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(51 People Likes) Strong atheism is the belief that intelligence in the universe is present and can be present in humans only. Artificial intelligence is a substitute, as intelligent as a sex doll is an actual partner. Are these beliefs close-minded?

out th sex doll documentary youtube nature of intelligence. I am strongly atheist in the first sense, but I don’t subscribe to any of the other statements in this question.
Some people believe that intelligence can be present in humans only; I don’t know if “closed minded” is the right word for it. I’d call it Anthropocentrism
. To me, Sex Doll Torso nthropocentrism seems a bit childish. It’s nice to believe that we’re the most import

(36 People Likes) Are you panicking over the COVID-19 coronavirus?

ng is different from the last. The only real consistency has been that I’ve lived a large amount of my life on this side of midnight. (It’s now well after 3am, as I begin writing.)
Tonight is somewhat different, though. My mind is racing. I’ve spent most of the day and night reading and watching everything I can put my eyes on related to the virus. Mainstream media reporting, conservative punditry, libertarian analysis, medical research, scientific modeling, and political posturing — and some of each from sources around the globe. (Though I am avoiding the fringe and conspiracy sites, like the . . . uh . . . plague.)
I am intellectually convinced of far less than I should be — by virtue of the sheer volume of information I’ve absorbed — than I hav sex doll documentary youtube been at any time since the genesis of this crisis. So contradictory is much of the information being put forth by what I might consider to be even the most credible of sources.
While maybe not convinced about anything, I am fully conscious of my own inherent instincts as I process the following:
1 - People are dying from this disease, and social distancing will certainly save lives. Yet, there is a major divide between imminently qualified scientists. One side calling for a much longer period of social distancing — by way of mandatory business closures and more severely enforced stay-at-home orders. The other side saying we cannot allow fear of “death tolls” to prevent us from facing the hard task of building the “herd immunity” necessary for preventing this to become a seasonally recurring crisis — over and over again.
2 - Ultimately right or wrong, people’s livelihoods are being, and will be destroyed by this current remedial course of action. The notion of, “If we save but one life, then the shutdowns are worth it,” is patently bulls**t of the highest order. If that were our guiding philosophy of how we govern all human activity, we’d have long ago demanded the prohibition of automobiles, alcohol, tobacco, and sugar — with extreme jackbooted prejudice — as the individual and combined annual death tolls caused by just those four items dwarf anything COVID-19 has in store.
3 - Government cannot make it all better, and to expect so is the height of ignorance and naïveté. Government may put a $1200 bandaid on the wound, but that bandaid is itself infected with a Trojan horse bacteria that has historically destroyed currencies and economies, bringing nations to its knees.
4 - Party tribalism and blame-gaming is tearing us apart. “War” typically unites us against a commonly identified enemy. The “war on COVID-19” is having the opposite effect — because rather than identifying the virus as that common enemy, equal numbers of Americans have decided whoever is on the ‘other side’ of the Trump divide to be the greater long term threat. (I can hardly believe some of the virulent hostility I’m seeing on my social media feeds.)
5 - According to a new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, published on April 2, 45% of adults, (53% of women and 37% of men), say the pandemic has affected their mental health, and 19% say it has had a “major impact.” We’re not even close to the cessation of all the things creating this mounting, parallel mental health crisis, as crack-ups and breakdowns are already happening and getting headlines.
6 - Make no mistake about it . . . while governments may be making sincere efforts to ameliorate the health and economic damage wrought by this pandemic, there are factions within each, salivating over how best “not to waste this crisis.” The ends of which are to push through solutions that will grant them evermore centralized control over every aspect of our individual lives, businesses, property, and even our children. All in the name of safety and security, as untold millions willing surrender their rights — (and those of their neighbors, via the ballot box) — to those false and impossible promises. And they’ll do so without question.
I hate coming across so pessimistic and fearful, but every one of my liberty-oriented nerve-endings and each strand of my libertarian DNA is on high-alert right now. Being acquiescent to common sense social distancing recommendations, and knowing we cannot sustain this for more than just a few more days — before inflicting far greater damage than the virus will do on its own — are not mutually exclusive concepts.
Something’s got to give, soon — no matter how painful in the short term — to salvage both our freedoms and our prosperity

(52 People Likes) Are looks that important in a woman when trying to make epals?

ce it; most people on chat websites who are looking for a girl to connect to are of the opposite gender, no surprise there, so the chances of stumbling upon another woman to relate to are very slim) on the other end will have to focus on conversation and its contents first and that will be your strength in securing the success of the new-found relationship but- that was never the case for me. I am extremely intelligent, a genius some would say, and I can easily “ensnare”, if you will, anyone in seconds; be it a minutes or hours-long conversation or just simple back-and-forth texting, even months-long acquaintanceship, they will most likely ask for a picture from you at some point, and that's when you are about to realise just how genes play a part in you being ghosted or not: every time, again be it a few minutes or months into the conversation/relationship, every given time I accept to share a snap of my face, they will either say they are in a hurry or simply block me, and I will never hear from them ever again.
There are exceptions of course, but that one exception I witnessed in my life was only granted as the guy hinted at my looks not being of hindrance in our feasible friendship (basically, he wanted to make sure I wouldn't get any weird ideas). Due to his being nice and suddenly go back on it whenever I was even nicer in return, we got into quite bad an argument (the contents of which I am not going to share right now) and he decided to cut the strings on which the hints of our pseudo-friendship had been barely hanging in the previous few weeks loose.
The bottom line here being- if it is a man you're chatting to, then yes they most definitely are (as a rule of thumb).
Post scriptum (for reference)
A little while ago I was ending a rather longish conversation with somebody on t Sex Doll e internet as he asked if we could somehow keep in touch; I complied and gave him my email address, to which he replied by asking to see a picture of me at least now that we were both okay with keeping in touch (I take my sweet time accepting such requests, because I'd usually expect the aforementioned situations to occur, but he was nice and proper so I chose to give it a try). I snapped one and sent it in, and we went on with our goodbyes and a few more jokes as closure, and I asked him to try and send an email before disconnecting as to make sure he'd gotten it right, but he just ignored that message and said bye. He's yet to contact me, while being fully aware I wasn't given his own email address before we separated.
A few more examples of this behaviour I am always being exposed to:
(I hid a few languages there because I don't want certain people who might come across this to know)
No matter that you got long hair in a feminine haircut, nor does anything change when you dye it pink:
Some like to suggest ugly women with a nice body can at least find an “incel” who will gladly hook up with her (as if being deemed good enough as to fulfill an occasional job as a stranger's inflatable doll could equal being acknowledged as a human being worthy of attention anyway): that's not true at all, not that I would be interested of course. On that same note, not even kinks on the web will stoop to my level:
(read it as 0/10)
I only started dying at 24, and guys love

(96 People Likes) When you buy a realistic sex doll, do you prefer good looking or a sexy body?

Of course beauty and good body coexist. Our sex dolls can meet your requirements.

(18 People Likes) Why aren't sex doll laws struck down as unconstitutional intrusion into private property?

sex doll laws struck down as unconstitutional intrusion into private property?
What “laws” are you referring to?
I’ve seen, sex dolls for sale on Amazon. It doesn't get much easier then

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