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WM Dolls is a high-end sex doll manufacturer

WM Doll (aka WMDoll) is one of the most famous sex doll brand in the world. My Silicone Love Doll is pride to be the authorized reseller of WMDolls

Elovedolls.COM is an authorized sales agent of WM Dolls Brand. WMdoll mining company has the most advanced doll manufacturing technology, professional production process, all the sex doll are hand-carved by the model design masters for decades, so that each doll has a more realistic makeup, and high-quality silicone And tpe materials make the skin feel closer to real people.

WM Doll – The Largest Asia TPE Doll Brand

The best-selling sex DOLL brand of 2018 will probably be WM DOLL. WM doll is undoubtedly the largest TPE doll brand in the world. Their dolls are lifelike and can bring great impact and attraction to customers.

To be frank, there is no significant difference in performance between a mid-range sex doll and a high-end one. They are also very realistic, can give you a real touch. The main difference between them is the handling of details. When you use it, you won’t feel any difference between the two. When you look carefully, you will find some organs or parts with slight defects, and they will not reach an extremely realistic level. However, this does not affect the mid-range sex doll to become a beautiful sex doll.

WM Doll has hundreds of different types of dolls and you can always find one you like. You can get all the satisfaction from these dolls. WM dolls are usually made of TPE or silicone. Of course, these silicone are not cured with platinum. These dolls will leak oil when placed for a long time, which is caused by TPE material or silicone material itself. You just need to clean them regularly. Because of the different materials, WM dolls are relatively cheap, usually between $900 and $2,500. It’s acceptable to most people.


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