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(31 People Likes) What would you consider to be the most famous painting after the Mona Lisa?

ame, but rather being the default "famous painting" in Western cultures.
So I think the interesting thing to look at is not necessarily just paintings that are extremely well known, but specifically ones that have taken on additional symbolic meaning in the public conscience. Here are a couple, based on my own North American perspective and proclivity towards modern art.
One that comes to mind immediately is Andy Warhol's colorful portraits of Marilyn Monroe, which is deeply identified with American art and popular culture. To me, it really evokes a particular era and a particularly American outlook.
The next one that sprang to mind isn't really a single painting per se, but rat Cheap Sex Dolls er a whole series by Jackson Pollock. Most people do not have one Pollock painting in particular in mind, but everyone would recognize the style. It screams "modern art" louder than any other, which also makes it a great rallying cry for people who don't

(60 People Likes) Storing Dolls at Extreme Temperatures

, even garage may be tempting places to keep your doll. Unfortunately, these places tend to get very hot, very cold, and very damp. Be careful. Know the temperature of the room where your doll will be stored. Make su maggie loves dolls e it isn’t too damp, hot, or cold. If it is, choose another location. You can also help by installin

(67 People Likes) Where can I get a male love/sex doll that has a "usable" butt region? Are there any slightly chubby love dolls with small penises?

Be careful not to go too deep with the knife as you don’t want to risk cutting your new favorite sex partner. Once you’ve cut the packing tape along the seams the box will open up much like a coffin.
Step 2: Wash your hands!
Now that your new sex doll is ready to be taken out of her box you don’t want to smudge or maggie loves dolls mark her pristine skin with your dirty hands! Wash your mitts thoroughly before touching the sex doll.
Step 3: Unpack the head of your new sex doll
Resting on the upper thighs of your sex doll will be a soccer ball sized sphere of packing foam, this is the head of your new sex doll. Carefully remove to foam wrapping and take the head of it’s bag. Please the sex doll head on top the bag on the floor next to the box. You’ll return to it later once you’ve got the body out.
Tip: You can save the bag to store the head when not in use.
Step 4: Remove any other accessories in the box
Often times accessories will be included in the package like clothing, a closet sex doll storage system, and cleaning tools. Remove all of t

(55 People Likes) We Cater to Every Preference

of it this way. Hundreds of stores sell shirts. You can buy a 30 dollar golf shirt anywhere. There are much fewer places where you can buy a custom tailored shirt that looks ama Sex Doll Torso ing, and lasts for years. We’ve worked hard to attain that status in the

(99 People Likes) My husband treats me like a sex doll, whenever I resent for sex saying silly reasons he never understands me and would say “you sleep, I’ll fuck you”. What should I do?

hat one of your other questions is “My wif Mini Sex Doll asked me i maggie loves dolls it's ok for her to have a second sexual partner, what should I tell her?”
So are you a man or a woman? Are you actually marr

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