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(91 People Likes) How do I purchase a sex doll without a neighbor or delivery man knowing?

the shop, or is the staff of the shop.
Assuming they’re some shop that lacks common decency, just tell them to package in a way it does not shows the box content.
Get the contact of this guy and instruct them to deliver it to somewhere else, such as a cafe or restaurant. It’s important to get the contact.
Arrange a professional courier service or freelance, perhaps even your relatives, your mom etc to collect this item. Tell them to be at the agreed location to collect a box you need for your dead end job. Don’t arrange it to your house because if he wants to, it’s not too hard to find out who’s the buyer even if you wore a mask while collecting it.
If you want to up the level, be there yourself too. Dress yourself in shades, coat a hate. Make sure no one recognized you. Bring along a set of newspapers with 2 holes at eye level so when you hold it up, you can see what’s going on.
Arrange the guy to come 2 mins earlier so you can seat yourself in hearing distance, before any transaction is made.
Now, look at the transaction and hear their conversation. If it’s a simple transaction such as, “Are you Sally? Here’s the box Roberto wants”. Then all is well. You gotten the item and just wait for your deliveryman to send to your house, or you could reveal yourself if he/she is your friend/relatives etc, and collect the item immediately.
If the conversation is something like “ Here’s the sex toy you want “, promptly call this guy and yell at him “You’ve

(26 People Likes) Would it sound weird to a woman if a man said that his only relationships were with life-sized robot woman dolls that were manufactured in Japan?

n. Or other men.
Therefore a robot lover may fulfil their needs for sex and to avoid relating to other human beings by way of conversation, affection, touching or other harassing unpredictable human interactions.
If this trend for men to have robots as partners saves any animals, children, women and vulnerable men from sexual harassment, rape and abuse I think it’s excellent.
It’s obvious though, that a man with a history of using sex robots will not have the least idea how to relate sexually or build a relationship with another human being.
Stephen Colbert's Cyborgasm: Intelligent Sex Robots Edition
Men who purchase the time of prostitutes will be ahead of the sex doll gu

(26 People Likes) Do today's children (6-10 years old) prefer tablets and consoles or real toys like cars or dolls? Why?

We do have a tablet and a laptop computer, and there are five games they can play between the two devices. One is educational and teaches grammar, spelling, multiplication, and division. It uses games to reinforce these concepts. The others are Minecraft, Chuzzle, Chess, and Fruit Ninja. They love to play these games. They love to play board games, as well.They also love to play basketball, baseball, and tennis...outside. They ride their bikes in th 6000 dollar sex doll yard, and sometimes they run around the house like crazy people.
Based on my experiences, I think that children still like to play with physical toys, but they like the simulated games as well. I think a lot has to do with what they are given and how that is done. Exposure is important. When my children want to play a board game, they don't want just the two of them. If I pay it with them, they enjoy it more.
If a child is left to his or her own devices, having no one else to play with, a video game will provide more immediate simulation

(89 People Likes) Why do you must Purchase a Sex Doll online at Least once in your Lifetime?

I’m aware that there’s a social stigma surrounding toys like this. But I figure if women can buy dildos, what’s the problem with me buying a “friend”? It’s not as if I’m going to sit next to her at the dinner table and pretend she’s my wife or anything. Not unless she magically springs to life!
No, I think it would be good for me to buy one of these things. It’s not ideal, obviously. But I’m not really in a position where getting “out there” and picking up women in bars is really a realistic option anymore. Nor have I ever been interested in meeting people in such places. And the “nice” women I like, are more or less long since married and settled, so i figure: why the hell not?
Simulated sex is better than nothing, right? And if I dim the lights, light a few candles and put on Greatest Love Hits by Richard Clayderman, I think I can even convince myself that I’m having a genuinely intimate moment with an extremely shy person.
It’s only afterwards when you remove parts of her anatomy and clean them in the kitchen sink that reality seeps back in…
But never mind reality! I may be totally wrong about all of this, but I’ve a feeling that buying a doll could perhaps make me feel less alone. It’s not real company, but if you pay enough cash, it can LOOK like real company. And for me, that’s a start.
How many men own a Fleshlight? Millions, probably. Well, this is just a life-size

(91 People Likes) What roles does the marketing department do in a furniture shop?

t condition would Silicone Sex Doll ast another 40 years. One of the issues we tackle was how to expand their customer base. We did a survey and it showed that 70% of their existing customer was contractors.
We took a look at the construction and real estate industry in their country. Our analysis showed that there was an influx of new home buyers between the age of 25 and 45 with stable jobs, looking to buying new homes or moving into a new apartment. After Our analysis, we decided to add to new items to our client product line “Furniture” to attract this new buyer and at the same time expand the company brand form a store that only sells building material to selling furniture.
One key question you must answer is; how does the market relate to the overall economy, demography, and other similar markets in your country. The next survey we did was to find out what type of furniture was appealing to the customers, it outdoor furniture, home furnishing, pet furniture, solid wood furniture or decorative press wood
We want to attract customers between the age of 25 and 45 buying new homes or moving into a new apartment. As a market research analysis you must know what for

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