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(31 People Likes) Is there any evidence showing that the prescription of child sex dolls to pedophiles is effective in preventing the actual sexual assault on real children?

there are two different ways to model the effect of child sex dolls. You might think, “of course they will reduce offenses, because otherwise a pedophile has to stay repressed and has no outlet until it all boils over.” Or you might think, “of course it will only make things worse, because it will encourage the pedophile to keep fantasizing and fantasizing until they actually commit a crime.”
Which theory you believe depends on how Real Doll ou model human sexuality. Which one is true… probably depends on the person. I don’t think it would make me more likely to offend, but I could imagine someone where it would. (I also doubt I would use a doll all that much.) I think in the aggregate, people will think about and fantasize about sex no matter what, so an outlet is probably a good thing, but even better would be a less stigmatized and less dangerous way to talk about it.
However, in the ultimate calculation, don’t forget that many child sex offenders are not primarily attracted to children. For m

(68 People Likes) Why would a guy always have sex from a behind position (so he never faces you) without any type of kissing?

enced? Maybe he only does what he knows based on porn or previous relationships.
Many guys know NOTHING about foreplay with a woman until they are taught. I make an effort to learn something new with every new partner. My first experienced girl thought it was “cute” how inexperienced I was and loved teaching me. I loved learning.
Sex from behind a woman is easily the most enjoyable to many people. Men AND women. The angles you can hit and the positions you can use are incredible and can either be rough OR intimate. I personally prefer to be behind a girl, but if they desire any other position I of course accommodate.
Him pursuing you has nothing to do with anything. Maybe he pursued you for sex and that’s what he wants.
Guys aren’t renown for intimacy. We can be, but not always. We might not think “Hmm, not facing each other might come across as cold or insensible.”
You need to talk with him. Let him know what you

(67 People Likes) What would you consider to be the most famous painting after the Mona Lisa?

ame, but rather being the default "famous painting" in Western cultures. It's a deeply entrenched symbol of portraiture, painting and fine art in general.
So I think the interesting thing to look at is not necessarily just paintings that are extremely well known, but specifically ones that have taken on additional symbolic meaning in the public conscience. Here are a couple, based on my own North American perspective and proclivity towards modern art.
One that comes to mind immediately is Andy Warhol's colorful portraits of Marilyn Monroe, which is deeply identified with American art and popular culture. To me, it really evokes a particular era and a particularly American outlook.
His Cambell's soup cans are also up there, but I think the portraits are better known and more widely recognized.
The next one that sprang to mind isn't really a single painting per se, but rather a whole series by Jackson Pollock. Most people do not have one Pollock painting in particular in mind, but everyone would recognize the style. It screams "modern art" louder than any other, which also makes it a great rallying cry for people who don't

(21 People Likes) How do I deal with a guy who only wants sex from me?

t to share sex with him because he wants it? Or because you do? Do you want to please him? Or do you want to please yourself? Does pleasing him also please you? How does he want sex? Does he consider your feelings, or is it more so “all about him”?
So …
if you also want sex and you want to please him -> have sex.
If you don’t want to have sex but he wants sex disregarding your feelings and that happens a lot -> rethink your relationship. You may be dating someone abusive or someone who has NPD (narcissist), or someone who lacks empathy or sympathy of your desire to not have sex
Being horny and wanting sex is totally okay. Some people have a high sex drive. It is how he acts about it what matters. From there on, i

(78 People Likes) I have argued with a person who does black magic and has real powers. Today, a voodoo doll appeared on the door of my house. What should I do?

I’ve answered a few questions dealing with alleged “magic” and “voodoo” and other assorted fanciful, unrealistic things, explaining how this stuff is NOT real, and that there is no evidence that it is, and plenty of evidence that it is NOT.
So, you’ve argued with some person who “does black magic and has real powers.”
You irrefutable proof of that? Successful results under controlled conditions?
I doubt it. In fact, I would bet the farm on that. This person, who allegedly can perform magic, would fail utterly any and every test of these so-called “powers” for the simple reason that such nonsense doesn't exist.
Never has, never will.
A voodoo doll appeared at your house? Interesting. Wh 125cm love doll fuck n is garbage day? ’Cause that’s where I’d be tossing that ineffectual piece of trash.
What should you do? Well, now…here’s where the rubber meets the road, my superstitious amigo.
You claim that these “powers” are real, right? You claim to believe that these powers exist, and that this person has actual magical abilities, and that these abilities can cause you harm?
Then call the police, and charge the person with assault, battery, attempted murder…whatever you feel is appropriate. Tell the police that this person has REAL magical powers, and that you are threatened by this person’s abilities.
What’s that? They’ll think you’re nuts? They’ll ignore your complaint about this “magic” and this person’s “powers”?
Hmm…I wonder why they’d do that?
Maybe it’s because they have a realistic viewpoint of the world, and they are basing their course of action on verifiable facts and logic, like any normal adult would.
Like you should. Like all of us rational people do. If magic was real…well, think about it. There would be actual, real schools where you could learn it, there would be professional “wizards” out there doing actual, verifiable magic, and it would be accepted as real by all logical, sane, thinking people.
But it’s not. All of us grown-ups understand that it’s nonsense, and that it doesn't exist, outside

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