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(61 People Likes) How can we let a robot have emotions?

feel that the approach used by most is incorrect or inefficient (attempting to model the brain, neurons, synapses, etc...).
The approach that works more efficiently in my opinion is attempting to model human behavior. You don't need to know exactly how the brain works and all of that stuff.

I've invented my own models on human behavior by asking myself questions like "why do I personally feel that way?" or "how I understand this concept?" and so on.

I've concluded that all emotions are connected to past memories and linked to sensory perception and survival. Memories seem to contain all sensory perceptions in one. Understanding things is merely applying past memories to concepts.
Emotions are mere reactions to our survival needs, conditioned by our past experiences. You can see that every negative emotion can be traced back to not having a survival need.
This leads me to believe that happiness is natural state of humans.
Besides physical pain, anger, fear, and sorrow are the three main negative feelings, it seems that every non-physical negative feeling is a form or variation of anger, fear, or sorrow.
But it seems that anger, fear, and sorrow are also caused by memories of physical pains as well (traced back to very early negative childhood experiences).
So every negative feeling is caused by memories of physical pain or not having a survival need, that's my hypothesis.
An example of this can be seen with crying. As a baby humans cry when they're in pain, want food, or for some other survival need. As they grow up some humans still resort to breaking down and crying when they don't get they want, just as a baby. This sorrowful feeling is still traced back to early negative childhood experiences.
You can clearly see how there's no such thing as free-will and how you can easily manipulate/influence/control human behavior.

I can empirically test out my models with humanoid AIs that are programmed to influence human behavior in a certain way, appear human-like, etc...it would really work if my models are correct.

I'm sure others in the past

(56 People Likes) Were there times in your life you ever had the feeling that you could even be rejected by a love doll?

choosy and their decisions are usually random and based on their gut feel in the moment. Even guys like Frank Sinatra and Elvis have stories about women who rejected them. King Louis IV wrote the song “Greensleeves” about his sadness over a lady rejecting him and he was a fucking king!
Don’t let getting rejected get to you. But do try to come up with a theory as to why it happened. Maybe you simply didn’t give them enough reason to accept your invitation to a date or whatever? Do you have a job, good hygiene and manners, are you fun to be around? Does she know that you do? Was she even single? Was she looking for a partner? Wa

(47 People Likes) How do I fall in love with sex dolls?

is superb fantasy of yours!
Anyway, it is a one way ticket—that’s why you call it sex doll or f*ck doll.
Be engage with real person/part

(27 People Likes) What should you do if you get attacked by a shark? Can you do anything to defend yourself?

o get hurt so it may back off.
I’ve seen studies where scientists in a boat towing an inflatable doll that made swimming motions would see if the shark (already spotted, of course) would attack the doll while swimming. It didn’t. As soon as they stopped the boat and turned off the dolls movements, the shark did attack. It’s not absolute proof but it’s a possibility to think about. Sharks are scavengers and if it’s already dead, or appears so, that’s the best for them.
If you can get it to back off for a bit, start moving toward the shore and get people’s attention. That way, as more people get in the water and all sorts of hubbub starts, the shark is trans love doll ikely to give up, and additionally, beachgoers can summon medical help for you faster.
Of course, there are all kinds of variable and all sharks are different. The best way to protect yourself is to stay o

(36 People Likes) What did the actual doll that Annabelle was based on look like?

aggedy Ann Sex Doll oll. I know because the one in real life is the one my mom has sitting on top of her dresser :)
Yep. I love all the conjuring movie universe movies, but damn, when I actually decided to google this for myself I got creeped out really qu

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