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(22 People Likes) Will Everyone Own a Sex Robot?

oint increase represents a fai Realistic Sex Doll ly even spread between men and women. A full 6% of men indicated they were all in for robot sex. For women, it was 4%. If you guessed that younger folx were a bit more willing to experiment, you are correct. The 18 to 34 demographic was 12 points more likely to try sex with a bot. There was only a slight increase in those over the a

(76 People Likes) In Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie The 6th Day, was that a life-like doll that he was toting around?..or was it a real person?

le mass in your 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s later on in life. The human body deteriorates.
He was the Governor of California for two terms, he was more concerned with fiscal and social issues than working out. Political jobs tend to stress out 68 mistress love doll brand eople because they are very rigorous and demanding. This was a snap shot of him during his tenure as Governor.
Honestly, that’s not really that bad for a guy in his mid to late 50’s.
3. He’s been losing his muscle mass since the 90’s, he was larger in the 70’s and 80’s because of his workout regimen. Even though

(26 People Likes) Do you enjoy dressing up and wearing heels much?

like a real doll. White dress, little panties, white tights and black shoes. Then her new boyfriend would visit us. My mother would tell me that I'm her baby girl. Her name is lisa. Week later department of child and family services took us kids away from my mother and placed us 4 boys with my grandmother and her boyfriend.
If you read one of my true stories about me dressing up, you know why. Everytime I do crossdress, I think of the times that I had spent alone with her. 4 months after we where placed in dcfs, mother came back, but fir 30 minutes a day. Mon thru Friday. Today, I

(24 People Likes) What about the story of the Island of the Dolls in Mexico, is it real?

n who tells it. Could a little girl have downed in the canals? certainly. Could an old man have decided to apease her ghost by leaving dolls all over the island? Again, certainly. 68 mistress love doll brand n time, the dolls became creepy, because of the way they were placed, and the wear and tear caused by the weather. There’s also the story that some of the dolls move. They do. The reason for that is that some big-ass spiders have made their homes in them.
Here’s a video, in English, on a

(56 People Likes) Will inflation of the U.S. Dollar ever stop increasing?

asking will general price inflation ever stop, then the answer is not as long as there is a US Dollar unbacked by nothing but confidence, and whose value is exploited by the FED to finance our big Government spending. Because inflation favors the holders of Dollar denominated debt. The largest debt holder is the US government. So it benefits the US government to slowly steal our money by inflation so that our grandchildren won't mind too much paying it back. Of course in the 1930’s, because of the FED we had massive deflation of everything except the price of GOLD. Of course FDR made it a crime punishable by inprisonment to own gold, so unless you renounced your citizenship you could not have benefitted. There was one exception. That exception was gold stocks. The following table shows how two gold stocks were influenced by the depression and FDR.
Company Stock Price 1929,1933, Percent gain
Homestake Mining $65, $373, 474%
Dome Mines $6, $39.50, 558%
They even did much better as the Depression continued.
(I made a Quora question in which I strongly implied Gold had started a new bull market January this year. I believe we have finished the first leg of this new gold bull market. I do not recommend betting against a major trend. I would not go short gold, even if I am right and the first leg has been completed. The reason is that Gold stocks DNA is that when they take off its like a rabbit. You can get clobbered if you are on the wrong side.)
Back to your question. First what is your question again. You could be asking will the value of the US dollar ever stop increasing? Because in relation to all other major currencies, the value of the dollar has been going up for many years. See here is where it gets interesting. Because those frisky economists believe the dollar is going up because of the higher returns foreigners can get on US debt instruments, and that these instruments are considered a very safe investment. So even though Russia has much higher interest rates, above 10%, the value of the US dollar has gone much higher in terms of the Russian currency.
But things have changed since the beginning of this year. Three separate markets that do not have an obvious connection have become highly correlated. Gold, Thirty Year Treasury Bonds, and the Japanese Yen have been going up all year until quite recently. (Oh, I admit it , I was wrong on the Japanese Yen, I forecast it would go down.) That means if you were asking will the value of the dollar ever stop increasing. is that it already has stopped increasing in terms to Gold, the Treasury Bonds, and the Japanese Yen. By the way the Japanese Yen has been going up despite the Bank of Japan going to negative interest rates. This flies against the logic of the economists who believe that just the opposite should occur. Furthermore, why are two financial instruments, the Yen, the Bond, an Sex Doll Torso one commodity that has little commercial use been in a lock step higher? Is this a coincidence. I am a Jungian. Carl Jung coined the concept of synchronicity, there are no coincidences.
“Synchronicity is a concept, first explained by psychiatrist Carl Jung, which holds that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.” Wikipedia
Lets go back to Gold. Survivalists love this stuff. Hell everyone loves gold. They especially love it now, considering how mush money has poured into the Gold ETF and the gold stock ETF’s. People think the price of gold reflects inflation fears. In fact this was a picture perfect relationship in the late 1970’s. Gold prices soared from $38 postwar to $850 in 1980, with inflation from the average postwar rate of 3% to 13.5% in 1980. They both peaked at about the same time.
But what about now? Why has Gold been in a bear market when uncle Ben was throwing buckets of money into the US banking system by “Quantitive easing” and the FED has kept throwing money into the banking system by its usual methods as well since the crash of 2008? Well first off, the price of gold got clobbered initially with the stock market down to the $650 level and then tripled in price by 2011 to almost $2000. It’s just been since then that gold has been in a bear market and lost almost half its value. Why the different behavior? I have said previously that prices of a freely traded entity goes up or down because of two main factors, confidence and liquidity. When the 2008 crash started, liquidity evaporated along with confidence. When that happens at the same time you get a crash. But as the crash proceeded and the Trillion in TARP funds came into the banking system and Uncle Ben went into a buying spree, buying up debt on all ends of the yield curve and even mortgage debt, liquidity returned. The overall US stock market continued to drop. Confidence had been destroyed. You can't restore confidence with just liquidity. It takes times for all those people with turtle shells over their heads to come out to play. But confidence did return to a few markets. One big beneficiary was was Gold. All those people with small minds and big opinions said inflation will soar!. That false belief raised confidence levels in Gold to new heights. But by 2011, the inflation dream had bust. The liquidity was still there, but confidence tumbled. There was inflation. The inflation had just found its way into the equity and debt markets. That is again why Bernake caused such a shift of wealth in our country to the upper classes without creating inflation of the common goods that the lower classes buy. But if I am correct and we are in a new Gold bull market, then what is driving it? There seems to be a lot of confidence. We know the FED is providing the liquidity. So where is the confidence coming from. Inflation seems to be increasing but still pretty tame.
Historically, there is one other time when Gold is in big demand. That time is when countries are preparing for WAR! Who is been buying lots of gold? China and Russia are buying lots of Gold. I already stated on Quora that by the common definition of cold war, the US is already in a cold war with China. Another interesting coincidence,(remember I don't believe in coincidence.), China is now our biggest trading partner. Before World War 2 , who was Germany’s biggest trading partner. Congratulations, you are right, it was France!
I already posted what Putin’s grand strategy would be months ago. I stated that Russia has always had designs on the Mediterranean. They will try to decoy us by two methods. The first will be they will get close to North Korea. They may even be supplying the technology so that they can threaten us with their nukes. Guess what. It was just reported in the news that Russia has recently increased their relationship with North Korea!. They will also support China in its effort to grab the South China Sea. Guess what? That has also just happened. What was my next scenario? Russia needs to invade Turkey. At least to get control of the waterways from the Black Sea to the Med. What has just happened? There has been a major upheaval in the Turkish military. It is probably profoundly weaker now then for many years. The Russians are increasing their military presence in the Crimea. That goes along with my thinking about Putin. All they need now is for pressure to be put on the USA to remove all our nukes and our base from within Turkey. Putin’s working on that right now. He is also building up forces next to the Ukraine, to make us think he is going for the Baltic option. But the Baltic is a dead end for Russia. There is no way they are going to get control of the outlet from the Baltic sea without a world war. But with the right ingredients, he could get the green light for a limited invasion of Turkey which will be step one. The final step will be occupying Israel and the Suez canal. But that will take another decade, unless something happens to speed that goal up.
So the price of Gold is going up because Russia and China have soaked up excess supply. It has been a limited move so far, because there is no inflation apparent. It is just moving now with momentum. The huge move in the Gold stocks is simply because the Gold stocks were so beaten down compared to the rest of the equity markets, there has been a reversion to their mean price. If I am right and the equity markets are going to take a dip into late October, and the first wave of this Gold bull market is complete, then Gold and the gold stocks will also take a dip down to late October. Unless war breaks out. But that can't happen until the US removes its base and nukes from Turkey.
Why has the Treasury Bond market gone up all year. It was just the opposite in the late 1970’s to 1980. Gold was making a high just as interest rates peaked which because there is an inverse relationship Treasury Bond prices were crashing. The rise in the price of Treasury Bonds now is a result of all the actions of the central banks around the world. The FED already bought a bunch of the long end of the yield curve this recovery which was Bernake’s innovation. They are keeping their level of assets in the long end stable. But because of lower interest rates and negative rates elsewhere in the world, and the search for higher returns by investors world wide it has gone into the long end of the bond markets. But interestingly enough we seemed to have climaxed at least for the short term at the same time Gold has stopped its upward run. Another coincidence? The bond market if this trend continues must be forecasting a large hike in interest rates by the FED.
The Japanese Yen, I am afraid I have no explanation. I can't imagine people are investing in Japanese debt instruments. Perhaps, this shows that there is going to be a new bull move in Japanese equities or Japanese land. I know there are far better experts on Quora then myself when it comes to Japan. The only exception is that if I had been in control of Japan before the beginning of World War

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