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(75 People Likes) Imagine for a moment that voodoo dolls are temporarily real. You can have one of anybody and have one minute to make it do anything. Who and what to do are your choices?

y Nuff said? make him sign it over… or my first thought was a pretty woman but that doesn't make sense.. If I had a Pretty woman in the room with a voodoo doll then it would be like having a remote controlled girl? That would be awesome but for a min

(88 People Likes) How SiliconWives Became The Most Sought

a few of our dolls are sourced from them. WM is located in the town of Shaxi in the city of Zh Realistic Sex Doll ngshan. According to insiders, the factory is stunningly large. That’s no won perfect girlfriend sex doll er! WM isn’t just a company that manufactures dolls. They also conduct intensive research and development. One of their key purposes is to improve the materials that are used to make sex dolls in order to create a softer, more realis

(57 People Likes) Psychologists, is it healthy to be in a relationship with a silicone sex doll?

Our brains are organised to refer to the world of people (people self) and the world of things (thing self). Things can be controlled, people can not be. However there is slippage between the two so for example we can refer to objects and treat them as if they are people (naming them for example). And we can treat people like objects.
To try to have meet our sexual needs by use of a sex doll might fulfil one aspect of a relationship with a person, but not even in any meaningful way as it is not reciprocal. It is clear that if you pleasure yourself with your hand you are not having a relationship with your hand! So effectively it is not a relationship of any kind. And of course this logic applies to all the other elements of a relationship with another person. So I would

(92 People Likes) I'm a 37 year old virgin whose never been kissed. I've never even asked a girl out before. What's wrong with me?

oseted asexual/aromantic, or perhaps even gay, and haven’t considered trying to have relations with people other than women.
Assuming that you are absolutely certain this is not the case, and you are genuinely interested in women, ask these questions to yourself as you read my answer.
Do you:
• Have low self-esteem?
• Have any mental illnesses you have left untreated, such as depression, anxiety, or past trauma that negetively impacts your relationships with others?
•Not take enough care of yourself, both physically (not being a slob, taking care of your body, having good hygiene etc.), and otherwise (being dependent on friends or relatives for things most people have for themselves)?
• Excessively indulge yourself in a single hobby, without attempting to have other experiences?
• Not try to be an interesting person for people to engage with?
• Have a poor social life?
• Not attempt to engage with women for whatever reason, despite opportunities to do so?
Nobody owes you a relationship or the experiences associ

(76 People Likes) How old is the real Annabelle doll?

troduced to the Warren's in 1970 when a nurse got it as a birthday gift. It was a usual Raggedy Ann doll but involved in unusual activities like changing positions on its own.

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