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(76 People Likes) I'm 5'2" and 67 kg, female. How many months do I need to lose weight and get a body as freakishly hot as a sex toy doll?

y to losing weight. It possible. We’re not lost.
You can lose about 30lb a year (or 2.5lb a month) with a little strictness, and enough leeway to eat birthday cake, and eat out with friends from time to time.
If you do these diets for six months or more, you’ll start to develop serious health problems. I started getting numbness, insomnia, anxiety, and so forth. Don’t know what else to tell you, high fat, low carb diets are dangerous, not a weight loss miracle.
The healthy way is whole food, plant based. That means no processed food, and the majority of your calories need to come from plants. (90% or more). T as doll sex is includes as much potato, rice, corn, beans, lentils, quinoa, and whole wheat that you can shake a stick at. Seriously, you need to eat a lot on this diet. The number one reason I recommend calorie counting for whole-food plant-based is to make sure you’re physically eating enough food. If you cut out all fats and oils you can speed up weight loss just a little more. There’s no health reason to eat oils, they’re just fun to cook with.
I’ve lost 20-ish pounds this way over the last 10 months. I do very little calorie counting, very little exercise, and a lot of cheating . I’m lazy when it comes to losing weight, what can I say? If you’re more disciplined than I am, you’d lose more with this method. But even as lazy as I am, I lose weight.
The mind set of taking 3 years to lose weight is very important. Short bouts don’t do

(17 People Likes) What are the baby dolls that look real?

em through my website: elovedolls.com.
But when you want a doll that ACTS like a real baby, I'm thinking robotics. As the mother of a 6 week old baby, I'm guessing you want a doll th Love Doll t:
- wakes you up every one to two hours at night
- spits up on you after every feeding
- cries every time you set it down
- pees on you every one in five diaper changes
- makes it all worthwhile with one little smile
I'm afraid the doll I just described does not exist. But you can get pieces of that functionality in various different dolls:
- Ashton Drake Galleries offers dolls that breathe or grab your finger
- MYA Dolls offers lifelike silicone dolls with a drink-wet mechanism
- Babyclon has a silicone doll that will "suck" a bottle or pacifier
- MillenniumFX made a fully robo as doll sex ic animatronic baby for Hollywood. (Probably not for sale.)
If you piece all those together, you might have a doll that acts somewhat like a real baby.

(34 People Likes) What would happen if all countries dropped the American dollar?

r> The US dollar ha Cheap Sex Dolls long been a standard of safety. Inflation is (generally) pretty low and the Treasury honors its obligation. That stability is the reason other countries use the dollar as the basis for transactions. Not the other way around - as the previous answers imply.
We would continue to issue debt in USD (despite what some people believe, the vast majority of US Debt is held by US citizens, so that wouldnt be so much of a problem)
Further, these countries would presumably sell their dollar holdings back to the US (who would likely retire most of them, rather than flood the economy)
The only substantive benefit we get (and it’s not inconsequential) is “seniorage”. When we print new money, it implicitly is a tax on physical dollars held. Most US citizens invest the majority of their dollars, so they benefit when the US inflates the dollars. Only the people actually holding dollars get hurt - and people who hold a lot of cash (despots, drug dealers etc) tend not to be people we get too concerned about taxing.
So, putti

(51 People Likes) Is Chucky (Child's Play) a real doll? And which company made that doll for the movie?

’s Play movie featuring the doll character “Chucky” came out in 1988. (My Buddy (doll) - Wikipedia
Here is a photo of the real doll from 1985:
Here is a photo of Chucky, as the fictional “Good Guy” doll, before his appearance turns “evil.”:
One can see the general resemblance to the 1985 doll design. The real-life Hasbro/Playskool “My Buddy” doll was, li Realistic Sex Doll e the movie doll line, designed as a playmate, with little boys as the intended target market.
In 2016, Mezco Toyz produced an officially licensed Chucky doll based on the movie character. Note that

(73 People Likes) Is it immature for a 14 yo girl to love dolls or has society just pushed our kids to grow up faster than they should?

at whatever she is interested in is appropriate for her. Many kids, like myself, just could not get interested in dolls, though my mother loved them. I grew up to be a good mom and it turned out all I needed was a real doll. If you think she is too focused on as doll sex laying with dolls at her age, slowly introduce her to books for her age and other things which may take her attention towards the fut

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