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(85 People Likes) Why is the 5th ionization energy of phosphorus significantly lower than that of silicon?

, [math]Z_{\text{the atomic number}}=14[/math], and ATOMIC phosphorus, [math]Z_{\text{the atomic number}}=15[/math].
[math]\underbrace{1s^{2}2s^{2}2p^{6}3s^{2}3p^{2}}_{\text{electronic configuration of Si atom, Z=14}}[/math]
[math]\underbrace{1s^{2}2s^{2}2p^{6}3s^{2}3p^{3 ali express love doll english }_{\text{electronic configuration of P atom, Z=15}}[/math]
Now to get to [math]Si^{4+}(g)[/math] we REMOVE ALL the [math]3s[/math], and [math]3p[/math], valence electrons..an energetic process… On the other hand, its FIFTH ionization event, requires removal of an inner core [math]2p[/math] electron … and this should have a greater energy cost than the fifth ionization of phosphoru Realistic Sex Doll , for which a [math]3s[/math]

(86 People Likes) What is subconscious pent-up instinctual motivation?

system that triggers a specific sequence of actions in the presence of the adequate stimulus. Every instinct has a motivation of Love Doll its own. You can think of an instinct it as a container of motivation. Motivation is triggered by external stimuli buy may also grown on its own, internally. For example, you feel hungry if you see a tasty meal, but if don't see it you will be hungry anyway sooner or later. When there is enough motivation, the (often unconscious) intention associated with the instinct is generated and the animal does (or tries to do) a specific sequence of movements. When your stomach has been empty for a long time, the motivation to eat will grow until you have the intention of finding and eating food.
Now, usually there is a threshold making sure t ali express love doll english at only an adequate stimulus triggers the movement sequence. A dog will dig soft soil, eat good food, and want to have sex with attractive females. But if the right stimulus doesn't occur, the internally generated motivation keeps on growing. When this happens, the stimulus threshold is lowered. At some point or another the organism has to execute the movements regardless of the environment. So a dog will "dig" th

(38 People Likes) Are sex dolls and sex bots a good thing or bad? Which one and why?

find them to be useful, others won’t.

(91 People Likes) How do we achieve worthiness in the midst of rejection?

achieve worthiness in the midst of rejection? Who decides if you are worthy? If it is someone else, or lots of other people, you may never be worthy.
Better to have it be u Sex Doll to you. You decide if you are worthy. Its ali express love doll english bout living up to your own standards. You know what they are, and they are probably pretty h

(86 People Likes) Is MD Career Hunter Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. (Ecostation, Salt Lake-V, Kolkata) real or fake?

bout those 'Top' fake companies, usually companies of the top rank won't cheat you. But, ofcourse you may have heard about the Sharadha and Rose Valley scam. I'll like you not to invest in any of the mutual funds. They're complete cheats, trust me all of them.
Another thing that I'll like to mention is the messages telling you that you've won some sort of prize from companies like Amazon or Home Shop 18. Never reach out for those prizes assuming the good name of the company. It happens a lot in Kolkata and you may end up with some great loss.
I was returning from my work, when I was approached by a man who supposedly seemed to be a promoter of some sort of company, distributing pamphlets. He handed me a set of clicked sheets of paper and asked to fill up the first page only. He told me it was some sort of quiz which w ali express love doll english uld test my GK. I was told if I'd win, I'd get some attractive gift. Naturally I filled it up, being in no hurry and submitted. And definitely I had to put down my phone number so that they could contact me. After a few days, I got a call and I was asked to hand it over to my parents (since I wasn't an adult at that point of time). My father took it and was informed I had won and would get some prize, which would help me in pursuing my higher studies (maybe some monetary benefit). The prize would be distributed by Reliance at their office. Naturally my father appeared at their office, when he was told that in order to collect the prize he'd have to make an investment, in sort of some insurance of minimum Anime Sex Doll 0,000 IN

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