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(66 People Likes) Why did the South Korean soccer team put sex dolls in seats?

ke to know which genius in the Club came up with this faux pas!
South Korea football league imposes record fine on FC Seoul over sex dolls outrage
It put FC Seoul on the map - just not in a positive way. If they have any local rivals, you can bet the supporters are giving them pelt

(37 People Likes) Consider a Warming Routine

ybe you see them in some sexy lingerie or a tight swimsuit. Now you can make your fantasy a reality. Start by buying your new doll some outfits. Your dol Best Sex Dolls will look just like your fantas

(95 People Likes) Is there any evidence showing that the prescription of child sex dolls to pedophiles is effective in preventing the actual sexual assault on real children?

there are two different ways to model the effect of child sex do wrap around lover sex doll ls. You might think, “of course they will reduce offenses, because otherwise a pedophile has to stay repressed and has no outlet until it all boils over.” Or you might think, “of course it will only make things worse, because it will encourage the pedophile to keep fantasizing and fantasizing until they actually commit a crime.”
Which theory you believe depends on how you model human sexuality. Which one is true… probably depends on the person. I don’t think it would make me more likely to offend, but I could imagine someone where it would. (I also doubt I would use a doll all that much.) I think in the aggregate, people will think about and fantasize about sex no matter what, so an outlet is probably a good thing, but even better would be a less stigmatized and less dangerous way to talk about it.
However, in the ultimate calculation, don’t forget that many child sex offenders are not primarily attracted to children. For m

(34 People Likes) What would happen if someone invented a sex doll that can give more pleasure than any woman? Would there be more decent men in the dating scene?

eternally likable Karl Urban, playing a cop who is partnered with an android, played by the underappreciated Michael Ealy.
One of the episodes has them investigating a crime involving Intimate Robot Companions, aka ‘sexbots’ ("Almost Human" Skin (TV Episode 2013)
Watching this episode really got me thinking about things. I mean, just imagine if you could order a female robot tailored to your specifications (looks, height, weight, cup size, attitude, personality). How would this change human relations and the dating scene? What would it be like if men no longer felt like they had to go to bars and spend a bunch of money trying to get laid, when they have a ‘woman’ at home that is always willing and able, and gives them precisely the kind of sex they want without judgment or shame? What would it be like for women to have a ‘man’ that will touch them and fuck them exactly how they want, without ever needing to fear that they will take it too far, will hurt them (unless they want them to), or violate their consent?
Do we become more secluded? Will large portions of the population just cease trying to find a companion, and use robot companionship instead? Will people enter the dating scene for the ‘right’ reasons, since their physical companionship is already covered, and pursue genuine relationships only?
These are excitin

(70 People Likes) Are the haunted dolls on Etsy real?

be haunted. Annabelle was the inspiration for the movies Annabelle and the Conjuring. Robert, once owned by Key West painter and author Robert Eugene Otto, was the inspiration for the film, Chucky, the 1988 horror film Child’s Play, Bride of Chucky, and others in the Chucky genre. Other spirit-occupied dolls include: Letta, whose name is short for Letta Me Out, is called that because of her supernatural antics. Kerri Walton, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, found her in an abandoned building in 1972. Pupa, possessed by the spirit of an Italian girl who lived from 1920–2005, held conversations with her now deceased, former owner. She was said to have saved the little girl’s life once. She is now in a glass case, but has tapped the glass of it, changed her position, and also people have heard voices coming from her. Pupa is somewhat of an urban legend. Mandy, a porcelain baby doll, made in either England or Germany, sometime between 1910 and 1920, was said to have woke up her owner with the sound of a baby shrieking in the middle of the night. She had kept the doll in the basement, and that night found the window open and the doll gone. She found the doll the next morning. Pulau Ubin Barbie, which is somewhat of a legend in Singapore, is displayed in a memorial temple, shrine, called Berlin Heiligtum. Even today, people bring gifts such as cosmetics, which are used to pray for healing, blessings, and lottery numbers. The origins of the shrine have been passed on orally, but always a common theme remains. During World War 1, in 1914, when the British army came to intern her parents in Pulau Ubin, a young German girl ran away and fell to her death. Her body was found by some villagers, buried at the top of a hill, but in 1974, were exhumed for excavation work, and buried downhill. Her remains, a crucifix and some hair, were then laid to rest in a well-decorated Jiangsu urn, which it has been claimed has been stolen. So the altar urn is not the original one. Villagers have said they see her ghost, and she is now a local deity, Na Du Gu Niang, which translates to Datuk Maiden. Supernatural communication: In 2007, An islander, who had emigrated to Australia, dreamed of a Caucasian girl leading him to a Barbie doll for three nights

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