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(17 People Likes) What happens if you rape a sex doll? Is that Haram?

A sex doll is a thing, not a person. It is a masturbation toy. You use masturbation toys to masturbate.
The fact that a sex doll is shaped a little bit like a person does not mean it is a person. I do not understand why so many people Cheap Sex Dolls eem confused about t

(71 People Likes) Is it Weird to Buy a Sex Doll?

n itcomes to sexual satisfaction, people want great experiences. Think about it my size barbie sex doll Would you rather play a video game with fake, blocky looking characters, or one that has high quality animation and real characters. Of course, you

(58 People Likes) The final sex doll trend

st a matter of time before celebrities start licensing their likeness to be recreated as a sex doll. We will likely see porn actress and anime characters appear first as they will have an easier time dealing with the social/reputation impact. If lucrative enough however, we will begin to see all types of celebrities willing to have their bodies recreate

(45 People Likes) I have liked this person for like 2 years and I might love them. I told them how I feel and they don’t feel the same way, or doesn't show it. How do I get over a crush?

llionaire. Getting over a crush is something which for millenia has been a problem for our poor human race.
You will have

(27 People Likes) What kind of blow-up doll would you want to help you survive a zombie apocalypse?

y from walking undead? sounds crazy but hey you know that would be really cool if that possible…think possibly blow up doll could take rounds? or be able to moved from place to place it seem insane to travel but then again point it can used to carry liquid, food and lot others if you didn’t have backpack.
if you get my idea…cameo paint, his ass got be real big…clay, cement, and colors of urban and forest colors tocome to mind make you blend in without b

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