So you finally pulled the trigger and you ordered your very first companion doll.

Posted Friday, Nov 8, 2022 | By Eva

Now, there's a lot of people saying a bunch of different things. And I know that in the beginning I got very confused by all the information and the misinformation. And one thing I can tell you, don't stress, relax. Everything is going to be all right. Now you probably got some weeks in preparation before your girl finally arrives. And these are the necessities that you really need to have in house. Number one, baby wipes. Number two, soft makeup brushes. Now, these come in all different kinds of priorities. And my advice is just get a pack with a bunch of these things in it and it will do. You might want to use a bigger one than this for the body, but I use this for my girl's face. And this is just an example makeup brush. There you go. Last but certainly not least is or starch or baby powder.

Now, when your girl finally arrives and you open the box, you might get hit by a very strong TPE smell. Now, for my girl, I didn't thought that the smell was that hideous. I am a sick individual. I adored the smell. It was a fantastic smell. It left it for me a couple of days max. But for some people they say that the smell can last for a month. Now don't worry, don't stress. The TPE smell is normal. Your girl will arrive all oiled up, the TPE will start bleeding, as we call it. This is perfectly normal and that might cause the smell. And because of that bleeding slash oily TPE, it is perfectly normal for the skin of your goal to be super sicky. Don't get nervous. It's perfectly normal because that is where these things will come in, these things, whatever. Now personally, I prefer the baby powder simply because of the smell. But some people aren't a fan of it because it is very powdery and then it can be damaging if you breathe it in. My advice with that is just apply it modestly and gently and just don't go like soup it all over the girl. But pick whichever one you like or prefer the cornstarch.

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For me, it's not a thing. I don't like it. I don't like the structure of this. I don't like the smell of it. It's nice to have it in the house anyway for stains or whatever. But baby powder for me is definitely the way to go. So definitely the first thing that you want to do is completely powder your girl. And with complete I mean, top to toe, in between the fingers, in between the toes, every little creak. Put the baby powder there. Now don't, and I cannot stress this enough, don't put the baby powder in holes. Do not do it.

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Only do it on the surface. Just don't do it inside of things. It's messy, it will build up, it will be disgusting. Please do not do that. And once you're applying the baby powder, you will notice that the skin will be less sticky. And if it remains sticky, then simply just apply more. But be gentle, be careful with it. Now this time of powdering, your dough can also be a great bonding experience. Because you get to know your dough, you get to know the skeleton, you get to know how it moves, how you can work with it. And if you for some reason mess up and just bump over the whole bottle with the baby powder, don't stress also fine because we got ourselves a baby wipe to get off the majority of the baby powder and then just do it again.

So don't worry. Just apply it gently, apply too much, remove it, no stress. Relax. Take your time. Take your time to want and take your time to just completely powder every inch of your go and everything should be fine.

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