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(64 People Likes) Is it ethical to create a sex robot that has a rape setting?

ong that I,as a woman,like watching gangbangs because I feel the thrill of being dominated by different people?
However,if one were to apply the common developmental profile of paraphilic rape,such incremental progression of an obsession may lead to actual rape.
"The vast majority of researchers and clinicians who work with rapists tend to classify rape as a paraphilia," and some have criticized the exclusion of rape from the DSM (McAnulty,Adams, Dillon,2001,p. 752). Purcell (as cited in Healy,2006) proposed the Integrated Model of Paraphilia Development,that includes sexual sadism,biastophilia (sexual arousal from raping an unwilling person),and erotophonophilia (Lust Murder). “Purcell’s model is a combination of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Sexual Homicide Motivational Model and Hickey’s Trauma Control Model” (pp. 62-63). In this model,experiences in early childhood and biological factors that affect psychological adjustment throughout life,when combined with traumatic events,may result in paraphilias. The child experiences low self-esteem and personal failure,resulting in a downward spiral of lesser social bonding. This lack of meaningful relationships leads to creation of a fantasy life as a substitute,and rejection of the society that rejected that individual. As fantasies or daydreams progress they may become more erotic and violent. Repetition of fantasy,leading to masturbation and orgasm as a child,leads to aberrant conditioning and loss of “normal” function. Drugs and alcohol,when introduced in this process,may also contribute to the dehumanization of victims and lowering of offender inhibitions. (Ref: Robb. D. L. (2009). CR531 Criminal Profiling: Professor Comments Week 4: Paraphilia,Pedophilia,and Child Molestation. American Public University System.)
Although this would not be the case in all situatio

(75 People Likes) Why was the strategy used by the Viet Cong based on outlasting the American will to fight?

ollars simply to field and millions more to fight. There was always a timer on the US ability to continue the fight for no other reason than at a certain point US military cost would outweigh political expediency,i.e. the point in time where the US would seek some form of face-saving way to withdraw from Vietnam.
The Vietcong cost nothing to field.
If the Americans were too strong in his area he could simply farm and be one of the locals. If the Americans were shifting

(39 People Likes) What is A Sex Doll?

way down to their toes,female and male sex dolls are crafted expertly to look and feel like the real thing. Whether you prefer smaller partners or would like a full-figured bed partner,you can find what you’re looking for in sex dolls. Most sex dolls consist of the entire body,from the face and head to the pelvis and legs. However,if you prefer you get a partial sex doll to fit your needs. All sex dolls will come with the anatomical body parts li Real Doll e the vagina,anus,penis,and mouth as well. After all,they are sex dolls. In some cases,their body parts are removable/exchangeable or vibrate. Sex robots have animatronic features and are equipped with m

(77 People Likes) What should I do when I know the girl I truly love from the bottom of my heart can never be mine?

ant to be,it will be. i hate to say it but you should give up.
you’re only hurting yourself by giving yourself false hope. love can only take you so far. hurting purposely by loving her (still) will be your downfall,honestly speaking there may not be another girl like her,but you will find one even be better than her. if you let yourself heal and find someone who can truly be yours. i wish you goodluck,take care it’s difficult but you will find love ag

(15 People Likes) Can you make a voodoo doll of your ex and yourself and make them fall in love?

and that we are expected to follow. You’ll be forcing that person to love you when,in reality,he doesn't. He is just a victim,a prey of that voodoo. Did you think what will happen when that voodoo effect wears off? You’ll be more miserable than ever. It will become like a vicious circle. Voodoo. Boy. Love. Leave. Voodoo. Boy. Love. Leave. Voodoo. B jc toys lots to love baby doll y. Love. Leave. When you do something “unnaturally”,on

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