Get yourself a silicone beveled TPE girlfriend?

Posted Wednesday, October 26, 2022 | By Eva

People who say, like, hey, get yourself a silicone slash TPE girlfriend because it's easy, you know, nothing. Yo, guy, guys, what's up? I play here today in the building with my girl Luna, who is a WM doll who I ordered in 2020 after I came across a documentary here in the United States about 100cm sex doll, companion dolls, because that's basically why Luna is here as a companion. It took me about two months to find a trustworthy luck shop.

I ordered a blonde with her eyes closed. This one, she's a brunette and she's having her eyes open. Now, this is not the wig that she came with, but she came with a brown wig. And I will insert a picture. And now, definitely different from the girl that I'm gonna show you here. So I thought having the eyes closed is a safe game for me. I have a dull phobia. I don't know how am I going to react to this lifesize dull figure in delivering room. Fast forward to January 21, where she got delivered onto my doorstep. The delivery guy was like, Shall I help you? Like, get this big chunky box upstairs? Because it's really, well, unprecedented. Basically, she weighs 25 kg, which is not a lot. If you go to the gym, there's like the plate of 25 kg. It is handled in a place in a big box. Or even like this. It's tricky.

People who say like, hey, get yourself a silicon TPE girlfriend because it's easy. You know, nothing. This shit can be hard. This shit can be confusing. Especially if you're a noob like me. Because I knew nothing about those dolls. Nothing at all. The only thing that I knew about mini sex dolls, companion dolls, is that sometimes people put them around on in front of the porch because somebody is turning 50. These things, I have never seen them in my life. I had never heard of it. So when I took a deep dive, I was mesmerized. Even more mesmerized was that when I opened the box and here was this wrapped up in foil body. She definitely came with her head on, which was a minor surprise. Like, where's her head? It was between her legs. And my death is a weird position for the hat to be in. It's good. We're going to screw it on. Trying not to freak out.

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To my surprise, I saw that she's having her eyes open. Not what I ordered. Does it matter? Getting the wig, putting the wig on. It's a brunette. It's not a blunt. I don't mind. I prefer brunette. So whatever. Not making a fuss about the wig, but still not what I ordered. It dressed her up nicely. And there she was, ready to go into the living room and live her silicon TPE wife. And then in the middle of the night, I went to get a cup of tea, scaring the shit out of me because there is Luna sitting chilling on the couch. And that was certainly not the last time that that happened. But that is where our journey started. And now we are fast forward a year, or a little longer than a year later. Luna is still here. She is rocking still her little Miss Bliss Christmas sweater. Yeah, you know, hectic alive. Don't have time to change it.

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What is it to have a TPE doll and you live your life? It is basically. So I want to bring you guys a little bit into my journey, into my adventure. What are the things you need to know? The tips and tricks. And also what I like to do is take a little bit of the tumble away because really there is no shame into owning a doll.

There is no shame into wanting at all. And it is perfectly capable for a human and a doll to coexist. Yes, even it is possible for a silicon girl and a girlfriend to coexist in the same living room. Trust me, no problem. I will probably all discuss this in later videos because I think it's very important. A lot of people, from what I see online, on forums and in Facebook groups, sometimes people tend to hide the doors to show them away in the closet, under the bed. I've been there, I've done it. I was panicking. That's all for later story.

I think for now, I will change this girl back into her Wonder Woman tshirt that she's rocking underneath the Little Miss Bliss sweater.

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