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(28 People Likes) What hobby gets weird with age?

rs to the age of the hobby) or a hobby that gets weird as you age,in a way that goes beyond how long you’ve been doing it (the “with age” refers to the age of you).
So I’m going to answer both.
In my case,piano.
It starts off pretty innocent,playing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on your instrument of choice from a kiddie lesson book. But then as you explore the world of music more,particularly music theory,as well as the community that surrounds music…well,it gets pretty weird.
On the music theory count,it started getting weird for me when I learned about dotted eighth notes,as well as the thing where the first bar doesn't necessarily follow the key signature as long as it adds up with the end somehow.
As for the community that surrounds music,I’m constantly learning about weird new band Silicone Sex Doll ,subgenres,and the like. This isn’t a bad weird,though; it’s generally a good weird,as long as by “weird” you don’t mean morally reprehensible (e.g. National Socialist Black Metal).
I started collecting stamps when I was young and now my house has old stamps scattered in all sorts of weird places. As a kid,it’s really neat because stamps have cool designs,and some of them are really old,and some are from other countries,but as someone who’s been exposed to plenty of old stuff and been to a bunch of other countries…well,the novelty of postage has kind of worn off. I plan to organize what stamps I have at some point and t

(57 People Likes) Is Tufts considered a prestigious university and does it elicit respect when you hear someone is going there?

ven Tufts engineers are artsy. It is also very grade-deflated and stopped giving credit to their students who tried to game the system by taking summer school classes at Harvard,which is very grade-inflated. You can go on the Tufts website and see where their grads place for grad school—MIT,Harvard,Berkeley,U of Chicago,Stanford,etc.—and the amazing internships and jobs the Tufts grads get—the big biomedical companies,Google,Adobe,Facebook,Amazon,Instagram,all of the Silicon-Valley start-ups,a lot of publishing houses,McKinsey,Goldman-Sachs,Boston Group,Berkshire Hathaway,Planned Parethood,ACLU…. College rankings are total B.S. since they are hugely informed by alumni donation,and Tufts falls between the territory of liberal arts college and university,and so the acade

(39 People Likes) Where can I buy TPE sex dolls?

m the owner of a new online sex shop with several life like TPE sex dolls,in fact it one of our prized collections! Every doll is built around a 100% fully posable metal skeleton!
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(94 People Likes) No Time For Dating

e sex doll brothels offer only one type of service. Ask if they do what you have in mind before laying down the cash. -Remember that you can get a similar experience by buying your own se

(94 People Likes) Could you take a sex doll for a wife?

ome kind of weird role-play scenario? Sure,I suppose. (I’m actually kinda gla inflatable sex doll review sex dolls are hella expensive. My partner Zaiah has always wanted to make me do things with a sex doll as part of a humiliation play scene. Fortunately,they’re out of our price range,thank God…)
No. I already have a wife. I prefer my wife to have her own mind. But hey,you do you,

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