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(94 People Likes) Why is it that when I ideate on the perfect mate I end up with a love doll?

ave little to no arguing.
No dragging around .. - Surely this is negotiable. I had a friend once told me that after he was married, he was allowed to veto any social function he wanted to.
No sobbing or weeping - Don't make her cry? If not you, who else? Most people get along with their life without sobbing or crying.
No in-laws - How can you be born without parents? Even you have parents! Or I guess, find someone who no longer has parents if that's what you really want?
Plus not all women are ma

(58 People Likes) Why does my husband tell me I'm not a real woman, especially in arguments?

d in the view of 98% of people) sex change by surgery, hormones ect. Do my sweet love boy doll sn't make you a real man or woman, the gender you are at birth is your “real" gender. Two males together is a homosexual relationship. Two males together and one wears dresses is a homosexual relationship, a male who wears female clothing is a crossdresser/homosexual. As an actual from birth, heterosexual female mother to two heterosexual sons, (both were born with male genitalia) and are heterosexual,, I will never consider a sex changed individual as a peer. Homosexuals “impression “ of the opposite sex is just that, and 9 times out of ten the mannerisms and vernacular are so overly exaggerated they resemble parody more than reality. I have yet to see a homosexual or sex changed individual behave, speak, and look convincing enough to truly pass for the gender they're attempting to be. You can put a rocket engine in a boat and make it fast but it's still a rocket engine in a boat, the two weren't designed to go together and modifying one to accommodate the other, again, is just that, a modified version that looks like someone s Love Doll uck a rocke

(80 People Likes) Are looks that important in a woman when trying to make epals?

ce it; most people on chat websites who are looking for a girl to connect to are of the opposite gender, no surprise there, so the chances of stumbling upon another woman to relate to are very slim) on the other end will have to focus on conversation and its contents first and that will be your strength in securing the success of the new-found relationship but- that was never the case for me. I am extremely intelligent, a genius some would say, and I can easily “ensnare”, if you will, anyone in seconds; be it a minutes or hours-long conversation or just simple back-and-forth texting, even months-long acquaintanceship, they will most likely ask for a picture from you at some point, and that's when you are about to realise just how genes play a part in you being ghosted or not: every time, again be it a few minutes or months into the conversation/relationship, every given time I accept to share Love Doll snap of my face, they will either say they are in a hurry or simply block me, and I will never hear from them ever again.
There are exceptions of course, but that one exception I witnessed in my life was only granted as the guy hinted at my looks not being of hindrance in our feasible friendship (basically, he wanted to make sure I wouldn't get any weird ideas). Due to his being nice and suddenly go back on it whenever I was even nicer in return, we got into quite bad an argument (the contents of which I am not going to share right now) and he decided to cut the strings on which the hints of our pseudo-friendship had been barely hanging in the previous few weeks loose.
The bottom line here being- if it is a man you're chatting to, then yes they most definitely are (as a rule of thumb).
Post scriptum (for reference)
A little while ago I was ending a rather longish conversation with somebody on the internet as he asked if we could somehow keep in touch; I complied and gave him my email address, to which he replied by asking to see a picture of me at least now that we were both okay with keeping in touch (I take my sweet time accepting such requests, because I'd usually expect the aforementioned situations to occur, but he was nice and proper so I chose to give it a try). I snapped one and sent it in, and we went on with our goodbyes and a few more jokes as closure, and I asked him to try and send an email before disconnecting as to make sure he'd gotten it right, but he just ignored that message and said bye. He's yet to contact me, while being fully aware I wasn't given his own email address before we separated.
A few more examples of this behaviour I am always being exposed to:
(I hid a few languages there because I don't want certain people who mightcome across this to know)
No matter that you got long hair in a feminine haircut, nor does anything change when you dye it pink:
Some like to suggest ugly women with a nice body can at least find an “incel” who will gladly hook up with her (as if being deemed good enough as to fulfill an occasional job as a stranger's inflatable doll could equal being acknowledged as a human being worthy of attention anyway): that's not true at all, not that I would be interested of course. On that same note, not even kinks on the web will stoop to my level:
(read it as 0/10)
I only started dying at 24, and guys love

(63 People Likes) Do military personnel use love dolls to satisfy their sexual needs while on duty in frontier areas?

gender preference, personal release of tension, dating, spouse, whatever.
If it is referring to periods where intimacy with a partner is not possible like long periods aboard a ship or during a period of high tension or battle when quality time with a loved one is not possible, the options will be the same as for anyone else that doesn't have that choice and needs a release of tension.
Most soldiers have no problem finding a means to meet their needs for the bulk of their time in service when they are not in the middle of a battle or deployment. Many, many people are highly attracted to military service members, probably even more than firefighters. They are in very good health, are physically fit and they appeal to huge portion of the country who have am emotional attachment to the idea of patriotism and service to one's country. For the 99%, those who are not lucky enough to be wealthy, a young soldier has an unusual situation compared to many his or her age-- a reliable paycheck, access to education, housing, medical care and all the other basic needs for self and for a potential life partner.
The military is on the cutting edge when itcomes to ending racism and bigotry. It does not tolerate racism on the job, and it contains a rainbow of colors. With this blendingcomes relationships and families. This extends to assignments overseas. Huge numbers of military members meet their future spouse from another country overseas while in service, people who are attracted to soldiers and sailors for the same reasons they are attractive at home. It is hard to stay racist when your son or daughter is married to someone with different colored skin.
It is highly offensive to even think too much about it, but some might try to place this in the context of sex as an act of violence during war, or sex as part of the sex trade and modern day slavery. Absolutely there have been periods where some of those things have happened, but before people rush to judgment, they should remember that they would not even have an awareness of the possibility if it weren't for the fact that when these acts have occurred, the commitment to very high ideals within the military is usually what causes it to be known. Offenses are publicized and offenders are very seriously punished. Society as a whole is not without incident-- look at data on date and campus rape, even sexual harassment in the workplace or by people in positions of power. This doesn't account for massacres and atrocities committed in dark corners of the world as part of dictators and despots quests for power, but acts of sexual aggression in these

(72 People Likes) Is sex really meaningless to guys? I mean do they really not care who they do it with?

is meaningful, but you can also have casual sex with a stranger, and not feel like you’re betraying your S.O. I mean, you know she’d see it that way, but it wouldn’t feel that way for you. No more than jerking off. Men are able to separate sex from love. Women, not so much. Interestingly, I’ve seen girls get upset about their man jerking off!
A man will fuck a flashlight, an inflatable doll, stick his dick in a glory hole, or a perfect stranger. Before the AIDS crisis, gay men would regularly have casual sex with strangers because, you know, they’re both men. When men are able to, they’ll opt for polygamy. What ancient king didn’t have a huge harem?
A woman can become pregnant, realistically, about once per year. A man can impregnate at least 365 women in that time. If the biological imperative is reproduction, it makes sense for men to be more promiscuous than women. But the other pull is to take care of the offspring my sweet love boy doll That’s why pair-bonding is also a drive. But women are much more invested in monogamy than men.
To answer y

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