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(70 People Likes) Are people who own a sex doll necessarily mentally derranged?

en told us some information I taken to the grave and started implementing. She said “everybody should masturbate to learn about your body and know what turns you on and not.”
There is nothing like getting a orgasm from yourself. It's nothing like owning yourself as to say. Toys are just added fun to experience. I realized I do not like vibrators since they are stationary, I like ones that pump into you or one you can pull out and in like a guy would.
Sex toys have added benefits like its 100% std free unless you have a STD yourself so that's a added benefit.
Also sex toys are more creative. Like I said, there are pumpers, they have sex toys that release water at the end to have that feeling of completion inside you, and many more.
Plus, sex toys can spice up your sex life with partners. Experiment, masturbate in front of each other, let him try a dildo, give him control of sex toys to use on you.
My favorite is handcuffs but break apart ones only. I watched way too many true stories about women dying handcuffed to their beds due to their lovers dying of heart attacks.
My favorite is a velvet one with the words slut on it. My second pair was leopard printed but those broke.
As far as changing lives, it doesn't. Outside of sex, I am still me. I dont think about sex more, I don't think about madturbation, I dont think about getting a new toy, I just live my life.
However, during sexy times alone of with somebody else, it changes a lot. I always ask my partners: vanilla, fun, or rough and go from there.
Now, there are some people

(63 People Likes) Would you prefer to date a lady who is fuss free (dress simply, no fancy bags with little or no makeup) or a lady who dolls herself all the time (can’t leave home without makeup), loves branded bags and wears fashionable clothes?

You need to be yourself. Most of us won't be one thing or another, neither all “fuss free” nor “ultra glam”. Rather than use others opinions to drive how you are, use your own values to determine if another is compatible with You! If you prefer to dress carefully, you won't be happy with a man who is impatient to get going. If you prefer

(81 People Likes) My 17 year old daughter still plays with dolls and watches Peppa Pig. Should I let her be or take action?

er evaluated but what your explaining sounds harmless I'm 31 and I enjoy watching Peppa Pig long after my child leaves the room lol I might even enjoy cartoons more than them oh and I'm a huge Disney princess fan and all things Disney.I wouldn't worry to much though my 16 year old is still inno

(38 People Likes) I'm 5'2" and 67 kg, female. How many months do I need to lose weight and get a body as freakishly hot as a sex toy doll?

y to losing weight. It possible. We’re not lost.
Quickly losing 100lbs is a 3 year endeavor. You can lose about 30lb a year (or 2.5lb a month) with a little strictness, and enough leeway to eat birthday cake, and eat out with friends from time to time.
There are healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight. The unhealthy way is with keto diets. These are the ones that let you shed 20lb in two months- but as soon as you stop it all comes back. If you do these diets for six months or more, you’ll start to develop serious health problems. I started getting numbness, insomnia, anxiety, and so forth. Don’t know what else to tell you, high fat, low carb diets are dangerous, not a weight loss miracle.
The healthy way is whole food, plant based. That means no processed food, and the majority of your calories need to come from plants. (90% or more). This includes as much potato, rice, corn, beans, lentils, quinoa, and whole wheat that you can shake a stick at. Seriously, you need to eat a lot on this diet. The number one reason I recommend calorie counting for whole-food plant-based is to make sure you’re physically eating enough food. If you cut out all fats and oils you can speed up weight loss just a little more. There’s no health reason to eat oils, they’re just fun to cook with.
I’ve lost 20-ish pounds this way over the last 10 months. I do very little calorie counting, very little exercise, and a lot of cheating . I’m lazy when it comes to losing weight, what can I say? If you’re more disciplined than I am, you’d lose more with this method. But even as lazy as I am, I lose weight.
The mind set of taking 3 years to lose weight is very important. Short bouts don’t do

(32 People Likes) How does a life size doll feel when you touch it?

e a head and limbs tha Love Doll look real b 5'7 love doll t they are not as soft. Most take magnetic pacifiers but that’s about all they do. These are mostly for looks. If you want a very real feeling reborn you will want a silicone newborn. They look and feel real. Some can drink bottle

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