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(54 People Likes) Is it weird to have sex with a sex doll robot?

for some men adora love and joy 20 inch doll t’s just an adventure that they wouldn’t want to repeat with the same woman. They’d want another woman for a short one night stand to boost that excitement. If a man is a serial sex addict, it doesn‘t make sense to use other real life women for that purpose. Woman is more than an object. Anyone who needs sex for practice should better buy a doll or other cheaper sex toy. When a man becomes mature enough and able to a

(43 People Likes) What would happen if Meghan Markle included some unfounded accusations in her interview?

maiden name on marriage to Prince Harry. what would happen?
Answer: the detractors would attack her for it. But here’s a thing. if Meghan included some evidenced and well-founded “accusations”, the detractors would attack her for that too.
You might also wish to consider what “unfounded” might mean. For the detractors, anything that Meghan will say would be “unfounded”. Because the truth is not their friend.
How do I know? Because the detractors, and the denizens of the anti-Meghan Hate-Spaces here on Quora, are skilled at making up “unfounded accusations” against Meghan. For example, that she was a stripper. A “yacht girl”. That she was employed by Epstein. That she made porn movies. That she has an annulled marriage. That she is in fact 43, not 39. That she was pregnant and that’s why Harry “had to marry her”. That she is sterile. That she employed a surrogate. And about Archie: that he is a silicone doll. That he is in fact several children borrowed for the occasion. That pictures of him are actually pictures of Prince George. And Meghan’s mother: that she was in jail for four years. Or seven years. That she is not really Meghan’s mother, but some white woman was.
All the above accusations are of course “unfounded”: because they are lies that even the sewer press, no stranger to “unfounded allegations” themselves, have not dared touch. They are also, of course, defamatory. You ask what would happen to Meghan if she made “unfounded” allegations in her interview. I ask you, what should happen to people who make clearly fictitious, malicious and defamatory “unfounded” allegations a

(86 People Likes) Can you import an ADULT sex doll into Ireland legally? NOT a child one, which I know are illegal and which disgust me anyway. Can't find any information on the distinction, if there is seen to be one.

to this supplier, they are perfectly legal to ship into Ireland:
A Real Doll e Sex Dolls Legal in my Country? Importing a Sex Doll
Still, if you’re in the part of Ireland still considered part of the UK, there are some limitations, which are covered in the webs

(71 People Likes) Interpersonal Interaction: In what ways have people incorrectly perceived you?

e to be one of the great thinkers of game design. There are also plenty of people who think me to be worse than radioactive worm snot. How can one person attract such contradictory perceptions?
The primary cause of such situations is the degree to which the subject makes controversial statements. When I say "Games are dead", that excites a lot of intense reaction. Some people agree that games have lost their creative energy and applaud me for saying out loud what nobody else will admit. Other people are infuriated by such statements.
I happen to have a penchant for, shall we say, 'colorful' ways of expressing myself -- this only intensifies the response. Admirers are pleased that my expression nails the concept so powerfully; detractors are made even angrier. For example, I once compared the interpersonal interactions in games (which I hold to be childishly artificial) with having sex with an inflatable doll. It's no wonder that some people are delighted by the image and others are driven to new heights of anger.
My detractors are dead wrong when they accuse me of arrogance. First, I object to the word 'arrogance', which in past times denoted the taking of rights and privileges to which a person is not entitled. Nowadays, I confess, people are using the word to mean 'proud' or 'vainglorious', so I must yield on that complaint.
Getting to the truth of the matter, there are two reasons why my detractors think me vainglorious. First is the fact that I brook little disagreement. Most people think it best to split the difference between two opposing points of view. If I say PO-TAY-TO and you say PO-TAH-TO, most people will shrug their shoulders and figure that it could be either. But I don't work that way. I give a lot of thought to my opinions, and I am especially careful to consider all possible arguments on both sides of the issue. When I reach a conclusion after this deliberation, I am fairly confident of it, but I am always willing to hear counterarguments. The problem arises when somebody raises a counterargument that I have already given full consideration to. In such cases, I tend to wave aside their argument with a short explanation of why I dismissed it earlier. This often leads people to think that I am so proud that I am not giving them fair consideration.
Another factor contributing to the impression that I am vainglorious is my tendency in my writings to present ideas from a first-person point of view rather than a third-person point of view. Some people think that this bespeaks egotism. Ironically enough, I do so for reasons of intellectual integrity. I cannot speak any truth but my own truth. I do not know the Absolute, Objective Truth, and it would be wrong for me to speak as if I do. Instead, I declare the truth as I perceive it. My failure to liberally sprinkle my writing with "IMO"s leads some people to think me unjustifiably sure of myself. I assume that everybody knows that all statements made by humans are necessarily opinions, not facts.
My sense of integrity also impels me to speak with little recourse to tact. If I disagree with somebody, I don't try to blanket the disagreement with layers of reassuring vagueness -- I want to bring the disagreement out into the open so as to resolve it as clearly as possible.
Then there's my philosophy of teaching. Simply declaring the truth is not teaching, it's recitation. The goal of teaching is to get the student to *understand* the concept, not merely hear it. The student has to masticate the concept, turn it over and over in their mind, and synchronize it with their own thinking. The best way to accomplish this is to present the concept in a form that will cause some consternation in the student. Not confusion: consternation. Present the concept in a fashion that slightly contradicts what they already believe. This forces them to reconcile the statement with their pre-existing state of knowledge; the resulting cogitation will produce a stronger grasp of the underlying truth.
Contributing to this is my obsession with conciseness. I refuse to lard my writing with cover-my-ass qualifications and asides. I'll state that the sky is blue, and omit the fact that the sky is often red as sunset. I'll declare that, in general, men are taller than women. I won't encumber the reader with the obvious statements that some women are taller than most men, and some men are shorter than most women. I am careful to hedge the results of lengthy deliberations, but for simple supporting statements, I leave it to the reader to recognize the obvious shortcomings of such simple statements.
Here's another factor that contributes to the false impression that I am proud: I don't care what other people think of me. Over the years, I have learned that few people know anything about me. Most people base their judgement on watching one lecture, or reading one book, or some such. Then they declare that I'm a genius or I'm an idiot. They don't know beans about me, and so I don't care what they think. I care not for my image or my reputation; the only assessment of my worthiness is my own, and I am my own harshest critic. My past sins jump into my consciousness at random times, causing me to grind my teeth in fury at my own errors.
I do pay heed to the criticisms of my closest friends. There are only a handful of such people, and if anything they are too diplomatic in their replies to me, but I pay close attention to their points. And I am pretty certain that, if you asked them, they would deny that I am vainglorious. Indeed, I'm sure that they would insist that in some ways I am very humble, but that I have this oddball way of thinking that leads me to certainty in some matters. They'll also tell you that I'll call them up wringing my hands over some issue that I can't decide, imploring their help.
In the final analysis, EVERYBODY

(67 People Likes) Can I bring my silicon doll (naughty purpose) through checked baggage?

but do the most damage.
Think about this. If the arms that move bags from one belt to another to get them where they belong. The arms that move the bags has to move a 70 lb bag from one baggage belt to another. You can imagine hard hard that arm hits and moves a 20 pound bag. There can be a lot of damage done. People buy cheap bags. Another problem. Good bags are very expensive but are worth it in the long run.
Also bags are suppose to protect the

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