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(10 People Likes) How would I tell my mother about a sex doll partner?

r heart. You’re an adult and can choose what you do with your own body, as long as you’re not hurting anyone. If you’d enjoy a sexual relationship with your mom, then you’re free to accept. If you’re not sure, then you could date your mom and see how that goes.
Keep in mind that you and your mom would have to keep your sex life absolutely secret. Don’t tell a soul, unless you need to tell them and y

(75 People Likes) Why does the world frown upon when male kids love dolls and figurines?

TR), dioramas and basically any aesthetically pleasing sculptures. There are a lot of people who collect such statues. I have some friends who sometimes jokingly take a dig at my “dolls” but they do that in jest, and I have never been insulted or laughed at.
There are lots of hobbyist websites. I originally collected my statues for my own interest, however I have too many now and have started slowly disposing them due to waning interest and its becoming an expensive hobby to collect.
Go ahead, and collect your statues. You could even make your hobby a side income. Create a

(96 People Likes) What gift would you give someone if you were accidentally selected to be their "secret Satan"?

has these)
leather one piece revealing outfit
leather and lace tankini
battery operated just about anything — adam and eve dot com
inf robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence for sale atable doll with heated swirling “pleasure centers”
just the dildo/vag, battery operated and heated
really strappy high heeled sandals for the foot fetishist
super sexy design maternity nursing bra that opens each side
peek-a- Cheap Sex Dolls oo underwear
pheromone cologne (but make sure to try it first, sometimes it smells funny)
lavender candles (supposed to be the scent that

(81 People Likes) Is Samantha The Sex Doll of The Future?

Samantha. Of course, they will also the funds to pay for her. As you might imagine, Samantha is quite a bit more expensive than the average doll. Of course, th robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence for sale t could change in the near future. Th

(50 People Likes) What is the scariest object in your house?

t know he was there, and neither did I or my brother until one afternoon when I was scooping out dead leaves while my brother was cleaning the kitchen prior to selling the residence.
I was happily scooping out handfuls of leaves and occasional sizeab Realistic Sex Doll e twigs that had stacked up in the decades’ unused chimney when what I thought was simply a substantial twig suddenly came out, eye-to-eye with me, and seemed to leap toward my face as I pulled the current armload out and toward me where I crouched within the fireplace:
Dancer is a fully mummified squirrel.
I let out a sound that would be rather hard to describe but was quite loud as I scrambled backward like a crab on meth out of the fireplace enclosure and as my brother came roaring in expecting to find blood and guts everywhere from a sci-fi monster attack.
When brother and I recovered from the initial surprise we brought him out to marvel at him on the kitchen table and stood him upright on his hind legs. He (definitely a “He”) had a little opening between his hind legs with his little ball-sack hanging below. That opening served as a funnel as the “essence” of all that had been Dancer’s internals poured out into a nice little pyramid beneath him… leaving him naught a but a hollow shell of his former nut-gathering self.
Dancer went on to have a decades-long career of properly scaring folks as he claimed a place of honor on the wall over and behind my kitchen table. At first he was somewhat lonely, but it turned out Dancer was gay, and he struck up a relationship with another of my home’s residents, Karate Elvis:
Dancer and Elvis tripped the light fantastic while helping me cultivate cobwebs for 20 years or so in my kitchen before being relocated to a new home where he has given up his frightening predominance and now worships the graven image of the New Evil Being that has claimed his throne, Thor, a cat who rules the roost of a half dozen or so others at my brother’s home:
Elvis has gone into hiding. Evidently his musical sensibilities left him terrified at the thought of being below The God Of Thunder.
Dancer still serves to titillate the terrify-bone of newcomers, although their main shock seems to come from The Eyes Of Thunder And Death above him.

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