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(70 People Likes) Is Sex With a Male Doll Worthwhile?

Sex robots can cost up to 15K, sometimes more. That doesn't mean there’s no good news! Remember how hybrid vehicles became a great alternative to folks who wanted the benefits of electric cars without the six figure price tag? Well, silicone and TPE sex dolls with advanced features offer many of the benefits of AI sex bots without the five figure price tag. These dolls look and feel like the real thing. They can be customized to your liking, and have features like vaginal warmers. At elovedolls.com, we don’t believe in taboo subjects. You have questions about sex dolls, and we are always willing to answer them. Yes, even the ones that are a bit graphic. One of th

(36 People Likes) Why are sex dolls seen as being “taboo”?

a lot of potential problems. When you have sex with a doll, you don’t have to worry about what it wants, or you can control what it “wants” in your fantasies. That encourages behavior patterns that result in sexual assault and harassm

(20 People Likes) What roles does the marketing department do in a furniture shop?

t condition would last another 40 years. One of the issues we tackle was how to expand their customer base. We did a survey and it showed that 70% of their existing customer was contractors.
Our analysis showed that there was an influx of new home buyers between the age of 25 and 45 with stable jobs, looking to buying new homes or moving into a new apartment. After Our analysis, we decided to add to new items to our client product line “Furniture” to attract this new buyer and at the same time expand the company brand form a store that only sells building material to selling furniture.
The next survey we did was to find out what type of furniture was appealing to the customers, it outdoor furniture, home furnishing, pet furniture, solid wood furniture or decorative press wood
We want to attract customers between the age of 25 and 45 buying new homes or moving into a new apartment. As a market research analysis you must know what for

(97 People Likes) Does libertarianism offer anything besides “Work your ass off and then die”?

eral. What we CURRENTLY have is a world where most people “work their ass off and then die”. The idea of retirement and enjoying the good years is still not something everyone can look forward to and, increasingly, the majority are faced with continuing to work, even after retirement, in order just to make ends meet. This is because of the increasingly expensive price tag on the Governments “taking care of us”. Most people, these days, “die in the saddle”. Surprisingly, to some, mo miran sex doll t s Mini Sex Doll udies that have been done over the decades indicate that most people don’t actually WANT to “retire” so much as they would like to spend their years, especially their sunset years, doing something they enjoy and still make money at it. That would be FAR easier in a Libertarian society than in any other because you would not be pinned down and walled in by a vast network of Government laws, regulations and restrictions on what you do, who you associate with, etc. As long as you do not, actively, aggress against anyone else you are free to do what you wish. I would also point out that, in a Libertarian society, technology would advance far faster than it does, now. By now, if we lived in a Libertarian America, people’s life spans would be FAR greater than they currently are. 30

(80 People Likes) How do you deal with a guy who only calls when he wants sex?

enjoy the arrangement, then enjoy it.
Quit calling me for sex.” Problem solved.
This is incredibly simple … unless you are entertaining the idea that you can somehow turn him from a guy who wants sex into a guy who wants romance. Then, you might start wondering if there's some strategy you can use to get him to stop calling you for sex and sta

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