Love Doll / 159cm D Cup Full Body TPE Sex Doll - Stock in USA
d cup 5.21ft sex doll real 5.21ft love doll full body 159cm love doll 5.21ft full size love doll d cup 159cm love doll real 5.21ft sex doll 159cm japanese love doll full body d cup love doll medium tits 159cm sex doll 159cm medium breasts sex doll

159cm D Cup Full Body TPE Sex Doll - Stock in USA

$1715 $1349
Skin Color:
You can freely match the color of the skin, the default is "Same As Picture"
Eye Color:
You can choose these eye colors, the default is "Same As Picture"
You can choose these wigs, the default is "Same As Picture"
The fixed vagina is the best option for user experience, The removable vagina is detachable, it is easier for hygiene and maintaining your doll. After you use it, you can disassemble it and clean it without moving the body of the doll.
* There are 3 screws on the standing feet to help the doll stand on its own, feet without screws, if standing, the heel will be pierced by the stainless steel skeleton of the leg
Options amount
$ 00
Final total
$ 1349

SKU: OV6-K23

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159cm Sexy Life Size Sex Doll

The 159cm realistic sex doll is designed to make any man's heart beat faster. These dolls are hand picked and crafted for those looking for a detailed human appearance. Made of the highest quality materials, it can also stand independently without any support. Sculpted exactly to the size and features of the perfect female body, this doll collection will make you forget she's not made of real flesh.

  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 159cm / 5.21ft
  • Bra Size: D Cup
  • Bust: 85cm / 33.46inch
  • Waist: 62cm / 24.40inch
  • Hips: 98cm / 38.58inch
  • Oral Depth: 12cm / 4.72inch
  • Vagina Depth: 18cm / 7.08inch
  • Anus Depth: 16cm / 6.29inch
  • Net Weight: 37.5kg / 82.67lbs
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Accessory: Wig, Lingerie, Blanket, Comb, Lubricant, Talcum powder, Condom, Gloves, Irrigator
  • vaginal USB heating rod 1 * Vaginal USB Heating Rod
  • comb 1 * Comb
  • wig 1 * Wig
  • lingerie 1 * Lingerie (Random)
  • blanket 1 * Blanket (Random)
  • vaginal cleaning tool 1 * Vaginal Cleaning Tool
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