Why Do More People Choose Dolls? Eight Reasons To Tell You

Posted Friday, November 5, 2021 | By Eva

Although real silicone or TPE sex dolls cannot replace another person's complete human interaction and contact, we believe that sex dolls can play a sexual and emotional role in meeting personal needs.

Here are eight reasons why sex dolls are better than dating:

1. Sex is guaranteed

Have you ever had a seemingly perfect date with a girl, or a perfect match, and ended the night with your own dick? You are not alone!

The reality is that dating is about meeting someone, and most first dates don’t end with a home run. However, this process can be very frustrating because we all have sexual needs, and despair can lead to frustration and disappointment. Find your release with sex dolls every time!

If you think they are not ready, it is best not to rush on a date... just end the night with your sex doll, she is always in a good mood! However, please keep your head clear and remember that real women are not always in a good mood.

2. New partners may be dishonest

Personal advertising is deceptive and everyone tries to show the most positive side in their dating profile. However, some people may go further and lie to you about their past or present situation. Sex dolls have nothing to hide, nor can they lie! Therefore, if you are temporarily sensitive to the initial discomfort with your new partner, or have no patience to know someone under "layers", sex dolls can provide some real probation.

3. Sex dolls bring you the benefit of doubt

Many people on the dating scene, or those who have recovered from a relationship, may be distrustful and generally unwilling to fully open their hearts to new people because they are afraid of being hurt, or because they are tired of the process.

On the other hand, sex dolls are always willing to listen, will not judge you, and will bring you the benefit of doubt because your interaction with them is one-sided.

However, just because a realistic sex doll cannot interact with you like a real girl does not mean that she cannot satisfy some of your emotional needs! Many people have noticed that sincere relationships with their sex dolls go beyond interpersonal relationships, it’s okay!

160cm big breasted sex doll

4. During the date, sex dolls should not be on Facebook or send text messages

With today’s technology constantly appearing in our lives, when you sit down for dinner and discover that your real girl is shutting you out when texting her girlfriend (or who knows who it is!) depressing. Sex dolls do not use mobile phones!

5. You don't have to guess the "rules"

If you find yourself wondering if you can open the door for your date, worry about who should pay the bill, or wonder how long you should wait before calling your date the next day, then you are not alone!

Dating is confusing. Although some people may claim to be veterans in the field, the reality is that there is no right answer for every situation.

If the anxiety and pressure of this mysterious framework make you avoid dates or rest, treat yourself as a sex doll that does not impose rules.

6. Dolls are not selfish and responsible

The sex doll "knows" you, and only you. They will not divide their attention between you and friends, family or other lovers. If you seek that level of dedication and need a completely loyal partner in your heart, you can find this benefit through sex dolls.

7. Dolls have the ability to love

Although many people will shake their heads at this statement, remember that the relationship with sex dolls is actually one-sided. However, if you feel loved and accepted by sex dolls, then we will argue that in this regard, cheap sex dolls have the ability to love!

158cm realistic sex doll

8. Sex dolls will not judge or label you

Sex dolls will not comment on how you look, how you behave, how you like sex, or how often you want to have sex with them. You can do anything! If you feel judged by others and seek a neutral lover with whom you can share sexual or non-sexual experiences, then sex dolls can meet your real needs and can bring great benefits.

We hope this article will give you a new understanding of sex dolls, or help you think about them a little differently. Remember-no "type" of people (male or female) will buy sex dolls, and sex dolls can achieve many positive and beneficial purposes. Like anything else, it all depends on how you use it!

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