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(82 People Likes) Can tariffs on imports cause cost-push inflation?

LATION IS GONNA MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! (It’s gonna suck for Americans, but why quibble)
On the surface, the recent tariff on Chinese manufactured solar panels seems to make sense. After all, who wants the Chinese to dump their solar panels on the market?? So, USA! USA! USA! Our solar producers are gonna crush it!
Except we only have a handful of solar plants. And, they’re all owned by foreign companies. Japanese, Koreans and Germans.
With no meaningful domestic suppliers, Americans benefitted from the low priced Chinese panels. They made solar a cheaper alternative.
But, they’re not gonna benefit from Cost-plus inflation. Cost push inflation is inflation caused by an increase in prices of inputs like labour, raw material, etc. The increased price of the factors of production leads to a decreased supply of these goods. While the demand remains constant, the prices of commodities increase causing a rise in the overall price level.
In other words, if you increase the cost of inputs, you make buying a solar system less attractive.
Well… there are a few Americans that it benefits. And, they’re getting a huge subsidy payment from the middle class so they can keep shitting toxic sludge into our air and water.
Let’s put aside the fact that “clean coal” is bullshit. Actually, the solar industry employees 3x as many people as the coal, oil and gas industries COMBINED
Furthermore, the fossil fuel folks are enjoying amazing gains in productivity thanks to yumi asian anime love doll ew technology. So, basically the benefit of this tarrif will be to increase prices to allow them to further improve their profits
The problem with defending a bankrupt position is that the truth slips out from time to time. The American Enterprise Institute is a well funded producer of misinformation Their research resembles the conclusions of a learning-disabled Machiavelli. But, my favorites are - in their desperation to make an dishonest point they end up conceding some kernel of truth.
Here’s a case in point. It’s a great headline too. If you believe it (and Fox News thought this was insightful). “It takes 79 solar workers to produce the same amount of energy 1 coal worker can”
Let’s assume that they’re right (they’re not. For example they’re ridiculous in the way they create a lot of indirect labor for solar calculate their 79 workers to produce the same amount of energy). And, let’s put aside the other major flaw they missed .., the very definition of renewable emergy- I’m pretty sure that once you produce a unit of renewable energy, that will continue to produce energy over and over again - whereby once you burn that coal, you’ll never be able to do it again. (And, all we’ll have to remember that lovely energy is a nagging cough and an unstable climate)
But (and this is why they’re so ridiculous). If the point is to protect American jobs, would you wanna protect the industry that employed more people?
So, to be clear, no matter how you slice it, this tarrif hurts Americans. But, there’s one guy who it doesn't hurt to tickle. While likely the dumbest member of trumps cabinet (trump likely picked Perry because of his ability to make Trump seem more articulate by comparison)
Turns out Rick Perry’s friends made our just fine.
I kinda think so
Because of the constant stream of anger vommitting from the Right Wing Propaganda machine, the hillbillies who voted for Trump will never understand why their lives keep getting worse.
Whether his tax plan, deregulation, rollback of Obamacare or small, sector specific subsidies to the wealthy Trump will continue to dole out the national resources to a tight knit circle of friends (much like the other kleptocratwho put him there)
A lot of the Trump drama that attracts so much news coverage masks this far more insidious agenda. Technology is eroding the value of traditonal labor. Rather than use the additional resources creates by the improved productivity to retrain the working class / middle class. We support policiea that starve the government of their resources for in

(29 People Likes) What do you do about a girl whose idea of sex is laying there with her eyes closed and saying "do what you need to do" and refuses to change behavior?

ith says to me, "do what you need to do," I'd be disturbed. I would literally feel ill. What's happened in her past that's made her think this is how sex is supposed to be? What's happened in our relationship that makes her think she's obligated to act like this? Why doesn't she want to have sex with me?
The last thought in my mind would be "how do I change her behavior?" This isn't about me right now. There's something wrong and sex is off the table until further notice. If I were in this situation, I'd turn off to the side and ask her what's on her mind. If she's comfortable with me holding her hand or cuddling her, I'd do so. If she's not, I'd back off and let her have her space. I'd let her know that we don't need to have sex and that I don't want to unless she does too. I'd let her know that if she doesn't want to talk right now that's fine, and that if she wants me to leave, I will, but if she's up for it, I'd like to know what's going through her head, why she felt the need to "submit" to me like that just now, and why she doesn't want to have sex.
If she's comfortable talking, great. Maybe she doesn't think I care about her pleasure. Maybe she's pissed at me for something. Maybe she's feeling insecure. Whatever it is, we need to talk about it. If I were to take a guess, given the way you worded this question, I suspect "not giving much care to her pleasure and feelings" is probably high up on the list, but no one can tell you but her.
I encourage you to take a step back and listen to what she wants. I've never slept with a woman who behaved anything like what you just described. Even the most inexperienced, "I just lie here right?" ones didn't think of themselves as just like, there for my pleasure. They wanted to have sex and they were looking forward to enjoying it. Having sex with someone who doesn't want to is really screwed up. You need to do everything you can to let her know that that's not what you expect or want with her. You want to have sex with someone who wants to have sex with you. Show her you care about her enjoyment, listen to her, make whatever changes you need to, and do everything you can to make sure she's having a great tim

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