what scale to use and buy an appropriate ruler.
So, if you imagine your doll would be 48 inches tall in real life and are making a Victorian room with 12 foot ceilings then the math would be:
4/48 = 1/12 so your scale is 1/12. Something 1 inch tall in your roombox represents something 12 inches (1 foot) tall in real life. Your doll at 4 inches looks 4 feet tall. If your roombox is made 12 inches tall it will look like a Victorian house with 12 foot ceilings. Anything you put in the room should be 12 times as small.
Doing the math again for clarity:
If you imagine your doll is a child 36 inches tall then the math would be:
4/36 = 1/9 so your scale is 1 / 9. So an 18 foot ceiling would be 2 feet tall in proportion. A sofa 27 inches from the floor to the top of the back and 6 feet (72 inches) long in real life should be 3 inches tall in proportion and 8 inches long.
Thanks for the A2A on this interesting question.

(52 People Likes) What is the difference between silicone and TPE sex doll?

e write a article about difference between silicone a Sex Doll d TPE sex doll.You can adult love doll massager ee it at this site:Comparison Between Silicone Sex Doll and TPE Sex

(14 People Likes) Why is the 5th ionization energy of phosphorus significantly lower than that of silicon?

, [math]Z_{\text{the atomic number}}=14[/math], and ATOMIC phosphorus, [math]Z_{\text{the atomic number}}=15[/math].
[math]\underbrace{1s^{2}2s^{2}2p^{6}3s^{2}3p^{2}}_{\text{electronic configuration of Si atom, Z=14}}[/math]
[math]\underbrace{1s^{2}2s^{2}2p^{6}3s^{2}3p^{3}}_{\text{electronic configuration of P atom, Z=15}}[/math]
Now to get to [math]Si^{4+}(g)[/math] we REMOVE ALL the [math]3s[/math], and [math]3p[/math], valence electrons..an energetic process… On the other hand, its FIFTH ionization event, requires removal of an inner core [math]2p[/math] electron … and this should have a greater energy cost than the fifth ionization of phosphorus, for which a [math]3s[/math]

(56 People Likes) How Are Sex Dolls Made?

Now that you know what a sex doll is, the next question adult love doll massager you might have is how sex dolls are made.

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