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(59 People Likes) Do all girls, irrespective of their age, love dolls?

easuring the time one spent as a child, rather than hurrying through childhood to get on with the business (or pressures) of living up to unreasonable ideals of womanhood. The dolls’ size makes them substantial, like companion dolls, and the historical fiction written about the doll characters are conscientiously written. The quality of the dolls’ construction and their educational play value made them hits amo a little one to love anatomically correct baby girl doll g parents and children.
Now, there’s a generation of grown ups who owned them as children, and they have fond memori

(76 People Likes) Are astronauts on the International Space Station allowed to take pleasure products with them?

bag that is 5″ a little one to love anatomically correct baby girl doll 8″ x 2″
There is also a Crew Care Package:
Contains personal stuff
Things like CD’s, condiments, books and religious stuff.
Then there is a clothing allowance which can contain a small number of things like a particular t-shirt or baseball cap.
They can also bring photos of family friends and small items that they can give away (but not sell) on return to Earth.
But the rules ar Cheap Sex Dolls often relaxed - one astronaut was able to take a guitar into orbit.
However, all of these things are scrutinized by NASA b

(22 People Likes) My FWB and I have established our FWB relationship. We had sex recently. But he has since stopped texting me and sending me memes. Is he ghosting me? Am I needy if I text him for a hookup?

ing feelings for a FWB is a b a little one to love anatomically correct baby girl doll g red flag and the consequence is a break of the deal.
What to do?
Hold your horses, maintain radio silence for some time and wait for his reaction.
If he doesn't make a move, your FWB mate is no more.
Just forget about it.
If he makes a move, don’t accept the invitation immediately, so that he feels you are not an inflated doll at his disposal to fuck whenever he feels like.
Make yourself important, hard to get, because anything that is easy to get, gets zero value. It is worthless.
That is why lots of girls get gh Best Sex Dolls sted by guys who had too much easy access to them.
So, be pat

(43 People Likes) Should sex dolls that look like kids be illegal? Are they?

’m going to establish some facts and personal background before actually answering it.
I am a victim of childhood abuse, both by confirmed pedophiles and abusers who abuse children. I’ve written about this extensively and some of the writing is in my profile. I am not a pedophile or anyone who has or would ever sexually abuse children.
Pedophilia, or a sexual attraction to prepubescent children, is something that some people are, although estimates of exact percentages vary. It isn’t something someone chooses to be, it can’t be conditioned into them or out of them. It’s very likely, given what we know, that some people are simply born pedophiles and there is nothing to be done about that.
Most sexual abuse of children is not perpetrated by pedophiles, but garden variety abusers who target children because children are easy victims.
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at the goals here.
The problem with our society presently when it comes to pedophiles is that we simply demonize anyone who is a pedophile. They make a great punching bag because anyone who is attracted to children is obviously a bad person, right? The fact that they can’t help their attraction is completely ignored and we lump people who are pedophiles but don’t actually act on it in any way (including in viewing child pornography) in with those that do. Because of that stigma around pedophiles, there isn’t a lot of solid research on it and what research there is heavily depends on offending pedophiles as subjects. Pedophiles who don’t offend rarely take part in studies because of the stigma around being a pedophile, so we have a limited sample size.
As a society when it comes to dealing with pedophiles, the goal is and should be simply the reduction of harm to children. In other words, the goal should be whatever it takes so that less children are abused. If you look at it from that perspective, the answer when it comes to sex dolls that look like prepubescent children, is that if in the end it reduces harm to actual children, we should allow them.
Evidence seems to suggest that it does make a pedophile less likely to offend if they have access to some kind of way to relieve themselves sexually like with a doll. There isn’t any evidence to suggest any kind of escalation of activity like using a doll would make someone more likely to abuse children. Similar to how massive amounts of evidence shows that people who play violent video games are actually less likely to be violent in real life and as porn use goes up people are less likely to commit sexual assault, we can extrapolate that people are less likely to act on their urges with a real child if they have some kind of ethical outlet.
The main way the pedophiles who do offend actually end up offending is by viewing and collecting child pornography. This hurts children and is wrong as well because you need to abuse real children to produce it.
The thing is, personally it bothers me and disgusts me. The idea of someone using a sex doll that looks like a child and watching animated porn of people having sex with children Is repulsive (and personally triggering to me). However, we have to remember that we have a goal in mind here and that goal is: fewer children molested and harmed. So if something that bothers and disgusts us but doesn't hurt any children will make it so that less actual children are harmed, I’m all for it.
So in terms of whether or not they should be illegal I am leaning towards no. They should be allowed and we should do more scientific studies to make sure they actually do what we hope they do: make pedophiles less likely to offend. I would probably be in favor of them being prescribed by a psychiatrist or something like that, who would monitor the person using them and make sure they weren’t going to hurt a real child. However, this is outside of my wheelhouse.
Do they encourage and normalize a cultural climate that condones child molestation and pedophila? Why or why not?
It would in no way create something that condones child molestation. There is no slippery slope here. This has been brought up in countless other industries. Do movies and games that show violence condone real violence? All evidence points to no. In fact, healthy humans are able to separate fantasy from reality and that’s why we are able to enjoy fantastical things that we would never condone in reality. There is strong evidence to suggest that having these fantasies prevents people from doing immoral things in real life. This is why rape fantasies are okay, but real rape isn’t. It goes on and on.
As far as normalizing and condoning pedophilia, we need to normalize it in that we need to recognize that pedophilia or people who are pedophiles are normal and that they exist. We need to normalize their sexuality and help them not act on it. This is very important. Normalizing sexual abuse of children is not something we should ever do (and again, no evidence to suggest that child sex dolls do that). Normalizing pedophiles acknow Best Sex Dolls edging their attractions and getting help to prevent them from hurting children is something we need to do.
Summary: As someone who has been sexually abused as a child, I am willing to support anything that prevents another child from being sexually abused. If that means sanctioning and providing child s

(31 People Likes) What are the reasons for cost-push inflation?

relatively staple. But as more money is printed, it’s value goes down and it takes more of them to buy the same item you did last year. Hence it appears the price is rising, when it is not. The same amount of material and the same amount of labor to make the item, remains the same. Remember, to, there is nothing backing the dollar, so it’s not, in and of itself, really worth anything. It has no value, except what the government says it is, and you are forced to use it, because there is nothing to back it. Look at it this way. You take 1600 strips of paper, that has no value to it, and exchange it for 1 ounce of gold. You have given the gold owner nothing of value, yet he still takes it, and you received a piece of metal, that has value. That gold coin is worth real value, not in terms of dollars, but in demand for it, in rarity and a store of “real” wealth and yes, as a medium of exchange. It’s price is determined by how much of a demand there is for it, relative to the worthless dollar. Look up the meanings of these words:
Worth, Value, Inflation, Deflation, Fiat, Backing, (in giving support to), See if you can use all these words together in a short paragraph.
Comments 1 and 2 are on the right track, Comment

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