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(99 People Likes) What are some bizarre things you have seen in the UK?

eel sorry for them in there).
I had a 6 year old black kid once take off his shirt and wanted a fight,I was 15.
I shit you not I had a chav little kid in a wheelchair call me a faggot.
I laughed at him and walked off.
Lee our slow volunteer ran down the stairs onto the shop floor,swinging the door wide open he smacked Lisa in the face. Lisa was 6ft and had 5 older brothers. I walk into the back and she is screaming at him,jade sex doll whilst tiny pregnant Claire stood between them.
My deputy manager at the charity throwing out two volunteers for stealing from the till,threatening to break their noses.
My manager and supervisor squaring up in a factory.
My supervisor standing on a pallet,for the forklift driver to lift it so he could reach a high area (hint; it is not something you should do).
A skinny black guy lift a 50kg box of furniture onto his shoulder and put it on a truck (25kg is the average and legal requirement for lifting).
A fight outside KFC in my teens
My geography teacher (who knew Karate) lifting kids literally into the air when they tried walking out.
Girls on a hen night i

(98 People Likes) Social Acceptance of Sex Toys And Sex Dolls

o slamming sex toys. They certainly have their place. Best of all,they are inexpensive enough that you can buy seve Mini Sex Doll al to try them out,and keep them around for some quick fun. But,let’s be ho jade sex doll est. If you really want to simulate amazing sex with a beautiful woman or hot guy,you need something better. You can’t wrap your arms or legs around a vibrator,or stroke the cheek of your pocket pussy. For these things,you need a realistic sex doll made from silicon

(43 People Likes) The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide

hey are ready for action,they are directed to a range of sex dolls. The Barcelona sex doll,for example,is a Spanish beauty who offers plenty of fun for any client. You can also choose from Japanese,American,or virtually any ethnicity you prefer. The standard is a human sex doll that is ideal for any sexual fantasies that you may have. And if you aren’t in a brothel that has plenty of sex dolls that look like humans,then it might be time to move on. You’ll be c Silicone Sex Doll arged by the hour for the services therein. Most sex doll brothels start at about $100 per hour,so come with your pockets full of money. Some brothels ar

(17 People Likes) Is it weird,as a female,that I want to buy a strap-on dildo to have sex with a female/shemale sex doll?

,it doesn't matter if it’s weird. There’s tremendous fear around being “weird” when it comes to sex. That fear causes a lot of unnecessary suffering. Yes Sex Doll it’s unusual,but so what? It’s a lot less weird than some of

(61 People Likes) Are there any realistic sex dolls on the market that look just like famous porn stars? If so,how do porn stars feel about it? Are realistic sex dolls an alternative to prostitutes if a man wants sex but worries about STDs?

lly look similar. There are some that are modeled not only after various porn stars physical features,but their genitals are also molded to make it look and feel the same (although of course it does not),so to be as close as possible to looking like them. If you mean realistic as in human-like,no. We are a ways away from making sex dolls that are close enough to human like to actually pass as human. We can get a reasonable facsimile,if you’re willing to pay for it,but it still falls into the uncanny valley[1] and we’re a ways out from changing that.
If so,how do porn stars feel about it?
Porn stars profit off if it. They basically license their likeness and then every time someone buys a sex doll that is based on them and/or their genitals,they get paid. How they each individually feel about that,you would have to ask them,since porn stars are human and each have individual,human feelings about things,but in general they probably are fans,since it makes them more money.
Are realistic sex dolls an alternative to prostitutes if a man wants sex but worries about STDs?
This question or a version of this gets asks on Quora at least once a week. No,sex dolls are not sex. They are masturbation aids. If a man (or woman) wants sex,they will find a sex doll a poor substitute because a sex doll is not a human and sex is not sex unless it is with another human. Some people might be happy with masturbation with sex dolls and other aids,but in general,people enjoy sex because of the connection with another person and a sex doll cannot do that. Sex dolls,no matter how realistic they are,are not people and using them is masturbation,not sex. If we ever get to the point where sex dolls gain sentience,it could be sex,but then it would be no different than having sex with a human (i.e. you’d need consent).
STIs are actually relatively easy to avoid if you take the steps to mitigate risk. Open and honest conversations with sexual partners,using barriers,getting tested frequently and only having sex with people who also frequently get tested,and other such safer sex practices are far better ways to avoid STIs,but yes,sex dolls would work too if you don’t mind not having sex at all. There’s

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