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(71 People Likes) Is it cheating if your husband keeps two expensive talking sex dolls (BeeJay and Fanny!) in their own apartment and writes poetry about them?

dolls and their own apartment? Plus the time spent with them and writing poetry about them? That is a ridiculous amount of time and resources for masturbation. There would seem to be some other serious issues going on here, including, potentially, him not using some of those resources on intimacy with you (assuming that you want that).
I wouldn’t call it chea

(72 People Likes) Is the Annabelle doll actually real? Can you explain it in a scientific way or proof?

Humans can be, and very often are silly, emotional, irrational beings, and physical circumstance, errors in perception, and general lack of critical thinking can lead some people to believe all sorts of ridiculous things. Whatever the cause is, it almost certainly won't be g Cheap Sex Dolls osts or magic.
Think about it... Throughout human history we have often attributed phenomenon to gods, demons, ghosts, evil spirits, and any number of other supernatural causes. In every single case, when we have finally figured out the phenomenon, the actual answer has never once been ma

(86 People Likes) How do I build a lifelike robot?

r the nano-b robot sex doll sex video ts should be a default participation in a market of microservices on a networking protocol that would ensure self-organization in large network structures that would be equivalent to organs providing specific services to the organism/robot. … Essentially it is a recoding of genetics in compute and networking terms.
It might take a while, though, as life proven genetic code was evolved and continuously tested in about 3 billion years using the largest, ocean size, super-computer on Earth.
You’ll be better of if, like life, you’ll focus first on the algorithm for self reproduction and market selection of microservices/genes. That algorithm is implemented by all life cells on Earth and is by far the most used code on the planet. The combinatorics and testing just for that algorithm likely took about a billion years. If you don’t have that time try distributing th

(61 People Likes) Why do people think that Meghan Markle Prince Harry’s baby was born via gestational surrogacy?

was big one day and next significantly smaller. And even though I personally dislike her very much, I have to say I don’t think she wore false belly.
I think she wore padding to make her belly look bigger…
But people noticed this and hence rumours started, fuelled by secrecy around the birth-not going to usual hospital(first not wanting to give birth at hospital at all-in her age! even if that was just rumour, she should have dispelled that one…it might sound like you’re promoting home birth and not everybody can afford army of doctors to be there for you at your home…), Archie robot sex doll sex video s birth announcement not being signed by doctor, them not showing the baby for long time…they really created a lots of fuel to add to surrogacy story….once again, avoidable mistakes!
And she is nearly 40(some even believe she is older than 40, because in interview in 2014 she said she was 35…), age when it isn’t easy to conceive anymore.
Plus, she had several serious partners, was married before and didn’t have any child. That makes people speculate if she can even have them.
…And last of all, Duchess of Susse

(80 People Likes) Does anybody on here aged between 20-30 use a sex doll? If so, why?

For instance,
I have never used a sex doll, but I have used a Love Doll pocket pussy. I was curious what all the hype was about.
It was cold, it made loud sloshing noises and it was entirely unpleasant.
I figure those who use sex dolls do so because they
Don't want a relationship
Don't want to date their hand (masturbate)
Don't want kids
Don't want the risk of getting an STD
Want to have sex (with something) but
Don't want a relationship
Don't want kids
Don't want to do it with their hand
Don't want the risk o

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