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(50 People Likes) Will we live to see robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence?

ready provide a physical experience that is 90% like the real thing. Once we can add an emotional component to dolls, this industry will explode. There is going to be a huge market for virtual reality and artificial intelligence in the pornography and sex industry.
Companies are investing heavily in developing this technology, and you can already see some of their progress:
pornhub.com has cr Love Doll ated a 360 degree video section.
A company named VR Bangers is testing a 3D porn Virtual Reality experience in a Las Vegas hotel.
And Hanson Robotics has recently partnered with a sex doll company to bring robotics and Artificia

(54 People Likes) What would you do if you found out your fiance was an android?

super excited. It would mean that I was living in a world where robotics and AI were sufficiently advanced to enable an android to pass for human! That would be a really cool world.
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(78 People Likes) What is your review of Silicone Sex Dolls, Asian Realistic Sex Dolls, Asian Fantasy Do?

u mean after using one or what?
They are close to the real thing off course but not moving, no intelligence or all. But all the body parts are real type and you will have no issues at all. they are all very usable, easy to clean and maintain.
Also you get to choose the features you want at the time of buy

(15 People Likes) Is it possible to fall in love with a life size silicon doll, knowing that feelings of love will never be reciprocated?

ry different than most. He wasn’t crazy, he was just attracted to his car.
I suppose that a love doll would be even easier to fall in love with.
But I might wonder if it is a little too easy. What if a man has normal love wiri

(18 People Likes) How sex dolls can change your life?

2.Go to America.
3.Buy steffi love doll furniture one.
4.F_CK it.
5.Bring it here.
6.Rent it.
7.Recover your expen