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(57 People Likes) Is Technology replacing men with gadgets like sex dolls and vibrators?

Anyway, here is a small hindsight: if women wanted to replace men for sexual pleasure, WE COULD JUST USE OUR HANDS.areta johnson love american style love and the doll r> Actually dildos (that don’t vibrate) existed even in ancient history: Dildo - Wikipedia
The world's oldest known dildo is

(82 People Likes) Is having sex with a sex doll cheating?

e fact that it is shaped like a person does not mean that it is a person.
The word “cheat” means “to break the rules.” If you have a rule wit areta johnson love american style love and the doll your spouse that masturbating with a sex doll is cheating, then it would be considered

(30 People Likes) Final Thoughts: You Can Increase Acceptance

ll makers have used advances in science and engineering to build sex dolls that look and feel almost identical to real humans. It’s important to understand that building these advanced dolls represent a significant investment of both time and money. These are not resources that companies spend though

(100 People Likes) How can I find the best sex doll supplier?

r would be Real Doll, hands down. So many options to choose from to create the woman of your dreams. They are expensive, but they are well built, and look and feel so real, check them out at REALDOLL - THE WORLD' Real Doll FINEST LOVE D

(36 People Likes) What is the most expensive doll ever sold?

google Sex Doll ays
Bonhams Sells Most Expensive Doll in the World - artnet News

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