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(61 People Likes) Why is Amazon selling “anatomically correct” childrens’ dolls under search term “full size sex doll”?

zon selling “anatomically correct” childrens’ dolls under search term “full size sex dol missy the mermaid love doll Real Doll ”?
Because that’s how search and keywords work.
There’s nothing to indicate that the doll was intended as a sex doll but when you have words like “lifelike” or “realistic” and “silicon” your going to get some cross

(91 People Likes) Our collection of different types of sex dolls doesn't end there

ction of Realistic Sex Doll ifferent types of sex dolls doesn't end there. Whether we addressed your fantasy above or not, you can still shop our collection by body type, genre, gender or age to find your ideal sex doll. Or create a custom sex doll to build your perfect silicone woman or man. Whether you start from scratch, or are looking to upgrade an existing doll with custom accessories, we have you covered. Find the sex doll of your dreams at ELOVEDOL

(38 People Likes) If you were God, would you be mad at the men, who are a part of your creation, and who permenantly replace real women with silicone love dolls?

tic partners?
An answer by a serious approach:
The monotheistic idea of God becoming angry or mad about something earthly, is so silly idea that only silly human minds can attach such typical humanistic attribute to something noble like God.
This silly idea is just part of the major egocentric trend dominating the organized mon missy the mermaid love doll theistic religions. It’s the same trend which placed the earth as the center of the universe and then the same egocentric trend placed itself (the human ego) as the center of God’s creation. And then it made the God to become a servant of the human needs whims.
Those teachings have created the God as nothing but just a projection of their own humanistic eg Real Doll .
All this isn’t meant to support in any manner men’s bad habits which you ask specifically about them — or anybody’s bad deeds.
Next answer of mine to this will be by a humoristic approach.
A humoristic approach:
If I was a God, then instead of becoming mad about it, I would ask

(90 People Likes) Where can I buy the best quality sex doll for the lowest possible price?

r would be Real Doll, hands down. So many options to choose from to create the woman of your dreams. They are expensive, but they are well built, and look and feel so re missy the mermaid love doll l, check them out at REALDOLL - THE WORLD'S FINEST LOVE D

(54 People Likes) What are the details you should pay attention to when buying sex dolls?

type of sex doll will always be down to personal tast Anime Sex Doll .
What you should also always realise is that sex dolls are made specifically for your sexual pleasures and are not in any shape or form meant to take the place of a real human being.
That being missy the mermaid love doll said - yes sex dolls are still very popular and are very good sell

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