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(31 People Likes) Are the recent concerns about love robots legitimate or are they just fear mongering?

achieve and naturally your body uses hormones to help you.
One of these hormones is called “dopamine” Silicone Sex Doll nd makes us feel good.
In this case,good about making love without any hassle or difficulty.
Just flash out some money :)
Here comes the realisation:
You might be thinking,it’s okay and I could morally accept it!
Now take a step back,imagine we’re talking about parenting and people who have no time to do it right. Would you let that become automated by robots?
No you wouldn't in a million years,it’s essential for that little toddler’s life to be parented by people and it’s the parents their moral obligation..
Getting awkward in a relationship to maybe .. once .. “get cosy in bed” is part of you honing your social skills and building a rich life. The ONLY reason why we talk about the chance of it happening is because our lazy dopamine-powered heads want it and because others can make lots of money off it.
My answer?
This is one of the many many excuses NOT to have to talk to girls or boys,although you ARE getting the most exciting part out of it.
Nature or God or whatever you believe in has NEVER intended

(96 People Likes) Why is it acceptable for Donald Trump to lie,but not acceptable for you or me to lie?

,government,etc. Donald Trump cannot be held accountable because everybody else depends on him for his wealth and influence,and now for his power as President.
Politics is all about getting people to do what they would not have done otherwise,maybe for good,maybe for bad. To do that you must offer rewards,threaten punishment,and/or deceive them. Lying is the cheapest and most effective way. (Do you agree?) Ordinary politicians must tell cleverly crafted lies because they depend on funding. They must not offend those they depend on.
Money is needed in politics because without it,lies are just lies. But if you plow your campaign money into the right channels your lies become creditable,you are believed and people vote for you. That is what advertising and political consultants do for you.
Trump is not accountable. He has his own wealth and has for years invested in his image,his brand: “TRUMP”. Now he can access communication channels almost for free because everything he does is news. He has paid for the loudest loudspeaker and can drown out almost any opposition.
Trump’s credibility does not come from his believability,it comes from his brand recognition,fame and fan base. It is founded in his ability to get publicity. Trump is not accountable because of his wealth so for him there is no such thing as bad publicity.
Those are the unpleasant facts about our political system and I hate them. To finish my answer I need to add that it is also personally unacceptable for me to lie because I won’t accept it. I may be less than perfect,but to the best of my ability I choose not to lie because I choose not to degrade my personal quality of life. I would certainly lie to stay alive or save a life,etc. No one really knows what they will do until the time comes to do it.
Trump supporters have pointed out that Obama and Clinton and others have lied,and they are right; that’s not OK. But obviously these people fail to recognize that a new frontier has been crossed in modern American Politics; things have gotten a lot less OK. But the problem of lying politicians has been there for many years. I think the real question ought to be what we the people should do about it.
I wrote a previous answer that was meant as a joke with a very serious point. I believe that our society should not permit politicians to lie or advertisers to lie. It has come to my attention that many people did not get the irony in my answer and thought I was serious. These voters can miss even obvious lies. Other people thought it was in bad taste,but I am not so sure about that. I am retaining it and inviting comments about it.
For the record,don’t believe what follows because “I am lying.” (Ha,ha)
Q: Why is it acceptable for Donald Trump to lie,but not acceptable for you or me to lie?
A: If it is acceptable for Donald Trump to lie,then it is acceptable for you and me to lie. Donald Trump is no different than any other citizen except when he is acting in the capacity of the President of the United States. Most of his lies,especially his most egregious lies have been well outside his duties as President. Many lies have been in direct conflict with his responsibility as Chief Executive: crowd size at his inauguration,Obama’s birth status,accusations against the intelligence community,claiming massive voter fraud and rigged elections; the list goes on and on. Here is a link to some fake news giving a partial list of some really good lies: Donald Trump's file
. politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/
Donald Trump has clearly shown that it is a great advantage to lie. Countless stories about his business dealings before being elected attest to that. His most important lies got him elected President. Why don’t we teach our children how to do this? If it’s OK to lie,we need to get this mindset of integrity and truthfulness flushed out of our social system,out of our schools and churches. Why teach failed moralities and fake philosophies when the facts show that lies are way superior? Donald Trump proves that lying gets superior results and he is our leader; we should follow him.
The only downside might be the castration of the Republic. Obviously,if your representatives are lying about their political positions and intentions and making up facts to suit themselves then they aren’t representing anybody or anything except themselves. But I don’t think anybody really cares about that. Otherwise there would be some kind of consequences from the people and I don’t see that happening. I don’t think any Trump supporters have jumped ship and Congress supports him. I am betting Trump goes a full eight years. Or more! Why not? We just have to believe.
Donald Trump has been calling everybody stupid and I think I can see his point. I don’t want my children to grow up to be suckers,do you? We must tea f ve dolls can you love me lyrics h

(29 People Likes) Are sex doll brothels illegal in Mexico?

ours,phone number etc.
I had a mid-week day off work and woke up very “in need”. I phoned a nearby place at just before 10:00AM spoke with a nice sounding lady. I told her I had never visited one before and she gave me the basic info and said I was welcome to call around (daytime was best when it was quiet) and I could look around with no obligation. I said I probably would.
I decided to go straight away and arrived about 10:30. It was a basic concrete building on an industrial estate,well out of town. I rang the doorbell and a very attractive,mid 40s very nicely dressed lady answered. When I stepped inside she asked if I had been there before; I explained I had phoned earlier and she remembered.
She showed me a couple of the rooms 1st. They were very sumptiously decorated with a king sized bed,bedside tables,a couple of chairs,nice art on the walls,soft lighting and mood music gently playing. In the corner of each room was a tiled area with a shower. One room had a spa bath it it. The place was incredibly clean.
She then showed me the introduction area,they had 2 of them. Each area contained a sofa and small table and she explained that the clients wait in that room and the ladies would come in one by one,introduce themselves and answer any questions the client may have. When all the ladies had presented she would return and ask if they had made a selection.
The clients then paid her the “room fee” and their lady of their choice would then take them to a room and the clients paid the lady directly but there was a schedule of charges that they all used.
There was leather bound folder (like a menu) on the table and she sat next to me (very close) and went through the list of services and prices. They started with 20 minute hand relief followed by 30 and 45 min full service (massage,oral and sex once),then a 60 minuter service (massage,oral and sex twice). She pointed out that this service had a special price during early week daytime sessions and was available that day at the same price as the 45 min. The other services were 30 and 45 min two girl experiences but very expensive.
I said I would like to see them. Five young ladies came through one by one; all very well groomed and sexily dressed. They were all early to mid 20s. When the receptionist returned I thanked her and commented that the ladies were all quite young. She said she they had a more mature lady who started in the afternoon and asked if that was my preference. I said yes.
She said she understood and paused for a while. She suggested returning at 1:00PM then went on to say if I liked she could “look after”me. I did find her attractive and said that would be nice. She took the room fee and went back to reception and then took me up to a room. She gave me a towel and asked me to shower and she would return in a couple of minutes.
I showered and was standing by the bed when she returned. She laid a large white beach towel on the centre of the bed and ask me to lay on it. She undressed down to thigh high stay up type stockings and got onto the bed with me.
The sex was very nice and after she knelt next to me gently holding my little fella which never went fully flaccid. She kept gently massaging it while we chatted about all sorts of stuff. Gradually her strokes got stronger and I responded. We had sex again and she finished me with an expert hand action.
We both showered,got dressed and I left very happy. She explained to me that she did some sessions on reception and others as a service provider and I had I returned at 1:00PM she would have bee

(44 People Likes) Is there any size of sex doll that is illegal to own in the United States?

re various types and brands of sex dolls.
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(82 People Likes) Why does the world frown upon when male kids love dolls and figurines?

TR),dioramas and basically any aesthetically pleasing sculptures. There are a lot of people who collect such statues. I have some friends who sometimes jokingly take a dig at my “dolls” but they do that in jest,and I have never been insulted or laughed at.
There are lots of hobbyist websites. I originally collected my statues for my own interest,however I have too many now and have started slowly disposing them due to waning interest and its becoming an expensive hobby to collect.
Go ahead,and collect your statues. You could even make y Real Doll ur hobby a side income. Create a

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