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(31 People Likes) What do you think of decriminalisation of sex dolls? However not legalisation, how could decriminalising it be effective to reduce the increase in crime rates of pedophilia?

adults as lovers is a mental preference that is not altered by maturity, risk awareness, or mutual affec Realistic Sex Doll iom in the mind of a select small percent of people globally.
Feeding this unchallenged perception with dolls or pornography is (in this kind of diagnosis) an excuse to reimforce permission. In fact, it is only by complete abstinance that this diagnosis can be treated.<

(60 People Likes) The supermodel-like look of these most realistic sex dolls makes them favorite of the young girls and women alike

the next level and play with them without any feeling of embarrassment, shame or guilt. Just ease yourself on the warm, hard manhood of the bestselling male sex doll that you choose, and experience the pleasure of getting intimate with the guy of your dream. If you prefer, you can have his penis in your booty, or lick it for as long as you wish. Enjoy the hardness of firm erection for an unlimited amount of time that you always wanted but missed with these skinny dolls. And the best part is that the the dolls

(55 People Likes) In what ways has Indian society failed?

has just started to inflate and rise.
Stop telling my aunt she is unfortunate to have separated from her abus rubber love dolls ve husband. Let her start afresh, stand on her own feet and finally breathe the air of freedom after a long time!
Stop telling my baby brother who has just turned 3, he cannot play with Barbie dolls. Oh well, he can. If only you stop defining these demarcations for gender so explicitly, so clearly.
And one thing. Education starts from home. Let young children learn about menstruation, body changes, sexuality, sex, safe sex, adulthood, etc. from their parents rather than from anybody else. So they learn it at the right time in the right way, from the right people.
And yes. Live and let live. Life is too sh Best Sex Dolls rt to be frowning about random things and random people. That girl with the red hot lipstick and a crop top? That guy who is lean and thin like a paper? That neighbor who couldn't clear his entrance this year too? That couple who hasn't been able to bear a child even after five years of marriage? Let them live. They're happy and content, if they're not, they'll find their ways. You need not worry about them.
And, society? Grow up. Look around. Look within, introsp

(67 People Likes) Why aren’t prepubescent sex dolls illegal everywhere?

they can't just choose to stop being attracted to said children.
A prepubescent sex doll would give them a way to help quench their desire, thus protecting children.
And yes, one may argue that if they end up having sex with a sex doll, it may rubber love dolls drive some

(64 People Likes) Can I spray perfume on a silicone sex doll?

it is advised ONLY to spray from a distance!!
The more sensible thing would be to spray your scent of choice on a cheap sweatband/wristband, and then put the band on the dolls wrist, RATHER than spraying directly on to the doll its

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