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(27 People Likes) How do I fall in love with sex dolls?

is superb fantasy of yours!
Anyway, it is a one way ticket—that’s why you call it sex doll or f*ck doll.
Be engage with real person/part

(12 People Likes) Is inflation a form of interest rate?

ion is an increase in circulating money causing the erosion of the value of each unit of money over time.
So, interest rates have to be set based on the expectation of the lower value of the repaid loan in the future.
If the loan capital is expected to be worth 2% less when repaid in one year, then the interest rate is in theory set at the lender’s time value rate plus 2%.
Equally, if there were a stab

(41 People Likes) Sex doll forums offer a great place to share your passion for the love dolls

se them. At sex doll forums, you will be able to gain from the first-hand experiences of the doll owners and how sex dolls can make a difference to your love life. In fact, for many, sex dolls have been able to save the marriages as husb

(87 People Likes) What do these lyrics from the song, "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls mean, "Don't you love the life you killed? The priest is on the phone. Your father hit the wall. Your ma disowned you"?

rails, yo asian schoolgirl love doll dont know why it could be various reasons but bad enough that his priest gets involved and his dad almost hits him.
‘The life you killed’ maybe a criminal conviction, drugs or drink driving would fit or being expelled from school but it's a life changing event that could mess up his life at least in the short term. So many reasons.
But she wants him to slide, in this case just leave the whole situation and start again with her. We have all done things that disap

(37 People Likes) Would just a driver and a passenger qualifies in 2+ persons only carpool lane in Washington, US?

the passenger is a Human Being and not a pet nor an inflatable doll, Mini Sex Doll hen Yes.
2+ merely means Two people or More.
Note: a level 5 autonomous car and one passenger do Not qualify eit