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(16 People Likes) How is a robot sex doll programmed?

tion. Toys can’t stimulate your hormones and have no chemistry. And if they do “have it” for someone, then I only pity them.
Sex dolls are not really ‘immoral’, they are simply excessive and when a person is in a relationship with a real person then such dolls are being possibly a harmful and akward fetish. If the partner of the person who uses sex dol

(86 People Likes) Would it sound weird to a woman if a man said that his only relationships were with life-sized robot woman dolls that were manufactured in Japan?

n. Or other men.
Therefore a robot lover may fulfil their needs for sex and to avoid relating to other woman using male sex doll human beings by way of conversation, affection, touching or other harassing unpredictable human interactions.
If this trend for men to have robots as partners saves any animals, children, women and vulnerable men from sexual harassment, rape and abuse I think it’s excellent.
It’s obvious though, that a man with a history of using sex robots will not have the least idea how to relate sexually or build a relationship with another human being.
Stephen Colbert's Cyborgasm: Intelligent Sex Robots Edition
Men who purchase the time of prostitutes will be ahead of the sex doll gu

(67 People Likes) What video games have 'feminists' tried to get banned/changed and why?

> Because
“It just reduces tracer to another bland female sex symbol.” ( Post on Blizzard forum, Not easily findable Blizzard to remove Overwatch pose accused of reducing Tracer to “another bland female sex symbol”
But, seriously, her ass is not so “evidenced” and the pose itself doesn't strike as anything sexy to me. This is a typical pose Hanzo has too
and it is used over and over in animes. For example, this is a classic of Goku ( even if not HD)
So, how does a pose designed to be cool make Tracer look oversexualized?
Other than that there’s a series by a somewhat “respect” critic Anita Sarkeesian which critic tropes in video games, who’s trying to change games.
But while she critic the “Damsel in Distress”, she, for example, doesn't talk about the male corrispective of the trope (“Distressed Dude” in Tv-Tropes).
Or, while she talk about how there are just certain body-types of woman, she doesn't analyze the fact that the only body types present are the “extremes” in men too ( like, short-and-robust, muscle-and-slender, slender-didn’t-eat, totally-fat-boi and big-man ) and use evidences like an image on Overwatch without Mei (chubby) and Zarya (robust) to “polarize” her followers on the correctness of her idea by avoiding what could make it false.
Anyway. Did feminist try to get some games banned/changed?
Of course they did.
Did feminist get some games changed?
Yes, many times. ( Mostly in advance on their protests )
Did feminist get some games banned?
Mostly no? There are a few games some producer preferred to not translate just to avoid problems. An example of that may be the Dead or Alive using VR. Or even some games feminist tried to get banned but funnily enough ended up getting higher advertiseme

(40 People Likes) How Do Sex Dolls Work?

eliness, sex and yearning for companionship are universal motivators for us all, and we always don’t act them in logical ways. As though relationships between the sexes weren’t complicated enough, advances in artificial intelligenc Sex Doll (AI) enabled realistic robot sex dolls or sex robots are poised to add another dimension to our sexual relationships. These AI robot dolls are essentially realistic dolls with animatronics in their head and an AI per

(34 People Likes) Is a woman in her 30's too old to play with dolls when she wants a real child but unable to give birth so she plays with dolls and her husband finds this weird that she plays with dolls at her age?

hildren needing care, however. Even if her husband is not interested in doing foster care or adoption, many people desperately need a babysitter even if it’s just here and there.
I would im

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