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(95 People Likes) Is it natural for baby girls to love dolls and all that stuff, or it is just trend of society and culture in Asia that makes them like this?

e in the US where things are not as adorable as Japan for example, and cute things are only made for girls under 12, but little girls here love dolls, especially princess dolls. It's not just Asia. Pretty sure it's univer

(91 People Likes) How is it possible for a totally artificial thing as Bitcoin (which has no intrinsic value) to be traded, not as a currency (because of it’s instability), but as a commodity, according to so many specialists?

e and - so long as that is the case, they can both be a medium of exchange.
The process of ascribing value stems from an inter-subjective adoption of a collective imagined reality. It’s not enough that I think some object has value, I’ve got to believe that you believe it has value. (“inter-subjective adoption”)
So, both currencies and commodities have value. The difference rests in their purpose. A currency’s purpose is to generalize trading. In a simple world where I produce apples and you produce pears, trading apples for pears would be difficult and inefficient. But, if we know “8 pears = $1” and “3 apples = $1” it becomes very easy to trade. You could theoretically use a bushel of rice instead of a dollar, but that would be pretty cumbersome (even if everyone took rice as a medium of exchange)
That ridiculous example is meant to show the concepts of (REASON 1) “divisibility” and (REASON 2) “portability” which, to me are what distinguishes currencies from commodities. As long as you have something that is - for all practical purposes - div mouth sex doll sible down to the lowest possible price of the cheapest good. And, it’s portable (meaning, conveniently available), it’s a currency
Alternate use. But, lemme get back to that
The reason crypto is sometimes labeled a commodity relates to its adoption / usage rates. Most government backed, fiat currencies have a default use case insofar as the government is funded and funds the economy with that currency. In other words, people HAVE TO use it.
So, people have to WANT TO use it (“inter-subjective adoption”). The theory goes, that just as diamonds have a standard world market trading value, different people put different values on those diamonds for a host of personal reasons, aesthetics and tastes. The argument goes that so long as crypto has that feature in common with diamonds, it’s gonna trade more like a commodity. And, commodity pricing is all about adoption rates. (this makes diamonds more valuable than even rarer gemstones)
But, that similarity is relatively modest compared to the differences of “divisibility”, “portability” and “alternate use”
Bitcoins don’t trade like a currency should.
Further all of volume trades based on the comparative, nominal expected interest rates. (A lot of journalists that cover exchange rates try to make this more complicated. It’s not. (Make no mistake, however, building a view on “nominal expected interest rates” requires some of the most quantitatively rigorous analytics that I’ve seen.. but I digress)
Bitcoin should be easy then. The rate of inflation (a good proxy for interest rates) is stipulated in its white paper. So, traders should be able to peg the BTC value easily and without the threat of manipulation. If you read the white paper on BTC, the founder designed the BTC inflation mechanism to address this specifically.
But, it didn’t work that way. Turns out “intersubjective adoption” dominated certain inflation. So, there was a set of traders that started calling it a commodity. They weren’t thinking it through…

(71 People Likes) What is the most interesting way to objectify women respectfully?

: you discuss the things that get you hot, your partner (or partners) discuss what gets them hot, and you explore the intersection.
I personally like utility D/s as a form of objectification (this means treating a consenting partner as an object of furniture, such as a footrest or a cupholder). But more than that, I really, really enjoy dollification—that is, reducing a consenting partner to the status of a sex doll or other masturbatory toy.
My partner Zaiah and I do this. In fact, we have a doll mask that we play with. One of our sex rules is that a person wearing the mask is forbidden to move or speak; the other person treats the wearer exactly like a blowup sex doll.
This is also a big thing for a play partner of mine, who is really into this sort of objectification as well. We were talking about it a couple of nights ago. We originally interacted online, then met in person last year, and plan to spend some time together in February. I told her, “when we first started talking, you were just words on a screen. When we met, you became a real person to me. As we’ve talked more and more, you’ve become more and

(49 People Likes) In servant, why was a real baby swapped out for the doll?

mponents of hallucinations secondary to stress/anxiety/PTSD, supernatural connections and the workings of serial killer/killers
Firstly, Swapna underwent a very traumatic experience where she was bound and sexually abused the new years before the events of the film take place. They tell us that the person who assaulted her is in jail, so this part of the story is definitely true. This has left her with deep psychologic scars and PTSD/anxiety that is triggered by dark spaces. A big theme of the movie is her feeling a deep guilt because she feels she didn’t fight hard enough for herself when she was assaulted. Through her decision to fight no matter what the cost at the end, she finally finds the strength to overcome her fear.
The pain swapna experiences over her tattoo is linked to her anniversary reaction. She went to get her tattoo the evening of her assault, and her parents (especially her mom) linked the experience of getting her tattoo as somehow being responsible for her getting assaulted.
We find out while Swapna watches the news that some time ago, a girl was brutally murdered. They tell us on the news that there has now been a new string of similar murders. At the beginning of the movie, we see a killer hold up a black/white photo of the girl outside her window that said she was #4. When the killers are observing swapna, they hold up her photo which says #10. There is obviously a connection to the tattoo parlor, and the killers seem to be choosing their victims from the wall of photos.
The supernatural connectioncomes from the ashes of the first girl in the ink in swapnas tattoo. I think this component is what links everything together. At first Swapna is afraid of her tattoo, but then she finds strength in it. They refer repeatedly to a poster in her room saying life is a video game and deja-vu is just check points. This is where Swapnas own hallucinations are mixing with the supernatural warnings she is receiving from the connection to the dead girl.
She sees herself as having 3 lives like pacman, and the 3 lives analogy ties into her video game background and forms the foundation of her dreams/hallucinations. Also tied into this is her desire for a re-do and to fight for herself. The first dream, she realizes she is being targeted. The second dream, she tries to alter the reality and save her maid, but she is still reactive, not proactive. Fear is still ruling her. She finds a new piece of information that there are 3 killers, not one. The third round, she finally decides to fight proactively and wins her life back.
So in closing, the killers were real, as were the murders. The dreams/hallucinations were a combinations of her fear and supernatural warnings due to the connection of both victims to the tattoo parlor. The killers

(47 People Likes) How to Clean a Sex Doll

avoiding fake sex doll websites is essential, even if you visit a website of an authorized reseller, you’ll be just a tiny bit closer to your goal. That’s because sex dollscome in all shapes, sizes, skin colors, but that’s not all. You will also have to choose the material used to construct your sex dolls - TPE, silicone, latex, or maybe vinyl, and whether you want to upgrade them Realistic Sex Doll with additional moaning or internal heating systems. Let’s quickly go ov

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