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(58 People Likes) I just got out of a 5 year relationship with the hottest girl ever. She had a model figure, very sexy. Now she is gone and I am so lonely I have no friends. How can I move on knowing I'll never be with another girl like that again?

r next time, well ... grow up.
All you've described is her hotness, her being so sexy, her figure ... she can obviously do better than being with someone who only values that.
Is that really what mattered to you?
You're really sad because you need a gi

(92 People Likes) Do deployed soldiers have to pay for meds?

ment or nondeployed environment. In fact, their health care (with some exceptions for elective care) is 100% covered by the military health care system. In almost every case, the health care for their DEERS enrolled dependents is also covered 100% by TRICARE (there are some exceptions and fine details, but TRICARE covers almost all costs for dependents).
Deployed Soldiers also do not have to pay for the following:
Leave form processing
Replacements for when they take leave
Travel to and from their deployed environment to their home station to deploy/redeploy nor travel to the leave address on their leave form (if the SM chooses to travel elsewhere while on leave, they are responsible for costs associated with traveling to those locations).
Food while deployed
Direct payments for lost equipment
If you met someone online and they claim to be a Soldier who needs any o

(18 People Likes) Sex Doll Torsos allow for the same realistic experience in a more compact size

you would with a full-bodied sex doll. While they may not be equipped with arms and legs, the most important parts are still there, so you can enjoy pleasurable evenings with your busty or petite d

(35 People Likes) A few other points to keep in mind before you go

e prostitution happens is considered a brothel in most circles. Brothels have existed in this form for thousands of years. In fact, the first brothel established and taxed was in the 5th century in Athens. The French and Spanish have a long history with brothe

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ry proud to offer men and women dolls of all shapes and sizes. We also 158cm tpe love doll with bushy pubic hair ring to our customers dolls of various ethnicities and backgrounds. Whateve Love Doll you prefer, you are almost certain to find it on our website. We believe that all of our dolls deserve to be celebrated. However, this post is dedicated to one particular group of dolls. Check out our amazing line-up of All American S

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