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(66 People Likes) Why am I not able to climax, even after an hour(s) with a real doll?

ven imagine why you couldn't climax after an hour in a real doll. Most guys want to stay longer. I would want to stay in her as long as she was agreable. You dont mention whether you cum in her or a condom. My girlfriend liked more than hour, so i would hold back for an hour then cum in her. Fortunately, she was hot enough keep me up for the second hour and more. I suggest that you try for more hour(s) in her, and think about the climax. She will/may be plea

(74 People Likes) Mistakes You Are Making With Your Sex Doll

e artists. They are the Cadillac of sex dolls. However, just like a luxury car, they must be c Realistic Sex Doll red for diligently. They need care and maintenance. After all, your doll will bring you years of pleasure. Don’t they deserve the best? Unfortunately, dolls can become da

(51 People Likes) Will you buy a sex doll to satisfy your sexual demand if the technologies is advanced enough to customize it to your dream mate with AI and automation, and, will be ready whenever you turn it on, but would never bother you once you turn it off?

ht about this, and I'd probably like to try it once, but that would mean renting one, and how gross is that? It's just not the same in my opinion as being with someone real, so I'd rather do without. And what do you with it when your not…. You know … using it? I just wouldn't feel right stuffing “ her”in a clo

(50 People Likes) If every toy in Toy Story is alive, what about sex dolls?

hild’s imagination can travel to innumerable places in distant realms, and bring all sorts of magic to things that seem the most mediocre. A little of this spark of magic and creativity passes from the children to the toys, bringing some dormant potential in the toys to full life.
The toys then fully thrive to provide friendship and fun to their child owners, until that fateful day when the children grow older. Then they find a different sort of lower-quality existence.
Either to storage
some chaotic daycare with criminal social networks
in place among the toys,
or somewhere else entirely.
It’s a great theory but needs further clarification when we come across toys at the store in Toy Story 2
Like when Buzz Lightyear meets a whole wall of fellow Lightyear toy clones, who are alive as well but don’t seem to question why they are all exactly the same.
There might always be some adult imagination still at play from the toys’ creators and manufactured who ultimately first spark the toys’ life. The imagination ideally only grows and becomes fully functional with age, but serves different tasks for adults than children. That might explain why all Buzz Lightyears are originally delusional, also equally might explain Woody’s amnesia at his former “star” status. As adults have other interests they aren’t usually able to help a toy come to full growth and awareness of its place in the world, unless the adults st

(65 People Likes) Does libertarianism offer anything besides “Work your ass off and then die”?

The idea of retirement and enjoying the good years is still not something everyone can look forward to and, increasingly, the majority are faced with continuing to work, even after retirement, in order just to make ends meet. This is because of the increasingly expensive price tag on the Governments “taking care of us”. Most people, these days, “die in the saddle”. Surprisingly, to some, most studies that have been done over the decades indicate that most people don’t actually WANT to “retire” so much as they would like to spend their years, especially their sunset years, doing something they enjoy and still make money at it. That would be FAR easier in a Libertarian society than in any other because you would not be pinned down and walled in by a vast network of Government laws, regulations and restrictions on what you do, who you associate with, etc. As long as you do not, actively, aggress against anyone else you are free to do what you wish. I would also point out that, in a Libertarian society, technology would advance far faster than it does, now. By now, if we lived in a Libertarian America, people’ new technology sex dolls life spans would be FAR greater than they currently are. 30

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