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(97 People Likes) Can I still buy a child sex doll in Illinois?

idea, but I've requested answers from various law enforcement officials to help you with this very important decis

(83 People Likes) I dreamed that I cut the penis off of a sex doll and then my mother died.What does this mean?

going through the grieving process will affect your dream. Memory Consolidation theory states that our dreams function to filter, sort and consolidate our short term memories into long term storage in our brains. However, sometimes we can dream about people, places or events from the distant past. This may happen if a certain trigger during the day or past few days causes the activation of neural pathways in the brain that are associated with memories of the past event. So even if your mother passed away many years ago, you can still dream about her if something happens during the recent past that reminds you of her, it could be an image, a conversation, a date in time, or just a feeling of missing her that finds your mother appearing in your dream.
Emotional Continuity theory states that the events of the day and the corresponding emotions, and also what you are thinking about most of the time, often carry through into your dreams. Sometimes, if we have a difficult relationship with someone that has passed away, we can often dream about them because those issues weren’t resolved. I myself never got to return home to see my mother when she passed away. We had a few issues that were unresolved and I still dream of my mother even though I have three adult children now. These dreams of a deceased parent can be painful, can be sweet, can leave you in tears when you wake up, but because your parents, especially your mother, were your primary caregivers when you were a baby and

(36 People Likes) Memories: What was your favorite toy when you were growing up?

the next. Some of these were the following.
When I was four years old I had a train set (non electric) that was plastic. It was a real joy for you could keep adding to it more and more. For my birthday and Christmas I always got more for this set. This lasted about a year or so until I got an Electric train set for Christmas. This was a Lionel train set that in those days were very popular amongst many boys of my age. To this day it is still in the house somewhere. This set took over qwhere the last one left off.
Another toy of mine, which was a favorite came from my next door nieghbor. It was a pair of ice skates that I used all the time and became almost an expert skater on. This sport was a favorite of mine. Which leads to the down hill skis that I enjoyed alot also. This sport I do not do anymore, but, years ago it was also one that I remember as one that I liked alot.
I could go on,but, beyond this there is only one other toy that I can think of that I truly enjoyed at this time. That is Books of all kinds. I am an advide reader of books. And because of this I would have to say that this is another of my favorite toys, so to speak. The book has become a toy to me for I love to read and know what is out there in the world. The printed word has become a pasion of mine. It was this way from the time that I was young and has grown to the present date. I loveto know what isd said by others, always. It is likely that for this

(74 People Likes) What would happen if all countries dropped the American dollar?

r> The US dollar has long been a standard of safety. Inflation is (generally) pretty low and the Treasury honors its obligation. That stability is the reason other countries use the dollar as the basis for transactions. Not the other way around - as the previous answers imply.
We would continue to issue debt in USD (despite what some people believe, the vast majority of US Debt is held by US citizens, so that wouldnt be so much of a problem)
Further, these countries would presumably sell their dollar holdings back to the US (who would likely retire most of them, rather than flood the economy)
The only substantive benefit we get (and it’s not inconsequential) is “seniorage”. When we print new money, it implicitly is a tax on physical dollars held. Most US citizens invest the majority of their dollars, so they benefit when the US inflates the dollars. Only the people actually holding dollars get rick and morty sex doll hurt - and people who hold a lot of cash (despots, drug dealers etc) tend not to be people we get too concerned about taxing.
So, putti

(13 People Likes) Why do girls love Barbie?

Let's have this beautiful Barbie doll in our mind for a while as you read the points.
1.Firstly promotes stereotypical thinking among children, so a little boy might learn to say, “Hy why are you playing with that car, you are a girl! You should play with these dolls and not with my cars.”
So it gonna tune the child's thoughts and gradually their behavior too.
2. Secondly, the appearance of the Barbie class="nturl" style="color: red">mini sex doll onna inoculate certain beauty standards like only if you are fair, tall, etc, etc, you are beautiful or good. (Well this isn't good)
3. Thirdly, let's say this particular girl has grown up and puberty has hit her hard! Now she would develop a very poor self concept and image about herself and this would greatly affect her self esteem. Now this is what the main issue is. Barbie have a very unrealistic appearance and these young girls are too young to understand that and hence they are affected directly.
4. Lastly in an Indian context, the luxury shown is absolutely unattainable. A girl from poor background might start feeling inferior because she can't get what she sees and adores.
So in this way these ones are negative role models for young girls.
But now let's consider these hybrids of Barbie dolls.
1. So here the beauty standards are more realistic and practical.
2. It also teaches them that there is diversity and not everybody is the same or can have the same features.
3. They learn beauty can't be measured nominally! Infact each and every doll has its own beauty. Like not necessarily that a fair doll is only beautiful but also the dusky and the dark dolls are beautiful! (Indeed they are)
Yet the gender role stereotype can't be broken here, but these Barbie dolls could save many girls from heart brea

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