How Good Are Sex Dolls? Worth Reading

Posted Friday, November 5, 2021 | By Eva

People believe that having sex with sex dolls is a unique and interesting experience.

How good are sex dolls?

The sex doll at home is accompanied by only one person; men use it to not feel lonely. When you see it in the house, it will calm you down and you can get busy. If you are single and all the women around you have someone or been taken away, you don't have to feel lonely. You bought a high-end silicone sex doll that satisfies your inner desires. As mentioned earlier, sex dolls can bring great satisfaction, and it will prevent you from looking for dates who will fail or even disappoint you. This will encourage you to always do what you like at a comfortable level. Let your sex doll be your true friend, even if it does not talk to you, so you will adapt and endure it forever.

With a sex doll, you don’t have to worry about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that can lead to AIDS. With a sex doll, you don't need to use protective measures like a condom; you use it as is. The doll will not feel any pain, so you don't need to apply any lubricating oil (although this is highly recommended). You can also choose which sex position to choose during sex. You don’t have to be surprised, because it has no bodily functions. No foreplay or warm-up is required; you can penetrate it when you like it. Its vagina is always tight and will not loosen quickly. During the ejaculation process, whether it is fast or slow, you will not complain.

163cm e cup realistic silicone love doll

In general, sex dolls have no other defects, such as age, rape accusations, parent-child relationship, divorce and infidelity issues. The only disadvantage of using a sex doll is that it cannot speak, kiss, or perform manual and oral sex. Besides, they are perfect things to possess. They may also be slightly more expensive, but if you consider it as an investment, you will treat it well when you use it.

Sex dolls are useful for husbands whose wives are completely workaholics and have no time for sex. Since the husband needs to be satisfied, he will eventually use sex dolls to satisfy his desires. Sex dolls play an important role as a single person because they become a very useful tool for him. Sex toys can also be used as heart companions. As we all know, two people sleep better on the same bed than alone. When you have a thick sex doll by your side, you will not feel lonely. The sex doll becomes your best listener and dear friend.

Sex dolls are as useful to married couples as single clubs. They use sex dolls to improve their sex lives through role-playing activities. You can use sex dolls to show your wife the sexual desires and fantasies you might want her to help you achieve. Raise the experience to the next level and have a threesome with your wife!

150cm big breasted woman love doll

What is it like to have sex with a sex doll?

Many people are embarrassed to ask this question, but this is a wonderful experience that some men prefer. A sex doll that can satisfy your fantasy is a bit expensive, but there are others that are also very affordable and can make you feel good. If you are just looking for a body, you can pay less, but remember that cheaper models and inflatable dolls are hardly fun, and you are usually better off using sex toys like Fleshlight.

What is it like to kiss and touch a sex doll?

The production of silicone sex dolls and modern TPE sex dolls feels "just like real". They are usually soft to the touch and very realistic. Their characteristics seem to be shaped by humans, so they look like real people. Because of this feature, they are usually enhanced to suit the needs of users. You can get dolls of different shapes, colors and heights to meet your needs.

What kind of experience is it to have oral sex with a doll?

Some cheap sex dolls are designed to provide you with the best oral sex using a little bit of heat and lubricant; they can feel like a human mouth. It depends on the sex doll you own and whether the purpose of oral sex is satisfactory. Lover dolls cannot simulate the suction of a real person, but at least they can make you feel good, and they usually have vaginal and anal sex.

How does it feel to have vaginal sex with a sex doll?

The vagina is the most exciting part of a sex doll during intercourse. Since sex dolls cannot speak, they cannot be distinguished, so you can judge based on your location. No matter when and where, you can have sex in as many locations as you want.

How about anal sex?

Because it is difficult for someone to request anal sex on the first night, if you don't mind using it, you need a sex doll. However, it takes a person's heart to ask such a question.

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