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(60 People Likes) What are the reasons for sex dolls becoming more popular?

many do and act on is only sex and more sex …not even a friendship lest say last an relation ship based on truth warmth and being togheter nope than ist money power and sex again …. sad and luckely i have seen rela great gay guys getting married but most nope ….i h

(26 People Likes) I have argued with a person who does black magic and has real powers. Today, a voodoo doll appeared on the door of my house. What should I do?

I’ve answered a few questions dealing with alleged “magic” and “voodoo” and other assorted fanciful, unrealistic things, explaining how this stuff is NOT real, and that there is no evidence that it is, and plenty of evidence that it is NOT.
So, you’ve argued with some person who “does black magic and has real powers.”
You irrefutable proof of that? Successful results under controlled conditions?
This person, who allegedly can perform magic, would fail utterly any and every test of these so-called “powers” for the simple reason that such nonsense doesn't exist.
Never has, never will.
A voodoo doll appeared at your house? Interesting. When is garbage day? ’Cause that’s where I’d be tossing that ineffectual piece of trash.
What should you do? Well, now…here’s where the rubber meets the road, my superstitious amigo.
You claim that these “powers” are real, right? You claim to believe that these powers exist, and that this person has actual magical abilities, and that these abilities can cause you harm?
Then call the police, and charge the person with assault, battery, attempted murder…whatever you feel is appropriate. Tell the police that this person has REAL magical powers, and that you are threatened by this person’s abilities.
What’s that? They’ll think you’re nuts? They’ll ignore your complaint about this “magic” and this person’s “powers”?
Hmm…I wonder why they’d do that?
Maybe it’s because they have a realistic viewpoint of the world, and they are basing their course of action on verifiable facts and logic, like any normal adult would.
Like you should. Like all of us rational people do. If magic was real…well, think about it. There would be actual, real schools where you could learn it, there would be professional “wizards” out there doing actual, verifiable magic, and it would be accepted as real by all logical, sane, thinking people.
But it’s not. All of us grown-ups understand that it’s nonsense, and that it doesn't exist, outside

(33 People Likes) If you knew that you were never going to have sex again in your life, what would you do?

son sex? Phone sex? Genital stimulation sex? Mental sex? Solo masturbation? Porn?
If a person is alone, their options are still open. Internet, telephone, publications, sex dolls (yes, there are life sized silicone dolls that are NOT cheap ‘blow-up’ things, but instead fully lifelike figurines!) sex surrogates or sex workers… Masturbation can be a thrilling ride.
If the genitalia no longer function due to spinal cord injury there are manuals available such as “Sex Techniques for the Spinal Cord Injured Patient” and now numerous online websites where disabled persons can re-learn sexual activities using the parts of their bodies that still function!5 love dolls > If the genitalia has been damaged or removed (such as with injuries sustained by many of our troops in the Middle East due to IEDs) again, there are manuals teaching how to eroticize the rest of the body.
If sex has stopped due to old age or illness, there are ways to re-learn and re-train bodies that have “forgotten how”. Sex is like any exercise… use it or lose it… and it can always be restored with training.
Other alternative forms of sex… electronic stimulators, virtual reality, hypnosis, visualization

(22 People Likes) Let’s start with a groundbreaking

s been almost 71,000. And with this number, we’re only scratching the surface because that figure represents just one single keyword. Having sex with the doll and filming that or watching someone else filming that is getting more audience. The audience for people having sex with such dolls is constantly on the rise, and the way trends related to sexual fantasies and fetishes go, it is quite reasonable to say that this number is going to further increase over the coming years. The main reason for people trying to search for videos related to people having sex with these silicone dolls can be attributed to a simple emotion; ‘curiosity’. People who are connoisseurs of such kinds of porn are usually those people who also own similar dolls themselves or are planning to get one for themselves. They already have a silicone wife partner that they enjoy a relationship with. Although, part of the total audience does watch these types of porn to derive pleasure out of it, a majority of that section search for videos out of curiosity. According to them the future of relationships are going to be between humans and silicone AI robots, and they want to envisage and have a peek into what that future might look like. Some even watch these videos because they are curious about how these dolls can be used in new ways to derive more pleasure and get the best out of something that you had invested quite some money upon. Even popular pornstars like Nina Elle have brought out videos of them enjoying doll sex and they have become widely searched content on the internet for the sole reason of the thrill and luster these videos provide. The bottom line is simple, though; people love the idea of not only watching sex doll porn films but also living with a rea

(37 People Likes) What is your viewpoint on blowup/real dolls? And the people that use them?

multi-media sculptures featuring gorgeous fashions and faces. I also enjoy dressing them in other outfits, including ones I’ve made myself because it’s like being a fashion designer as a hobby.
My dolls make me smile. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are about playing with my dolls. While I don’t walk them around a pretend house anymore, I display them and change them around, finding new details on many of them that I hadn’t really noticed or appreciated before. I also have hard plastic dolls from the 1950s, such as Ideal Toni dolls and many Madame Alexander dolls, old and newer.
I even have representations of pop culture icons I like s Silicone Sex Doll ch as Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and others.
There are times when I’ve had a lousy day, and if my family are busy at work or school, I can cheer myself up easily by just visiting my dolls. I have my own private gallery of art I love that I can enjoy any time I want.
These are just a few of my dolls.
Jupiter Ascending - movie wasn’t the greatest, but this reproduction of the wedding dress Mila Kunis wore is amazing!
Bombshell Supergirl - retro-look (think WWII nose-cone art) superhero
Blood Moon Winters Evangeline - even more stunning doll in person
17″ tall Harry Potter in his school uniform
A Slight Chill - beautiful interpretation of a 1920s-style flapper outfit
A Princess Mood Ellow

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