158cm Life Size Long Hair Sex Doll Video

Below is a related video about the 158cm life-size long hair sex doll to help you understand her more comprehensively.

This doll is made of luxurious silicone to simulate the softness and texture of human skin. High-quality love dolls are perfect copies of perfect girlfriends, perfect female models and life-size women. These sexy life-size dolls are sculpted by internationally renowned artists and are the result of meticulous 3D modeling. Handmade and crafted, every love doll is close to perfection. Due to the special skeleton, all the joints of the body, all the way to the fingers, can move flexibly. Here, you will find our top silicone sex doll series to get a real life experience.

I am a luxurious sex doll. My confidence will fascinate you! I have a few fascinating I-cup breasts with a real touch that is as smooth as the real thing. Can you hold me in your arms and squeeze me into a mess? Kiss my sexy lips, then bury your face in my sexy breasts. I like white sexy lingerie with patterns. It makes me look sexy, but I need it with you! I can't wait to give you a wonderful blowjob, now take me home and satisfy all your sexual fantasies!

Doll Specification

  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 158cm / 5.18ft
  • Bra Size: I Cup
  • Waist: 52cm / 20.47inch
  • Bust: 88cm / 34.65inch
  • Hips: 86cm / 33.86inch
  • Net Weight: 35kg / 77.16lbs

Package List

  • 1 * Real Sex Doll
  • 1 * Vaginal USB Heating Rod
  • 1 * Comb
  • 1 * Wig
  • 1 * Lingerie (Random)
  • 1 * Blanket (Random)
  • 1 * Vaginal Cleaning Tool
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