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(63 People Likes) What does it mean if a kid likes letters (a-z) very much? What should a teacher or parent do to develop his/her interest?

to do with sounds? Are the children being shown how to write their names, maybe so that they can sign the drawings that Mom and Dad might see on parents’ night? My youngest child was for a short time really excited about the letter that starts her name and kept noticing words that began with the same sound. Many children go through a rather wonderful stage in second grade or a little earlier when they begin to sort out the difference between words and the things words stand for. They think TIME FLIES; FRUIT FLIES LIKE A BANANA is really funny. It’s a stage that doesn't last very long, and it would be easy as a parent to try too hard. Just let it happen. I visited a kindergarten classroom where the children were all excited about inflatable dolls, each representing a letter of the alphabet. They loved them so much and hugged them so hard that the teacher had to take them home on weekends and patch them up. In another kindergarten in a district where most children had been to preschool, the attempt to personalize the letters was old news. The children just wanted to “read” the teacher’s splendid collection of books. T

(77 People Likes) What is your review of Silicone Sex Dolls, Asian Realistic Sex Dolls, Asian Fantasy Do?

u mean after using one or what?
They are close to the real thing off course but not moving, no intelligence or all. But all the body parts are real type and you will have no issues at all. t dollar love's gotta hold on me ey are all very usable, easy to clean and maintain.
Also you get to choose the features you want at the time of buy

(45 People Likes) What was the name of your favourite childhood toy, and is there a special reason why you named it that?

ging to a tree trunk. I took advantage of that feature by attaching him to my leg, which made taking him along as I ran and played a lot easier, except for a few minor tripping incidents.
He spoke in tiny little squeaks and was most talkative whenever I squeezed or hugged him, which was often; and often did I run up to my Mom to re-inflate him.
My older cousin, Grace, who was around seven, suggested the name. Over several weeks of summer vacation, Winkie and I became inseparable. I loved him.
All vacations eventually come to an end. The day came for my family to pack up the car and head back home. It was a long three-hour drive, so we started off early to beat the summer heat. So early that the sun hadn’t even come up yet. So early that I was still half asleep when I plopped into the car seat. We were about an hour on the road when it dawned on me that Winkie wasn’t around.
My Father said no. No matter how much I cried and protested, my Father refused to turn t Real Doll e car around. I was heart-broken.
But I never forgot that little inflatable bear who squeaked.
The years passed and my cousins and I have grown old. We are now grandparents. We stay connected through Facebook. In 2018, my cousin Grace posted one of her childhood pictures.
It was of her holding Winkie! I recognized him immediately.
In our conversation through Facebook, I told her I remember Winkie very well. She told me about Winkie’s origin.
As a bratty younger cousin, (my words not hers) I just happened to claim Winkie as my own when I saw him. But her Father had actually given her Winkie as a present. She loved that doll.
I never knew she was just sharing him and allowing me to play with him. Grace told me she still has him.
I finally understood why my parents didn’t let me take Winkie home. The special reason I named him that? I didn’t. After Grace and I had a chat on Facebook, I r

(81 People Likes) How does love pampering feels like? No one ever pampered me including my parents or called me with pet name like princess or doll. In fact, I was treated with hostility during childhood by many people around me now treated badly by colleagues?

reason, parents do not show affection for their children is family. My mother was allowed a little leeway but my father could not dare show any special affection for me. His job was supposed to discipline me. My father told me and my friends and coworkers “I love my son” on the last day of his conscious state before he passed away. He was 83 and I was 62. I guess living with me in the US for 25 years had something to do with it. Now for the matter at hand, my sincere advice:
Forgive them all. Get rid of resentment and anger. I suspect your colleagues are reacting to your resentful personality. Forgiving them all will lift a big boulder off your shoulders. Do it for you, not them. You don’t have to share this decision with anyone
Do not let this affect your self esteem. It was not your fault.
Learn to like yourself. It will change your whole life. You will have a perpetual smile on your face. People around you will like that.
Make yourself proud of you. Get your body in shape with exercise and a balanced diet.
Read books with a positive message. Stay away from dark fiction and non-fiction.
Do not try to erase your pain with alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. It does not work. Don’t hurt yourself to punish them.
WRITE: Start writing about your innermost feelings in a private journal. Paper is fine though I am used to electronic.
You can add to this list based on other suggestions. My advice is based on what I did to get out of severe depression just three years ago. Ah yes, I was never pampered and spent my life taking care of everyone else but me. Now, I am making up for it. I am single again and I travel all over the world, live in a large flat with all luxuries. I get a Swedish massage twice a month and get regular manicure and pedicures. I indulge in new creative activities like poetry, painting, cooking and others. No one to stop me. All these may be cost prohibitive but pick at least one thing that you can afford and go for it. One day, when you least expect it you will fa

(90 People Likes) Can we put our penis inside of a sex doll?

differences between males and female, our mouths are not effected by gender. On the inside, a guy’s mouth is just as soft, wet and moist as a girl’s mouth.
Mentally, and I can only speak for myself, putting my penis in a guy’s mouth can often feel a bit more exciting/kinky for me, not only because of the taboo factor, but also because every guy who has sucked me in the past have wanted me to finish in their mouths. I’m sure there are lots of guys who enjoy sucking a penis but

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