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(19 People Likes) What are the best memories with a doll?

t you are not referring to the kind that's inflated, I don't imagine its very common to have profound experiences while playing with a doll, but I had a wonderful experience dismantling my sister's doll when I was about 4, discovering how motorized plastic impression audio recordings wor

(97 People Likes) Is Brock Lesnar the closest thing we have to a real life Hulk? I mean he's big, strong, and throw guys twice his size like a rag doll.

It was at The Staples Center in Los Angeles after UFC 184 on 2/28/15. The main event that night saw Ronda Rousey beat Cat Zingano in 14 seconds. After the fights were done, I was in a backstage area and Brock, who sat in Octagon-side with Dana White 2 rows in front of me, walked back. He had what seemed like a pleasant exchange with skater and MTV star Rob Dyrdek. I say it seemed pleasant because the 2 of them exchanged numbers and I remember hearing Brock ask Rob how Big Black was and if they still hung out. (R.I.P. Big Black). I started to walk away, but stopped after about 10 feet and told my friend, “I have to talk to Lesnar. I approached him, stuck out my hand and said “What Up Brock.” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he extended his skillet sized paw out to me and replied, “Hey man, how are ya?” We had a quick exchange and I asked if he’d be ok taking a pic. To my surprise he said sure and my boy snapped one with my iPhone. I dapped Brock up and told him that I appreciated his work. He was pretty friendly that n

(30 People Likes) Will bad things happen if I stare at the real Annabelle doll?

se not. I hate to say this but Hollywood makes the scary movies so scary to get viewers. The real life Annabelle doll is just a doll that they purposely made to freak people out.
It even normal to see it kind of move because you've seen the movies and you've seen it movie and your brain tricks you. If you see it subtly move, don't worry it didn't move. It's just your brain trying to freak you

(29 People Likes) If a bomb was about to go off in 10 seconds which would you grab and run out your wife or a blow up doll?

saying “wtf.”
In a realistic world where we both cant run Sex Doll for some reason, I'd probably hold onto her for a couple seconds while running so she's pulled just in case she hasn't started, and just switch to h my sweet love baby doll deluxe lding her hand after she is definitely running so if she trips then I dont accidentally leave, it is also a high posibility I can trip, depending on the size of the explosio

(10 People Likes) I'm a 13-year-old girl and my dad jokingly slaps my butt and I'm a little concerned, but my mom says it's just a joke. What should I do?

buse or innapropriate. Maybe in his home this was nothing out of the ordinary, akin to sports players that slap each other on the butt as a "good game" gesture. With that being said, you're old enough to decide what you are ok with in regards to your body being touched. If you went to your mom and said this makes you uncomfortable, shame on her for not taking your father aside and putting an end to it. However, you can, and should, say something to your father about not being comfortable with this type of joking/play. If he gets angry or persists THAT'S when there is a problem. Only after you have mentioned this to your dad and he continues should you speak to another family member. If that doesn't help, speak to a teacher.
This is not the case. Speaking to a teacher escalates very quickly to protective services getting involved. Trust me. This is NOT something you want to happen unless you genuinely fear for your well being. There is a difference between a dad being a dad and not understanding the changing behaviors with a child growing into a teen, and a father that is being in appropriate for a reason.
Be firm, but not confrontational. Next time he does it, don't laugh or play into it being "funny". Say firmly (not yelling or emotional) "Dad, I love you but I'm really not comfortable with you doing that anymore" or "Dad it makes me feel weird when you do that". Chances are he'll say something along the lines of "sorry kiddo. I didn't know". He may get embarrassed and shrug it off and say "I'm only joking". You can respond with something like "I don't really find it funny anymore. I'm not a little kid" HOWEVER, if he gets angry or it persists, that's when it's time to get someone else involved.
If you really aren't comfortable talking to him about it, talk to an older sibling, or an aunt or grandparent. Be sure to be very clear with

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