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(26 People Likes) I have a sex doll. Can I use it as a statue to worship Parvati? After worship, can I still continue using it as sex doll?

what that god can see.
Therefore, god is always watching you have sex and always watching you masturbate.
Not only that, but the billion other people doing the exact same thing right now, as we speak.
Do you think, if you saw a penis ejaculate one thousand times a second, every second, for thousands of years, that it would become boring after a while? Unremarkable? Kind of the natural outcome of creating a species with penises, in fact? Same thing with the fairer sex. There are plenty of vaginas being played with at this very moment. That’s the main reason most of us are here, in fact.
The idea that your god cares if you have sex or masturbate if you are not harming anyone or forcing it onto someone who cannot consent is a little mind boggling.
Keep in mind there are murders and rapes and people put in prisons by dictators, and apparently god thinks all of this is okay, but will get bent out of shape over masturbation.
What kind of silly god would have such priorities?
I would think long and hard about why you think gods care about sexual organs functioning properly and not do anything about murder, mass murder, genocide, false impr

(87 People Likes) Why are women usually treated like objects/sex dolls in music videos?

14-30. Watch a video featuring a hot babe, cut to commercial with that babe in mind, and the young man may buy the product he's just seen on tv. And of course, there will always be outright misogynistic musicians and directors who want to visually make women slaves to their desires. We must also bear in mind that the silicone-drenched, breast-enhanced, zero BMI-scale vixens auditioned for these roles. They made conscious decisions to dress act like the nocturnal desires of teenage boys. At the end of the day, the women get paid for their work. I agree on denigration— watched AC/DC's “You Shook Me All Night Long”, Van Helen's “Hot For Teacher” and Whitesnake's “Here I Go Again”. Not necessarily sexy, but sexist for sure. For those of you too young to remember the 80s, I would suggest “Blurred Lines”. The uncensored version is just a flesh-coloured thong away from porn. Like every other video made, its purpose was to sell the record. And that it did. It topped the charts in 25 coutries, and earned over $16 million in sales. Ironically, the concept for the video was devised

(45 People Likes) Why do girls love Barbie?

Let's have this beautiful Barbie doll in our mind for a while as you read the points.
1.Firstly promotes stereotypical thinking among children, so a little boy might learn to say, “Hy why are you playing with that car, you are a girl! You should play with these dolls and not with my cars.”
So it gonna tune the child's thoughts and gradually their behavior too.
2. Secondly, the appearance of the Barbie gonna inoculate certain beauty standards like only if you are fair, tall, etc, etc, you are beautiful or good. (Well this isn't good)
3. Thirdly, let's say this particular girl has grown up and puberty has hit her hard! Now she would develop a very poor self concept and image about herself and this would greatly affect her self esteem. Now this is what the main issue is. Barbie have a very unrealistic appearance and these young girls are too yo 63cm love doll ng to understand that and hence Real Doll hey are affected directly.
4. Lastly in an Indian context, the luxury shown is absolutely unattainable. A girl from poor background might start feeling inferior because she can't get what she sees and adores.
So in this way these ones are negative role models for young girls.
But now let's consider these hybrids of Barbie dolls.
1. So here the beauty standards are more realistic and practical.
2. It also teaches them that there is diversity and not everybody is the same or can have the same features.
3. They learn beauty can't be measured nominally! Infact each and every doll has its own beauty. Like not necessarily that a fair doll is only beautiful but also the dusky and the dark dolls are beautiful! (Indeed they are)
Yet the gender role stereotype can't be broken here, but these Barbie dolls could save many girls from heart brea

(14 People Likes) Which person would you like to see run for the Democrats as Presidential candidate?

and am now gearing up for my first election; a local race in my area. I think the United States is the greatest country on Earth, and the mismanagement of our resources and tax dollars by government during more or less the entirety of my lifetime has greatly diminished our standing with the rest of the world.
I am supremely confident, however, that we can roll back the damage done to our education system and revitalize our youth in a globally competitive world. We can enshrine in law an internet where all information is treated equally and you, the consumer, get to choose what you do and don't pay for, not a major telecomm company. We can do away with our overly complex healthcare policies and establish a single-payer system so that no citizen ever has to worry about getting sick or hurt sending them into bankruptcy - not just by eliminating insurance premiums but also by finally taking a hold of pharmaceutical expenses and negotiating fair prices for our citizens, as the rest of the civilized world is able to do.
We can repair our broken roads, dams and bridges with materials that exist today which will keep them strong and safe from heat, cold, water, and ice for the next century. We can not just conserve, but restore our wetlands, forests, and the other natural wonders across this country, encouraging diversity in species as well as naturally cleaning our air and water. On that note, we can convert our energy grid even beyond solar or wind, by perfecting the fusion technology that they are pioneering now in the United Kingdom. We can redefine our place in the global economy with new trade deals to once again put us on top in Asia without sacrificing our sovereignty or ceding our rights to international corporations, and in doing so give rise to a renewed American working class earning a fair wage and making a better world.
We can scrap our misguided and racist criminal justice system, ending the system of for-profit prisons. We can restore to African Americans a lost generation of fathers and sons while finally acting on promises the Democratic party has long made and seldom kept - to protect every individual's right to vote, to end our long, expensive, fruitless, and racist war on drugs and instead war on poverty and homelessness, and to foster a country wherein all people have the same opportunity, and their advancement depends entirely on their merit and effort rather than the color of their skin.
We can protect the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment while still reducing tragic deaths by gun violence - hard data on the matter shows that gun violence is the worst where inequality in income and education is highest. Rather than continue to address the symptoms, we can come together and cut off the source of the problem by focusing on people, on neighborhoods and communities, creating bonds between police officers and the citizens they protect, investing in new technology and teaching methods for schools, fostering a culture that respects education, and support credit unions and co-op businesses that will revitalize job growth at the local level. Furthermore, no corporation, no bank, no industry should ever be "too big to fail," because the failure of one business should only pave the way for entrepreneurs to fill the void with new innovations and new ways of thinking.
We must restore our ties abroad and seek stronger, closer alliances. As the internet continues to make the world smaller and travel continues to become faster, it is incumbent upon the United States to set the standard for the world. We can be the global leader on eliminating poverty, on combating climate change, on protecting and restoring endangered species and their habitats, on building a fair but robust economy, on isolating criminal dictators who oppress their people and promoting an imposing and impenetrable defense that would give pause to any who would seek to disrupt the peace of the world. In that same vein, we can continue building the most powerful military the world has ever known, giving our soldiers access to the technology and equipment they need to remain safe from harm, but also the support they need at home for medical care, psychiatric treatment, education, and employment. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the mental cost of war on those who shed blood for us abroad, or the societal stigma many of them perceive. My family has fought and bled for this country from the French Indian War to Operation Enduring Freedom - we have served and fought by the side of George Washington, and we will never forget the sacrifices of our fellow soldiers.
We can continually seek out new ways of thinking, new solutions, new ideas that will challenge what we know and redefine our understanding of the universe and the world around us. We can return to the stars, where the destiny of mankind truly is, and also unlock the unexplored regions of our world and our own human genome. We need no longer live in a country where power fails, pipes freeze, water goes cold - all of the every day inconveniences that face us in our own homes are solvable with investment into science and technology. Even these most basic aspects of our li 63cm love doll es can be improved upon, because we can keep our eyes on the small details even while pushing towards a bigger picture. We can continually improve the lives of the American citizen - making the quality of life for the average American better and cheaper, letting them hold on to more of those fair wages I mentioned earlier to invest however they choose.
We live in a time of tremendous uncertainty. We live in a country that seems increasingly divided along political and ideological lines. However, I truly believe that this is only the perception we have been fed by a media obsessed with ratings. I believe that we still unite on what is important, on the real issues facing our nation, and I believe that we can stand together and claim a spot as the greatest nation on Earth again - not just some empty "great" that anyone can throw out as a mantra, but objectively great - surpassing all the rest of the world for quality of living, economic freedom, and standards of education to become not just "great" but the "greatest."
I beli

(87 People Likes) What are your thoughts on sex dolls that look like young girls?

br> Make them move and scream and struggle too. Seriously why not?
Some people are born that way and they cannot help what they are attracted to. Can you imagine how awful that must be? To not gain any sexual pleasure ever?
God I feel bad when my dog Sex Doll oesn't get any. Imagine being a human and stuffing that shot down.
Fuck man….
I think i would have killed myself long

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